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This page is a transcription of Trapped in the Sky (FOX Kids Series)

Act 1


Narrator: Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Thunderbirds Are Go.

[The story begins on the shoreline of Tracy Island. The title card Trapped in the Sky appears as the scene cuts to the Tracy Villa exterior, and finally to Jeff Tracy inside, standing in front of a painting of a space rocket. Kyrano approaches his friend with a slip of paper on a tray, who is deep in thought.]

Kyrano: "You miss those days, eh Jeff? You must be proud to be one of the world's first astronauts. Landing on the moon must've been an amazing experience."

Jeff: "Well it's all a long time ago, Kyrano. A long time ago. Cable for us?"

Kyrano: "Just arrived. It's from Tin-Tin."

[Kyrano steps forward to deliver Jeff the paper offscreen. In the next shot, Jeff raises the paper in his hand.]

Jeff: "Tin-Tin... your daughter... on her way from London. She's flying in the new Fireflash. Wow. What a great aircraft."

[Scene cross-fades to a temple in a dense jungle, followed by another cut inside to a set of bead curtain opening to reveal a statue. It's a striking similarity to Kyrano]

The Hood: "International Rescue. If only I knew their secrets. I will be the wealthiest man in the world!"

[Scene cross-fades to London International Airport. In rapid succession, the camera cuts to the Fireflash outside the terminal, several smaller vehicles passing by, more shots of the Fireflash on multiple angles, and the lower legs of a man working on the craft's landing gear. The scene cuts once more to inside the terminal.]

Tannoy: "ITC Airways, announces the departure of flight 608. Will all passengers proceed to the departure lounge."

[Camera pans over to Tin-Tin Kyrano.]

Airport guide: "Miss Tin-Tin Kyrano?"

(NOTE: In the broadcast version, Tin-Tin is referred to as Tina Kyrano for this single scene. The rest of the episode retained her original name.)

Tin-Tin: "Yes?"

Airport guide: "This is your flight. You're lucky, it's the maiden flight of the new atomic-powered Fireflash."

Tin-Tin: "Isn't that the new aircraft that flies six times the speed of sound?"

Airport guide: "That's right, but don't worry. It's perfectly safe."

[Scene cuts to the landing gear compartment of the Fireflash. The Hood is busy planting a bomb.]

The Hood: "Perfect. Enough explosives to smash the atomic reactor. If this doesn't bring International Rescue on the scene, nothing will."

[Scene cuts to Fireflash slowly making its way across the runway. The camera angle changes multiple times as the craft picks up speed, and ultimately takes off. Scene cuts to cockpit.]

Co-Pilot: "Mach 2.8, 2.9... Mach 3... Reheat."

Pilot: "Reheat."

[The Fireflash rockets ignite, and the craft levels out.]

Co-Pilot (voiceover): Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have now completed our take-off procedure, and are flying at an altitude of 250,000 feet."

[Scene cross-fades to The Hood inside a nearby phone booth.]

The Hood: "London Control Tower, listen carefully. A bomb has been placed in the landing gear of the Fireflash that has just taken off. When it touches down, it will explode. And release radioactive material over a large area."

[The call ends. The Hood takes off his disguise and smiles.]

The Hood: "Hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmmmmm..."

[Scene cuts back to the Fireflash cockpit]

Commander Norman (voiceover): "London Tower to Fireflash. Reduce speed to low safe cruising. Return to London and reduce to 30,000 feet. It is reported that you have a bomb in your landing gear. It may be a hoax, but we can't take any chances."

Pilot: "Roger London Tower."

[Scene cuts to multiple ambulances and fire trucks racing across the runway. Scene cuts once more, this time to Tin-Tin in the Fireflash passenger lounge]

Tin-Tin: "I don't understand it. Something must be wrong. We're losing height."

Passenger: "Say, you're right. Oh, but I guess it's nothing to worry about."

Tin-Tin: "Well I hope not. It's a very long way down from here."

[Scene cuts to a long panning shot from above Earth to Thunderbird 5. Throughout the shot, a loud repetitive buzzing can be heard in the background, consisting of a beat almost identical to an SOS sent by Morse Code. Cut to another panning shot within the space station of the various equipment, ultimately focusing on a flashing monitor and spinning reel-to-reel. John Tracy walks over to the monitor.]

