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Watching the launch of all the various rockets and satellites leaving Thunderworld on a daily basis sure works up quite the appetite, and the only way that hunger can be satisfied is with a burger. But not with any old burger. No, it takes a specially formulated slab of meat resting on a forest of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and pickles. And to top off such a taste sensation, a generous dose of cheese is wedged in with the ingredients on a seeded bun of white bread.

While itself a mouth-watering combination, one conventional burger simply can’t cut it for at least one Hack Master, who took it upon himself to improve the classic recipe by (literally) doubling the dosage. And with the removal of one top bun, the special Tripp Burger was born. Named after its creator, the new taste sensation was assured to be a hit across the planet...

…Except for the smell. As it turned out, the stench such a burger emitted was perceived to be thoroughly disgusting, even to Simulated Artificial Lifeforms.

Turbocharged Thunderbirds


While watching the illegal yet widely broadcast launch of KLA’s satellite rocket, Roxette took note of a new and utterly repugnant smell. Before Tripp got the chance to show it off, S.A.L. informed her of the Tripp Burger and how it affected even those incapable of breathing, such as himself. Tripp happily offered to make one for her, but Roxette turned him down, stating that she would rather eat her Mother’s Moon Loaf (which is said to be even worse) over two of his burgers anyday.

Despite the smell, she figured it would make the perfect test subject for a new Matter Duplicator she had been working on throughout the day. With the prospect of two burgers all to himself, Tripp exclaimed it would be radical.

The experiment was proven a success with the burger duplicated… along with Tripp himself by accident.

Some time later, Tripp and Roxette hacked in to the launch of Sun Probe and its trio of prize-winning contestants. For reasons unknown, Tripp chose to watch the launch without his delicious meal.