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Dr. Warren "Jared" Simpson is one of the main protagonists from Thunderbirds 2086. He serves as Commander-in-chief for IRO, the International Rescue Organisation.


Born in Washington, the future founder of IRO majored in Aerospace, Industrial, and Systems Engineering. Upon completing the courses, he was chosen to join NASA as a deep space explorer. Swiftly moving up the ranks, his last assignment was Commander of the UNSS Clarke spaceship. During the mission, he was called upon to meet the World Federation to discuss plans for a special rescue organisation...

Personality & Traits

When it comes to saving lives, Warren is always deadly serious. He's so dedicated to the organisation that he constantly remains on assignment, and has very little time for recreation, much to the disappointment of his brother.


  • Gerald Simpson?

    According to ITC's Thunderbirds 2086 press kit, Warren was originally to be named "Dr. Gerald Simpson". While this working title was ultimately dropped (save for the back cover of at least one VHS release in 1991), his brother Wayne affectionately referred to Warren as "Gerry" in Cloudburst.

Foreign Name

  • Japanese: Jared Simpson (ジャレッド・シンプソン)