Commander Norman (voiceover): "Fireflash, this is London Tower. They're ready to take a reflective X-ray shot of your wings. Lower your landing gear and overfly airfield at 100 feet."

Pilot (voiceover): '''"Roger London Tower. This sure is some maiden flight."

[Scene cuts to a quick shot of Fireflash soaring over a group of trees before jumping back to London Tower.]

Pilot: "London Tower from Fireflash. Coming in now. Landing gear down and locked. Stand by."

Commander Norman: "Roger. Lift your starboard wing so we can get a good shot."

[Commander Norman turns to Harris]

Commander Norman: "Ready with the automatic X-ray?"

Harris: "Yes sir."

[Shot cuts to Fireflash soaring across another set of trees outside the Airport, and immediately passing over London Tower.]

Commander Norman: [pointing] "Here she comes."

[Shot cuts to Fireflash moving past London Tower as Harris take the picture. The craft immediately picks up altitude. Harris removes the image from the device.]

Commander Norman: "It looks hopeful. Put it on the screen."

Harris: "Yes sir."

[Scene cuts to Fireflash cockpit.]

Co-Pilot: "What's keeping ‘em?"

Pilot: "They'll call as soon as they know. Let's not get jumpy."

[Scene cuts back to London Tower. After a few seconds, the blank screen displays a magnified version of the photo. Within the wires and metal, the bomb can be faintly seen.]

Commander Norman: "There it is! A bomb alright! This is no hoax!"

[Scene cuts in rapid succession to Fireflash flying, an internal shot of the landing gear, a close-up of the ticking bomb, and back to London Tower as the camera suddenly and awkwardly pans in through the window.]

Commander Norman: "Right. Divert all aircraft from London. Contact Central Control. I want everyone including essential personnel and all civilians in a five-mile radius of the airport evacuated immediately. Use code RH: Radiation Hazard."

Harris: "Yes sir."

Commander Norman: "Firefwash (sic), this is London Tower. Confirming there IS a bomb.'"

[Scene cuts to within the Fireflash cockpit.]

Commander Norman (voiceover): It's placed in the hydraulic system of your landing gear."

Pilot: "Roger London Tower. Permission for emergency landing."

[Scene cuts to a close-up of Commander Norman.]

Commander Norman: "That's impossible Fireflash."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5. John Tracy turns his head back from the window to listen in on the situation.]

Commander Norman (voiceover): "If you touch down, you'll explode!"

Co-Pilot (voiceover): "Well what's gonna happen? We can't just stay up here forever."

Commander Norman (voiceover): "What is your endurance?"

Pilot (voiceover): "Well with our atomic motors, we can stay up here for six months. But the anti-radiation shield on the reactor will need servicing in two hours, or our passengers will be subjected to radiation exposure."

[John Tracy turn to look down at the planet below. Shot cuts immediately back to within the Fireflash cockpit.]

Co-Pilot: "What are we gonna do?"

Pilot: "I don't know. We can't reach the bomb. We can't land. If we stay up here we get radiation exposure."

[Scene cuts to London Tower.]

Commander Norman: "We've just got to sit here and hope that they can make it."

[Scene cuts back to Thunderbird 5. John Tracy has since walked back to the monitor.]

Pilot (voiceover): "As far as I can see London, nothing can save us short of a miracle."

[The camera zooms in as John turns to face the viewer.]

John: "That's just what you might get."

[Scene cuts back to the interior of Tracy Villa. As the camera slowly pans across portraits of his five sons, Jeff Tracy is at his desk reading a document aloud]

Jeff: "Top Secret. Subject: International Rescue. Our mission is to save lives. Our equipment is way ahead of its time, but in the wrong hands... it could be utilised to destroy life."

[The eyes on John Tracy's portrait light up, emitting a constant beep. Jeff presses a button under his desk, causing the ashtray on his left to rise and reveal a speaker.]

Jeff: "Go ahead John."

John: "We have our first emergency call, father. The new Fireflash Mach 6 atomic airliner is in distress at London Airport."

Jeff: "The Fireflash..."

[Jeff turns directly to the viewer.]

Jeff: "Why... that's Tin-Tin's aircraft."

