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Weather or Not is the 11th episode of Thunderbirds Are Go! season 2, broadcast on December 24, 2016.


When Langstrom Fischler shows off some new weather drones for a group of investors, they start to malfunction. Fischler, Kinnear and the investors are forced to seek shelter while the malfunctioning drones brew up an electrical storm.

Virgil, Gordon and Kayo arrive at the scene and with Thunderbird Shadow are able to lure the drones away from the tower so Virgil and Gordon can attempt the rescue. Things don't go according to plan, with the drones deciding to turn back and directly attack the tower and the rescue pod.

With the help of FAB 1, Kayo is able to lure them away again so that Thunderbird 2 can complete the rescue.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

International Rescue Equipment Used

Non-International Rescue Equipment Used

  • Weather drones


  • Lady Penelope: "Brains, any idea why this thing is following us?"
    Brains: "As f-far as I can tell, it thinks you're another weather drone. These things are designed to work together."
    Lady Penelope: "How very tiresome."
  • Fischler: "What are you doing?"
    Virgil: "I'm trying to save you."
    Fischler: "Well nobody asked you to! But it never stops you lot, does it? Because if you couldn't flit about in your shiny airplanes and rescue someone, well you'd all be out of a job, wouldn't you, with your weird outfits and--"
    (Virgil puts him on mute.)
    Virgil: "Much better."
  • Lady Penelope: "Parker, will these gyrations go on much longer?"
    Parker: "Not once the engine gives out!"
    Lady Penelope: "Ah, well then, carry on."
  • Fischler: "You call this a rescue?" (closes the door) "What were you, born in a tent?"
  • Fischler: "I am not afraid of the unknown, the untested, the unorthodox..."
    Virgil: "The unwise..."
    Gordon: "The unnecessary..."
    Kayo: "The unstable."
    Brains: "The unethical."
    Fischler: "Exactly." (his crew leave) "Wait, what?"



  • This episode is based on Edge Of Impact, in which a weather tower was also endangered.


  • When Thunderbird 2 nudges the tower after dropping the module, the module is back in place for one of the establishing shots.