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Narrator (Lady Penelope): "You are about to hear yet another exciting International Rescue adventure, one that, by strange coincidence, also involved Parker and myself, but not in our official capacity as International Rescue agents. The scene is set in London. The Bank of England, to be precise. Lord Silton, the governor, and an old acquaintance, had secured our advice on having a new, ultra-modern vault installed at the bank. Now, Parker, who as you all probably know, has done - well, I mean spent a lot of time on the subject of safes and alarm systems, was of immense help. Let us up the story at the Bank of England, soon after the vault had been installed."

Lord Silton: "Ah, Lovegrove!"

Lovegrove: "I've put the Brinkley report figures on your desk, sir."

Lord Silton: "What, already?"

Lovegrove: "Lambert was working on them, sir. His concentration is quite terrifying."

Lord Silton: "Lambert, eh? Oh, yes, I know the fellow - chappie who absolutely buries himself in his work. Goes through ten times as much as anybody else. Yes. Could do with a few more like him."

Lovegrove: "Oh, indeed one could, sir. Yes."

Lord Silton: "Take a look at this. Fantastic, isn't it, Lovegrove? Here we are, standing inside the Bank of England. Outside, it appears just as it was two, three, four centuries ago, and yet, down here we have the strongest, most modern vault in the entire world."

Lovegrove: "Quite fantastic, Your Lordship. Indeed so, sir."

Lord Silton: "One does of course deplore change...."

Lovegrove: "Oh, of course one does, sir."

Lord Silton: "But it is nevertheless comforting to know that all England's deeds, monies and documents are safely under lock and key."

Lovegrove: "Most comforting indeed, sir."

Lord Silton: "Especially when one considers that I have the only electronic key, and that I carry it with me wherever I go. Any more to come, Lovegrove? I'm dining at a stately home tonight. Don't want to be late, you know."

Lovegrove: "I think they're all here, sir."

Lord Silton: "Call the roll then, eh? There's a good chap."

Lovegrove: "At once, Your Lordship. Taylor?"

Taylor: "Present, Mr Lovegrove."

Lovegrove: "Carter?"

Carter: "Yes, sir."

Lovegrove: "Moore? Moore?"

Moore: "Yes, er, here."

Lovegrove: "Longman?"

Longman: "Present, sir."

Lovegrove: "Lambert? Lambert?"

Carter: "He did leave the vault earlier, Mr Lovegrove."

Lovegrove: "I see, very well. Barrett?"

Barrett: " Yes, sir."

Lovegrove: "All present and accounted for, sir."

Lord Silton: "Good, good. Now all that remains is to close the vault. Lovegrove, we can rest assured that nobody will ever break into here."

Lovegrove: "Quite, quite. It's a great engineering achievement. I especially approve of the way the air is pumped out of the vault, sir. Papers keep so much better in a vacuum."

Lord Silton: "Well, that appears to be it."

Lovegrove: "You do of course have the key, sir?"

Lord Silton: "It's in my case, Lovegrove, and this case never leaves my side."

Narrator (Lady Penelope): "As the huge doors closed, and the automatic pumps began to suck the air from the vault, Lord Silton left the bank, on his way to join me for dinner. But soon after he left, it was discovered that Lambert, one of the clerks, was missing. He had, in fact, returned to the vault, and was deeply engrossed in his work. A search was immediately organised."

Lovegrove: "Well, we've checked everywhere else, and Lambert's still missing. Perhaps he IS locked in the vault."

Lambert: "I gave orders I was not to be disturbed. These figures must be finished."

Lovegrove: "Hello? Hello? Hello!"

Lambert: "Perhaps I'll get some peace and quiet now."

Lovegrove: "He's in there, but he's rung off."

Carter: "Lambert always did bury himself in his work, you'll get no...."

Lovegrove: "Look at the indicator. In another two hours, all the air will be pumped out. We can't stop it, and we can't open the vault!"