[Scene cuts to an overhead shot of Fireflash flying, the craft then turning around, and cuts back to Tracy Villa. Jeff Tracy has gathered his sons, along with Brains, to inform them of the mission.]

Jeff: "Okay boys, that's the brief. It's our first assignment. I don't think I need to tell you how important this mission is, so... make it good."

Scott: "You got it dad!"

Alan: "OK father."

Virgil: "Sure thing dad."

Gordon: "Yes dad."

Jeff: "OK Scott, away you go. And keep in touch."

Scott: "Yes sir."

[As Scott Tracy stands to leave, Jeff turns around and faces Brains.]

Jeff: "Well Brains. Your phenomenal ideas have made all this possible. Now we're going to see the team in action."

[Scene cuts to Scott Tracy grasping on a pair of lights hanging on a nearby wall. The entire section swivels around, replacing him with an identical wall.]

Gordon (voiceover): "Good luck Scott!"

Virgil (voiceover): "Go get 'em Scott!"

Alan (voiceover): "Atta boy!"

[Scott Tracy stands patiently as the gantry ferries him across to Thunderbird 1. As the new opening theme plays, viewers are treated to over a dozen different shots in the space of 20 seconds. These include Thunderbird 1's door opening, a panning external shot to Tracy Villa, the swimming pool opening, Scott at the controls, Thunderbird 1 descending under the island on multiple rapid angles, the pool finally opened, the craft sliding along the hangar, and finally reaching its launch site. As Thunderbird 1 takes off, the theme is replaced with a fast-paced electric guitar riff.]

[Scene cuts back to inside Tracy Villa, where the eyes on Scott's portrait light up. The camera rapidly crosses to Jeff and his remaining sons at his desk]

Jeff: "Go ahead Scott."

Scott: "I'll be arriving at London Airport in 52 minutes. But it looks like we're gonna need heavy rescue here."

Jeff: "OK Scott. I'll organise that right away. Virgil... away you go."

Virgil: "Right, father."

[The new opening theme kicks in once more, as Virgil Tracy walks over to the rocket portrait seen earlier and stands up against it. The portrait begins to flip backwards, taking Virgil with it, and onto a waiting slide. Over the space of a minute, the camera cuts to Virgil's descent on multiple angles, his reaching of Thunderbird 2's cockpit and activation of the craft. One of six specially designed pods is selected, and the craft lowers around it. Outside, the cliff face descends to reveal Thunderbird 2's hangar. Smoke pours out from within as the mighty green vehicle slowly trundles forward and across the runway. Rows of palm trees on either side of the runway are lowered for the craft's safe passage. Near the end, a portion of the runway raises Thunderbird 2 on an upward angle. The blast duct behind the craft's tail engines opens, and Thunderbird 2 launches into the sky. Scene fades to black.]

Act 2

[Scene fades back into the interior of London Tower with a panning shot of Commander Norman talking to Bob Meddings.]

Commander Norman: "Alright Meddings. Let's have it again. But slowly."

Bob Meddings: "This is the idea. We get an X204 target carrying aircraft, and divert it to London. Then we-"

Commander Norman: "Harris. Are there any X204s in the area?"

Harris: "Yes sir. There's target practice going on at this moment, and just off the coast a hundred miles south of us."

[Scene cuts to a brief shot of the X204 soaring through the sky, and then into the cockpit.]

Commander Norman (voiceover): "Target One, this is London Tower. This is an emergency. Set course for London Airport."

X204 Pilot 1: "Yes sir London Tower!"

[The X204 ascends and begins to turn around. Scene cuts to an establishing shot of the still-flying Fireflash, and then into the cockpit.]

Commander Norman (voiceover): "Fireflash, this is London Tower. We're going to attempt to put a man into the wing of your aircraft to remove the bomb."

Pilot: "But that's dangerous! He wouldn't stand a chance!"

Commander Norman (voiceover): "There is a chance, Fireflash. A very slender one, but... one we must take."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1 flying, and into the cockpit.]

Scott: "International Rescue from Thunderbird 1. ETA London Airport now 41 minutes. Any more news?"

Jeff (offscreen): "Yes Scott. John has reported in from the space station..."

