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"Who would want to blow up such a cool plane?"
— Tripp

"Trapped in the Sky" is the premier episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds, first airing on December 18, 1994. It was also the first episode of the original Thunderbirds series.


When Roxette and Tripp discover a bomb planted on the Fireflash, it's up to them to figure out a solution for safely landing the airliner. Will Tripp's suggestion of dumping marbles on the runway prove to be more than a bad joke?



"Hey Rox, have you seen my skateboard? Y'know, the one with the cool wheels?"

"Tripp, I'm working on something. Could you leave me alone?"

  • And so the series begins...

"Mr. Tracy, that plane can't land. Six hundred people, are... trapped in the sky!"

  • Roxette not only details in the plot, but drops the story title in there as well.

"Well it looks like Scott Tracy's in position at Sky Control. Now all we need is for Virgil to arrive in Thunderbird 2 and put your plan into action!"

"Yeah, my plan! What's my plan again? Oh yeah, they're gonna dump marbles on the runway!"

"Tripp... is your ponytail too tight?"

  • With the rescue underway, Roxette and Tripp work out some last-minute details.

"Yeah! They made it, they made it!"

"Virgil, come in Virgil! Are you okay?! Do you read?"

"Okay, Roxie. Good timing."

"Grrrreat, Virgil! Just great."

(Eyeroll) "Oh Virrrrrrgil.... My heeeeeeroooo...."

"Shut up Tripp"

  • The start of a beautiful friendship between Tripp, Roxette, and Virgil.

"M-Hmm, hm-hm-hm... Mmmmm, ha-ha-ha. Mmmmm... Aha-ha-ha-ha-ho-ho-ho-ho. A-ho-ho-ho-ho. A-hu-hu-hu-huhu-hu-hu-hu-ha-ha... Ahaha! Mhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhuhuhuhuhuhuhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmmhm-huhuhuhu...!"

"Look out Hood! Lady P is on your case and giving chase!"

  • Way out there, Tripp. Way out there.


  • First appearance: Roxette, Tripp, S.A.L., and The Atrocimator.
  • While promoted as the first episode of a new series, virtually no attempt is given to introducing the characters, their histories, or how the Hack Masters came to know International Rescue (Turbocharged Thunderbirds starts with all the major events already in motion, suggesting the organisation has been around for quite some time). All previous backstories were sourced from numerous program guides and the ITC publicity kit.
  • In order to make time for the inclusion of new live-action footage, a number of scenes were altered or completely removed, including:
    • The introduction to both Tracy Island and the International Rescue organisation, along with The Hood's connection to Kyrano (who was removed almost entirely from the series).
    • All of Tin-Tin's scenes, save a brief camera pan to numerous passengers on the Fireflash.
    • Meddings and the first entire rescue attempt.
    • The Fireflash landed safely on the first go, as opposed to making two efforts. Almost the same edit was previously used in the Fox Kids broadcast.
    • Jeff Tracy and the family celebrate International Rescue's first successful mission (including 'Operation Cover-Up').
  • On the other hand, a number of clips not used in the Fox Kids edition were added, including:
    • A few clips of The Hood's call to Sky Control, plus the Fireflash's take-off and flyover.
    • Numerous shots of inside The Hood's temple.
    • The establishing scene of Jeff Tracy taking notes at his desk.
    • Lady Penelope worried about missing her guests.
    • The Hood's getaway car tumbling down the hill and subsequent explosion.
  • Tripp refers to his prized skateboard as a "97 Tercek Board". This is a shout-out to series director Robert A. Tercek.
  • A new sound effect has been added to Tracy Family villa; numerous calls of many exotic birds, giving the impression that Tracy Island is home to a variety of bird species. Naturally none of them are seen on-screen, mind.
  • The first shot of Jeff Tracy making contact with Roxette originated from Atlantic Inferno.
  • Footage of the Master Elevator Car crashing was slowed down to an almost strolling pace. It's not necessarily a goof, but the effect comes across as incredibly awkward. Nor does it help the surrounding scenes were at regular speed.
  • All footage of FAB1 shooting The Hood's police car, plus its subsequent tumble down the hill and explosion were equally slowed down as well.
  • Despite the belief that both redubbed Thunderbirds series were to remove stereotypical accents, Parker is portrayed as incredibly posh, right down to his pronunciation of "Yes, My Lady".


  • John Tracy's portrait is still visible on the wall, even though he doesn't exist.
  • Not so much a goof, but the Signal Lock device used by Tripp is clearly a black View-Master.
  • The CGI render of Fireflash generated by S.A.L. looks nothing like the actual jet.
  • There's a continuity snare halfway through the episode. Upon being informed for the first time that a bomb has been placed on board the Fireflash, the Pilot subsequently mutters that he's been dreading this moment (i.e. telling the passengers about the bomb). While this isn't a major goof, he immediately informs the passengers that they are still unable to land, despite no-one knowing the flight was in danger up to this point.
  • When trying out his wheel-less skateboard, Tripp's face is suspiciously obscured the entire time, save for one close-up at the end. This scene was performed by a stunt double. Hardly a goof in itself, but the double is never credited on the episode.
    • Neither was David Naughton, who voiced the Airport Police for all of two lines.
  • How exactly did the suggestion of dumping marbles on the runway help? Was it used as a basis to construct the Elevator Cars, or remind International Rescue they even had them? And if they built the Cars from scratch, there wouldn't have been enough time to make at least four of them.
  • If International Rescue are so top-secret, then how does The Hood even remotely know that it's being run by the Tracy Family?


Foreign Name

  • JapaneseSOS Atom Airliner (SOS 原子旅客機))