Lord Silton: "Well, here's to you, Lady Penelope. Still can't thank you enough for all you did."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, it was nothing. And anyway, Parker must take most of the credit."

Lord Silton: "A real treasure, that man of yours. Wish I could find someone like him. Knows his place, dresses well... the sort of fellow you could take anywhere."

Parker: "Ain'tcha got my grub ready yet, Lil?"

Lil: "What's the matter with you. I've only got one pair of 'ands, ain't I?"

Parker: "Wasting your time here, girl, if you got more. You'd make a few bob in a circus, wouldn't ya? What are you getting for their nibs then?"

Lil: "None of your business!"

Parker: "Hello, hello! You wanna keep your shirt on!"

Lil: "Hark who's talkin'!"

Parker: "Still, don't blame ya not tellin' me. If I cooked like you, I wouldn't shout about it neither!"

Lil: "Now, listen 'ere, Nosey...."

Parker: "Ey! Manners, manners! Mr Parker, hif you don't mind!"

Lil: "All right, Mr Nosey Parker. I've been slavin' over this all day."

Parker: "Oh, come off it, Lil, I was only pullin' your leg. What you done for 'em?"

Lil: "Well, I'm startin' 'em off with a drop of consomme...."

Parker: "Ooh! 'Orrible load of old rubbish!"

Lil: "Then a special escalopy receep, with all the trimmings, of course...."

Parker: "Muck! Gives me heartburn just to look at it!"

Lil: "And then they can finish orf with their old Crapey Suzettes and coffee how they like it."

Parker: "Crapey? Well, they're welcome to it! And what you got for me, then?"

Lil: "Stew."

Parker: "Oh, me favourite!"

Lil: "I spoil ya, don't I. Here you are, here's yer paper. I know how you like a read while you're eating."

Parker: "Ah, well... Cor strike me pink! Light-Fingered Fred's out!"

Parker: "You rang, madam?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes. You may serve coffee now, Parker."

Parker: "Yes, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Would you like Parker to take your briefcase?"

Lord Silton: "No, thank you, it never leaves my side, you know. Everywhere I go. Good heavens!"

Lady Penelope: "What's that noise? What is it?"

Lord Silton: "It's the emergency call system. I'm wanted at the bank immediately."

Lady Penelope: "Emergency? You mean the bank is being robbed?"

Lord Silton: "It could be."

Parker: "Bank robbery?!"

Lord Silton: "You clumsy nincompoop!"

Lady Penelope: "Parker!"

Parker: "I'm sorry, m'lady, it's... I don't know what came over me. Must be a sudden shock."

Lady Penelope: "Well, go and get something to clean up this mess. I'm terribly sorry, Lord Silton."

Lord Silton: "No time for apologies. I must ring the bank immediately."

Narrator: "Neither His Lordship nor I noticed the departure of Parker, who made his way down to the cellar, and began tampering with the electric cables. Lord Silton had meanwhile contacted the bank."

Lord Silton: "Ah, Lovegrove, what's all this emergency call about, eh? We've been cut off."

Lady Penelope: "Parker!"

Lady Penelope: "Get the Rolls Royce out, Parker. We're taking Lord Silton to London. Don't worry, we'll have you there in no time. My car is capable of phenomenal speeds."

Lord Silton: "It's a very smooth ride. It feels as though we're hardly moving."

Lady Penelope: "Parker!"

Parker: "Can't hunderstand why we're going so slow, madam, I 'ave my foot 'ard down."

Lady Penelope: "I don't know what you're up to, but get us to London quickly!"

Narrator: "Meanwhile, somewhere in space, John Tracy was receiving an SOS."

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, John."

John Tracy: "Emergency call from London, England, requesting immediate action."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, John. I'll get you to brief Scott."

John Tracy: "FAB, I'll clear the air and remain on stand-by."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Virgil, away you go. Pod 5. Alan will be joining you."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Father."