[Immediate cut to inside Tracy Villa]

Jeff: "...that a rescue attempt is going to be made. It seems from transmissions intercepted that they're gonna try and put a man aboard Fireflash. How we don't yet know. But continue on your present course. It doesn't look too hopeful."

[Scene cuts to within the X204 cockpit.]

X204 Pilot 2: "Green light, Full power."

[Target One takes off from London Airport. Scene cuts to Fireflash flying, and into the cockpit.]

Co-Pilot: "You... realise the passengers are gonna see what's going on..."

Pilot: "Yeah yeah I know. I've been dreading this moment."

[The Fireflash Pilot picks up and speaks into microphone]

Pilot: "Ah Ladies and gentlemen, this is the pilot speaking. I... have a very important announcement to make. We're... having problems with our landing gear. We're unable to land, but every effort is being made to ensure your safety."

[Cut to an external shot of the X204 maintaining a steady distance in front of the Fireflash]

X204 Pilot 2: "Here we go. OK Bob, stand by."

[The X204's rear door opens to reveal Bob Meddings clinging to a orange cone-shaped object situated on a platform]

Bob Meddings: "OK. Ready."

X204 Pilot 2: "Away you goooo."

[The platform slides out, taking Meddings with it. After leaving the compartment, Meddings is steadily raised off the platform. The cable attached to the cone begins to unwind.]

Bob Meddings: "Ohh... Woahhh..."

[Meddings is slowly winched back towards the Fireflash. The wind begins to pick up, and he is harshly tossed around.]

Co-Pilot: "Running into turbulence!"

[Meddings is tossed like a salad. An extra inch of line is given.]

X204 Pilot 2 (voiceover): "Right."

[Meddings is lowered back steadily as if the turbulence he faced a second ago had never happened.]

X204 Pilot 2 (voiceover): "Hold your present course."

[Cut back to Fireflash cockpit.]

Pilot: "Hold her steady."

[Cut once more to outside. Bob Meddings slowly makes his way under the Fireflash.]

X204 Pilot 2 (voiceover): "Ow."

[Eventually Meddings reaches an inspection hatch]

Bob Meddings: "Stop winches!"

[Cut back to the X204 cockpit.]

X204 Pilot 2: "Stop winches!"

[He pulls a lever, and the winch comes to a stop. Cut back To Meddings below the Fireflash]

Bob Meddings: "OK! Fireflash! Open number four inspection hatch!"

[Cut back to Fireflash cockpit]

Pilot: "Open number four hatch."

[Cut back to an internal shot of the hatch opening, and back to the X204 cockpit.]

Bob Meddings (voiceover): "Give me more cable. A foot a time."

X204 Pilot 2: "Coming up now."

[The co-pilot pulls a lever down, causing more cable to slide out. Meddings is suddenly jerked backwards.]

Bob Meddings: "Again. Again. One more time."

[Cut back to the previous internal Fireflash shot, only this time Meddings is directly below.]

Bob Meddings: "Hold it. Ok. Count of five... then up."

[Cut to Fireflash cockpit, where both pilots look at each other.]

Bob Meddings (voiceover): "Five."

[Cut to X204 cockpit.]

Bob Meddings (voiceover): "Four."

[Cut to internal Fireflash shot.]

Bob Meddings (voiceover): "Three."

[Cut to X204 Pilot 2.]

Bob Meddings (voiceover): "Two."

[Cut to X204 Pilot.]

Bob Meddings (voiceover): "One."

[Cut to internal Fireflash shot.]

Bob Meddings: "Now!"

[Meddings is swiftly raised into the hatch. He reaches upwards and grabs onto an orange metal pipe with both hands.]

Bob Meddings: "Cut cable!"

[Cut to X204 Pilot 2 pushing the same lever forward. The cable is retracted back into the craft.]

Bob Meddings: "Nrhh. Uurhh!"

[Cut to Meddings slowly making his way along the now silver pipe. He looks upwards towards an odd clicking noise, only to discover it's coming from the bomb.]

Bob Meddings: "I can see it!"

[Meddings tries to reach for a brown pipe.]

Bob Meddings: "I'm going to try and get..."

[Meddings chooses to grab a silver pipe covered in smaller red wires instead.]

Bob Meddings: "UH! Erhh."

