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You might also be looking for the 1965 or 2015 incarnations.

Virgil Tracy is a character from the live-action Thunderbirds movie released in 2004. He is the pilot of Thunderbird 2 (though sometimes co-pilot if his father is involved with the mission), and works alongside his brothers as a member of the top-secret 'Thunderbirds' rescue organisation.


During a rescue on a Russian oil rig, Virgil initially piloted Thunderbird 2 to the danger zone. Upon arrival, he allowed his father take command of the craft. They worked alongside Scott Tracy in Thunderbird 1 to successfully save the lives of several trapped workers.

Upon hearing that Thunderbird 5 had been struck by a missile, Virgil joined the rest of his brothers (with the exception of Alan Tracy) as passengers in Thunderbird 3, in an attempt to rescue John from the space station. The emergency proved to be a trap set by The Hood.