Narrator: "This is what the boys had been waiting for. After a week of rest, they were raring to go. As Virgil stood against the tall portrait on the wall, it hinged backwards, sliding him onto the chute which carried him down to Thunderbird 2. Alan had already boarded the passenger elevator, and was on his way down to the hangar. When all was ready, Thunderbird 2 took off, destination England, carrying with it Pod 5 containing the Mole and an assortment of cutting gear. Then Scott, after receiving a briefing from Thunderbird 5, made his way via the moving walkway to the flightdeck of Thunderbird 1, and within moments, was airborne."

John Tracy: "International Rescue from space station. Thunderbird 2 has landed safely. Scott reports that, owing to the underground cables and communications in London, the Mole cannot be used."

Tin-Tin: "If they can't tunnel their way in, they'll never rescue that poor man."

Narrator: "The journey to London seemed to be taking ages, and Parker was so evasive when asked if anything was wrong. Lord Silton too kept anxiously studying his watch. Finally, we turned in to a country lane which ran for miles, the abruptly ended. Well, that was the last straw!"

Lady Penelope: "Well, I'm waiting for your explanation, Parker."

Parker: "I... I seem to 'ave lost my way, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Lost your way, to London?"

Parker: "Yes, madam."

Lady Penelope: "Step outside, Parker. I want a word with you. Now, why are you so intent on stopping Lord Silton getting to the bank, Parker?"

Parker: "Me, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes, you. I can see now that it was you who put the videophone out of action. Pruning roses indeed! Now, supposed you explain, hm? Parker, I'm waiting."

Parker: "Oh well, erm.... All right, m'lady. It all began the last time I was away."

Lady Penelope: "In prison, you mean?"

Parker: "Well, if you want to put it that way, m'lady. I shared a cell with a gentleman known to the trade as Light-Fingered Fred. As a matter of fact, it was 'im I referred to as being the only other soul capable of doing that safe-job for his Lordship."

Lady Penelope: "Go on, Parker."

Parker: "Well, I was resting on my bunk one day, when Fred said...."

Light-Fingered Fred: "Ere, Nosey?"

Parker: "Whassa matter, now?"

Light-Fingered Fred: "What you gonna do when you get out?"

Parker: "Oh, I dunno, I haven't thought about it much."

Light-Fingered Fred: "Nah, listen, listen! I fink it's important. I mean, it's only right that a bloke should have ambition, I mean. Look, I don't want to waste these ten years I'm doing. You know, I'm gonna learn from 'em, Nosey."

Parker: "Oh, plannin' for the future, are you Fred?"

Light-Fingered Fred: "Yeah, that's right. That's it exactly, learn from yer mistakes. Now, there comes a time in every man's life, when he knows what he's got to do. Look, I may not 'ave been a friend of society up till now, but I'm gonna reform and settle down... just as soon as I've knocked off the Bank of England."

Parker: "You... you... you rob the Bank of England?"

Light-Fingered Fred: "Not half! You mark my words! I shall break into the vault, and I, personally, will DO the Bank of England."

Parker: "So you see, ma'am, this emergency could be Light-Fingered Fred carryin' out his threat."

Lady Penelope: "Not necessarily."

Parker: "But it COULD be. It isn't right m'lady, that I should be the one to ruin an old colleague's life ambition."

Lady Penelope: "We haven't time to argue, Nosey, er Parker, but if you feel like this, I shall drive us to London."

Parker: "We're approachin' a tree, madam! M-M-Madam the the tree! Madam, There's a tree!"

Narrator: "We certainly moved quicker than when Parker was driving, and I was enjoying myself immensely. I just couldn't understand Lord Silton and Parker's worried looks whenever we approached anything."

Jeff Tracy: "So you can't cut through the door?"

Scott Tracy: "Not in the available time. We've just got to come up from below."

Jeff Tracy: "Any suggestions, Brains?"