[Meddings grabs the pipe, but it breaks in his hand, causing him to fall directly out the hatch.]


[Cut to Fireflash cockpit]

Pilot: "He's falling!"

[Cut to Meddings falling, and back to the cockpit]

Pilot: "His chute! Why won't it open?!"

[Cut to Meddings falling, and back to the cockpit again. Cut once more to Meddings, only this time his parachute has opened and safely lands in front of a group of trees. Back to Fireflash cockpit.]

Pilot: "Aah. Great. At least... HE made it."

Co-Pilot: "What'll we do now?"

[Cut to overhead shot of Thunderbird 1 soaring across the land with its wings opening, and into the cockpit]

Scott: "London Tower from Thunderbird 1, approaching London Airport, height two thousand five hundred feet. Airspeed seven point five thousand miles per hour. We'll be touching down in two minutes."

[Cut back to the exact same shot of Thunderbird 1's wings opening, followed by London Tower.]

Commander Norman: "International Rescue, you're clear to land! Use runway two nine."

[Cut to Thunderbird 1 beginning to land. Immediately jump to The Hood. He's sitting in the open boot of a car, next to an Airport Police uniform.]

The Hood: "Just as I thought. International Rescue are arriving on the scene. Part two of my plan."

[With a blast of smoke, Thunderbird 1 lands outside London Tower. Cut instantly to The Hood. He's now sitting in a police car in full disguise. The car's siren briefly fades away.]

The Hood: Once I have the photographs... I will know ALL of their secrets. Uhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..."

[The Hood's eye light up for a split-second, as the footage cuts to a close-up of the badge on his hat. In the middle of said badge is the lens of a hidden camera, which begins taking several snaps of the craft. Cut to Scott Tracy up in London Tower, sitting in front of Thunderbird 1's Mobile Control unit. He picks up a small communications device.]

Scott: "Thunderbird 2, this is Mobile Control..."

[Cut to Thunderbird 2 cockpit.]

Scott (offscreen): "Now as soon as you arrive, unload high-speed Elevator Car with two radio-controlled subsidiaries..."

[Back to London Tower]

Scott: "Then proceed to end of runway two nine and report."

Virgil (offscreen): "Thunderbird 1, F.A.B."

Scott: "Fireflash, this is International Rescue Mobile Control."

[Cut to Fireflash cockpit]

Scott (offscreen): "You are to come in with your landing gear up. Repeat, landing gear up."

[Cut to Thunderbird 1. The Hood has made his way onboard the craft, and begins taking photos inside the cockpit. As he does so, a nearby light flashes. This causes another light back at Mobile Control marked 'Photo-Alert' to light up.]

Scott: "The Automatic Camera Detector! Someone's photographing the instrument panel of Thunderbird 1!"

[Cut to The Hood back in the Airport Police car. He starts the engine]

Scott (offscreen): "It's imperative that you get this man and stop him!"

[The Police Car takes off in a hurry. A nearby second car gives chase, and the pair race away from London Airport. Cut to Thunderbird 2 beginning its landing on a nearby runway. Cut to Scott Tracy, Commander Norman and Harris watching from one of London Tower's windows as the mighty craft touches down. Cut to Thunderbird 2 already 3/4 raised upward to reveal Pod 3. And finally cut to Scott Tracy and Commander Norman suddenly back in their chairs. Scott swings away from Norman to press a button on the dashboard. The second in a row of four lights is activated, revealing the silhouette of a teapot. Meanwhile, the music suddenly shifts as the camera zooms towards a large mansion, and straight inside to a cup of tea being poured. The teapot emits a high-frequency rhythm, which is turned off by turning the knob on the pot's top 90 degrees clockwise]

Scott (offscreen): "International Rescue Mobile Control calling International Rescue, England."

[The screen splits in two, as Scott Tracy begins talking to Lady Penelope through the teapot]

Lady Penelope: "International Rescue. Lady Penelope speaking."

Scott: "Require your assistance. Man with photographic records of Thunderbird 1 proceeding along M1 motorway in your direction. Car License Number 695CMO. Over."

[Scott's portion of the screen disappears]

Lady Penelope: "Mobile Control, F.A.B."

[Cut back to London Airport as the first Elevator Car makes it way out from Thunderbird 2's Pod. Immediately cut back to Lady Penelope's mansion, where the large living room double doors open to reveal a man wearing a suit and bow tie]

Parker: "You called. M'lady?"

Lady Penelope (offscreen): "Yes Parker..."

[Cut to a gradual close-up of Lady Penelope]

Lady Penelope: "Get the Rolls-Royce. We're going for a little drive."

[Cut to Fireflash as it continues horizontal flight, and into the cockpit.]

Pilot: "Mobile Control from Fireflash. We have only five minutes left."

[Cut to Scott Tracy back at Mobile Control.]

Pilot (offscreen): "We've HAD it!"

Scott: "Stand by Fireflash."

[Scott turns to the left and raises the small communications device in his right hand, speaking into it.]

Scott: "Thunderbird 2 from Mobile Control, are you ready Virgil?"

[Cut to a brief exterior shot of the Mobile Elevator Cars slowly moving into position. The shot almost immediately cuts to Virgil Tracy at the controls of the Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil: "This is Thunderbird 2. I'm ready."

[Scene returns to Scott as he turns back to speak into Mobile Control's microphone.]

Scott: "Control to Fireflash. Commence your approach and good luck."

[Cut to Fireflash as it swings around 180 degrees to return to London Airport. Cut back to London Tower.]

Radar Operator: "Aircraft approaching glide path, five miles to threshold."

[A rapid sequence of cuts follows over the next few seconds, including Fireflash slowly descending, four emergency vehicles racing across a runway, the same footage of Fireflash descending again, and Virgil Tracy driving the Master Elevator Car.]

Scott (offscreen): "Fireflash one and one half miles from threshold."

[The rapid cuts continue, with a frontal shot of the Fireflash pilots, a side angle of Virgil Tracy directing the Elevator Cars, a exterior shot of the Elevator Cars on the move, and the Fireflash making its way over the start of runway two nine. From there the footage continuously swaps between Fireflash steadying over the Elevator Cars, and a very nervous Virgil at the controls. The footage changes again as Virgil looks to the right to see Car 4 in position, and swiftly to the left to see Car 2 ready. Cut to a close-up of Fireflash Co-Pilot.]

Virgil (offscreen): "Fireflash..."

[Cut to similar close-up of Fireflash Pilot.]

Virgil (offscreen): "...From Thunderbird 2..."

[Cut to Virgil Tracy back at the Master Elevator Car]

Virgil: "...Cut your engines."

[Cut to another rapid succession of shots. The Fireflash left wing lands on Car 2. The aircraft's midsection lands on the Master Elevator Car. Virgil Tracy looks to his right as Car 4 dangerously lags behind.]

Virgil (offscreen): "Fireflash!"

[Cut to Virgil Tracy back at the Master Elevator Car]

Virgil: "Fireflash, lift port wing!"

[Cut back outside as the Fireflash wing is slowly raised.]

Virgil (offscreen): "Lift port wing!"

[The Fireflash wing hangs in the air for a few seconds.]

Virgil (offscreen): "Cut power!"

[With a heavy thud, the wing makes successful contact atop of Car 4. Cut back to Virgil Tracy.]

Virgil: "Ok Fireflash..."

[Cut back to the previous close-up of Fireflash Co-Pilot.]

Virgil (offscreen): "...Reverse thrust!"

[Cut to exterior shot of Fireflash on the runway. The thrusters are activated, though it has barely any effect. Cut back to Virgil in the Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil: "I'm applying brakes down here!"

[Cut to several frontal shots of the Elevator Cars. While Car 2 remains steadily in position, Car 4 begins to dangerously wobble. The shot immediately cuts to a side-angled view of the Master Elevator Car as it immediately slams on its brakes. Cut to close-up of Fireflash Pilot.]

Pilot: "We're not gonna make it!"

[Cut to the previous close-up of Fireflash Co-Pilot.]

Pilot (offscreen): "We're running out of runway!"

[Cut back to Fireflash exterior. The craft continues racing forward, at several points attempting to shake off the Master Elevator Car. It doesn't budge, and all three Cars are dragged on relentlessly.]

Pilot (offscreen): "Ohh!"

[Cut back to Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil: "Hold tight Fireflash! Applying maximum brakes!"