Brains: "Well n-n-not at this moment, Mr Tracy."

Jeff Tracy: "There must be an answer somewhere."

Grandma Tracy: "And I think I know what it is."

Scott Tracy: "You, Grandma?"

Grandma Tracy: "You want to come out the ground, but you can't use the Mole... is that the problem?"

Jeff Tracy: "You've got it."

Grandma Tracy: "Well, it seems I remember when I was a little girl, my grandma told me about the old London subway - trains under the ground. New York had them as well. Of course, that was before this new-fangled overhead monorail system."

Jeff Tracy: "Hey, you may have something there! Scott, check and see whether those subway tunnels are still in existence."

Narrator: "Luckily, they were still there, but now, they were very derelict. Then, Virgil and Alan, mounted on Hoverbikes, made their way underground."

Virgil Tracy: "Look, Alan, Piccadilly Circus!"

Alan Tracy: "Yeah. Sure is a change from being up in space."

Virgil Tracy: "Come on, this way."

Lovegrove: "Ten minutes! That's all there is left."

Scott Tracy: "Any news of the guy who's got the key?"

Parker: "One of madam's shortcuts."

Virgil Tracy: "We made it! The Bank of England."

Alan Tracy: "Let's find the elevator shaft."

Lambert: "I... I can hardly breathe. Must get... must get out, must get out. I'm locked in! The air.... The air's nearly pumped out!"

Alan Tracy: "This is it, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "Let's get to work."

Lambert: "Must try and get help."

Narrator: "Lambert was pretty desperate now. He could hardly breathe, and the slightest movement left him gasping for air. He had no way of knowing that Virgil and Alan were within a few feet of him, feverishly drilling in preparation for an explosives charge, to blast the wall down. It was about then that we finally arrived at the bank."

Lady Penelope: "Journey's end. What a pleasant drive. I must do this more often, Parker."

Alan Tracy: "We'll be through any time."

Alan Tracy: "Come on!"

Lady Penelope: "What's happened? - Are we in time?"

Lovegrove: "Lord Silton! We'd given up hope. Lambert is trapped in the vault!"

Scott Tracy: "There's just seconds left!"

Lovegrove: "Quickly, sir. The electronic key!"

Lord Silton: "The key?"

Lovegrove: "Yes, sir. The one you always have with you in your briefcase."

Lord Silton: "Briefcase?"

Lovegrove: "It never leaves your side, remember?"

Lord Silton: "Oh, that briefcase. I erm... I must have left it at Lady Penelope's."

Parker: "One of your hair-clips, m'lady, if you would be so kind."

Lady Penelope: "Parker, this is no time for flippancy."

Parker: "Couldn't be more serious, m'lady. They 'aven't built a safe yet, that Nosey Parker can't open!"

Narrator: "The last seconds were ticking away, as Lambert reached the phone."

Lambert: "Get International Rescue!"

Virgil Tracy: "We're through!"

Lambert: "W-W-Who are you?"

Virgil Tracy: "You OK?"

Alan Tracy: "Guess we just made it."

Virgil Tracy: "We're International Rescue."

Lambert: "International Rescue? I knew you were highly efficient, but this is ridiculous!"

Narrator: "As he spoke, the vault doors began to open."

Parker: "I'm afraid I've ruined your hairpin, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Parker, you're an old rascal!"

Parker: "Yes, m'lady."

Lord Silton: "Did you see that, Lovegrove? The Bank of England vault opened with a hairpin! Outrageous!"

Lovegrove: "Indeed, sir. Outrageous!"

Narrator: "Well, there you have it. Poor Mr Lambert is safe, and none the worse for his ordeal. Light-Fingered Fred is back behind bars, Lord Silton is looking for a stronger vault for the bank, and I'm saving up for all the damage I did to the Rolls Royce on that frantic drive. And Parker has threatened to leave my service if I ever scare him again like that. Well, be with you all again soon.... Over and Out."

The End
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