[Cut to a series of rapid exterior shots; nearly every wheel on the Elevator Cars have locked, yet the Fireflash's momentum continues sliding them across the runway. Smoke pours out from Car 4 before cutting to the still-ticking bomb. Cut back to several close-ups of the Elevator Cars continually dragged along until the right wheels of the Master Elevator Car explode. Cut to Virgil Tracy looking to his right before another shot of Car 4's wheels also giving way. The footage is looped until the Master Elevator Car's wheels explode once more. Virgil Tracy loses control as the Car slides out from under Fireflash, pushing its nosecone slightly to the right, veers offscreen and flips over in a mighty crash. Cut back to Fireflash, sparks pouring from its nosecone as it relentlessly slides forward. After several repeated shots, the bomb starts to come loose, slipping from its protective tape. Eventually the craft slows down, and after another sharp veer to the right, finally comes to a complete stop. Cut to Scott Tracy in London Tower.]

Scott: "Are you okay Virgil?"

[Cut to Virgil Tracy stuck in an upturned position within the wrecked Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil: "Ok Scott... I'm okay..."

Scott (offscreen): "Great Virgil..."

[Cut to London Tower, where Commander Norman and Harris stand between Scott Tracy.]

Commander Norman: "They made it... They made it!"

[Commander Norman turns to Scott.]

Commander Norman: "Jolly good show old boy!"

[As the camera pans towards Scott, Harris also adds his congratulations, though no sound escapes his lips. Cut to the bomb, where it finally gives way, though no explosion comes. The ticking abruptly stops. Cut back to Scott Tracy.]

Scott: "Whatever happens... our identities must remain secret."

Commander Norman: "I'll do my best."

[As Commander Norman does his best to talk without moving his lips at all, cut to The Hood soaring along the motorway in his Airport Police car. Following behind him is FAB 1, a fantastic pink Rolls-Royce with Parker at the wheel. As the camera pans inward, we see Lady Penelope residing within the passenger section, a large black smudge obscuring much of her right hand.]

Parker: "We're closing in on 'im, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Good Parker. Wait til we get to a clear stretch of road. Then, blow out his tyres."

Parker: "Yes, m'lady."

[The Hood continues his getaway, seemingly unaware of his new pursuers. Both cars drive under an overpass within seconds of one-another. Cut to a frontal shot of Lady Penelope looking over the back seat. As she does so, a guitar riff eerily similar to that of the 'James Bond' theme plays in the background. She turns around to face the camera.]

Lady Penelope: "Go ahead Parker."

[Cut to Parker in the driver's seat.]

Parker: "Yes, m'lady."

[Parker presses a button, cutting to a close-up of FAB 1's front grille. A small section slides away to reveal a barrel. Almost instantly it opens fire, sending a rapid barrage of laser bullets into the back of The Hood's car. Rather than blow out the tyres, the entire back half of his car violently explodes in a large fireball. Cut to an extreme close-up of Lady Penelope's face, almost as though the editors were attempting to hide something.]

Lady Penelope: "Well done Parker."

Parker: "Thank you madam. 'Ome, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Home, Parker."

[Cut to the aftermath of FAB 1's attack. The Airport Police car is damaged beyond repair, now a collection of twisted metal and plastic trenched at the bottom of a hill. The Hood groans as the camera pans slowly towards him within the wreck. The camera hidden within his hat comically pops out, revealing the swiftly unraveling roll of film is now useless.]

The Hood: "My pictures. They are ruined. Someone will pay for this. International Rescue haven't heard the last of me."

[Scene fades to black.]

Act 3

[Scene fades back from commercial break into the interior of Tracy Villa. Jeff Tracy holds a newspaper in his hands, with Alan Tracy and Tin-Tin looking towards him. Virgil Tracy sits behind a piano in the background, tinkering the keys. Jeff looks up to address the trio.]

Jeff: "Boys... Thunderbirds Are Go."

Tin-Tin: "FAB!"

Alan: "FAB, ahuhuh..."

[The camera slowly zooms in as Virgil plays a rousing tune on the piano. However, a new piece of background music featuring no piano suddenly drowns out Virgil's music. The zoom continues as the screen fades to black one last time.]