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"But it's too late. There's nothing you can do about it."

"Touch And Go" is the 24th episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!, and was broadcast on Saturday January 9th 2016.


The episode opens with Kayo in Thunderbird Shadow chasing an unknown thug in possession of an Echelon Decoding device, but manages to capture him. Back at Tracy Island, Scott is disappointed about Kayo’s recklessness, regarding International Rescue’s mission to save lives and not catch criminals but Kayo said that if she hadn’t captured the thug, he could have used the device to access the computers of every government in the world. John contacts them, saying that CATCH (Central Air Traffic Control Hub) has gone offline. Brains gives Kayo a remote access chip so he can reboot CATCH before Scott explains that when Kayo spots trouble, John will alert the GDF before they take off. Up in Thunderbird 5, John with the help of EOS, plays air traffic controller until CATCH is rebooted.

Above America, Terrrainian Cargo 822 flies above a storm but nearly collides with another plane before an electric shock knocks the pilot, Jane Carter, out cold. Virgil stabilizes the plane with Thunderbird 2’s cables while Scott boards the plane and takes the controls. The plane crash lands after separating from the cables but Virgil manages to re-grapple before the plane nearly plummets into a gorge.

Meanwhile, Kayo reaches CATCH and finds out the Hood is behind the sabotage. Inside the control room, she confronts and interrogates one of the Hood’s henchmen who confesses that the Hood’s plan to sabotage CATCH was a diversion so he can steal a bulkload of Alsterene. After explaining the situation to Brains, she reboots the main computer and takes off after the Hood. Back at the gorge, Virgil uses his power suit to latch a tow rope onto the plane. The rope snaps but Scott saves himself and Jane by shooting his grapple onto the cliff face. John contacts Scott that CATCH was rebooted but Kayo went missing.

On the Hood’s ship, Kayo encounters her uncle who encourages her to work for him but she refuses. The Hood explains that Alsterene is the cleanest combustible fuel source and it will run his operation for years. Kayo detaches the Alsterene tank from the ship before escaping with it in Thunderbird S. One of the Hood’s goons fires a laser at the jet, disabling its systems and separating it from the tanks. As Scott rushes to the scene in Thunderbird 1, the Hood latches onto Thunderbird S before the tank hits the ground exploding on impact, before he departs. As Scott lands, he asks why the Hood saved Kayo but she refuses the question and says that International Rescue would change its ways. When they check the damages to Thunderbird S, Kayo says that Brains would have nothing to do with it before Brains says “I heard that!” over the comms.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • John: "You engaged with the subject. Kayo, you were just supposed to shadow him."
    Kayo: "We did a little shadowboxing."
  • Virgil: "Yeah! Dead-eye Virgil strikes again."
    Scott: "Oh, so now you're suddenly a good shot?"
    Virgil: "Hey, I have to take every small victory I can get."
  • Scott: "Thunderbird 5, this is Thunderbird 1. I'm at the emergency door. Can you remotely access the plane's onboard computer and unlock it?"
    EOS: "Hacking the onboard computer of the plane in flight is a violation-"
    John: "Consider it done."
  • Scott: "It's crumbling like one of Grandma's cakes. We need to get out of here fast."
    Jane Carter: "Any ideas?"
    Scott: "I'm open to suggestions."
  • Kayo: (On Thunderbird Shadow's damage) "It's for the best, we wouldn't want Brains to have nothing to do."
    Brains: (Over comms) "I heard that!"

International Rescue Equipment Used

Non-International Rescue Equipment Used

  • Air Terrainean Cargo Plane


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  • This episode appears to be a homage to Edge Of Impact.
  • This is the first episode to feature the Hood's Henchmen in fully black masks with green eye pieces. Previously they had worn a black mask with a silver bar in the middle.
  • This episode is the first to feature Thunderbird Shadow on a mission.
  • This episode features the second appearance of Air Terrainean in the new series, after Fireflash.
  • Air Terrainean's cargo planes are shown to feature a different colour scheme to their passanger craft; the red and blue livery resembles the bus seen in the 1969 film The Italian Job, which also ended up balancing over the edge of a cliff.
  • The presence of a chemical fuel named Alsterene is a reference to Danger At Ocean Deep.
  • This episode borrows some plot elements from Operation Crash-Dive with a plane losing altitude, Thunderbird 2 chasing it, and Scott as a co-pilot.
  • The episode features a new incidental theme music for the launch sequence, presumably for the introduction of Thunderbirds Shadow's launch sequence.
  • Two Steven Spielberg films are referenced.
    • When Kayo passes the motorcyclist she is pursuing inside a tunnel and they glance at each other, similar to a scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in which Indy and his father pass two German pilots in a tunnel.
    • The rescue of Scott and Pilot Carter by a wire hanging from a vehicle as it slips over a cliff is based on a scene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.


  • In the opening sequence, the shadow cast by Thunderbird S is inconsistent from shot to shot. As it first looms over the rider, it has very defined edges, which would require it to be essentially on the ground, and the rider ends up square within the shadow of the jet's body. In a subsequent shot of the front wheel and handlebars, there's no sign of the shadow at all. In the next shot of the jet approach, the bike is positioned within the shadow of the nosecone.

Foreign titles

  • Dutch: Op het nippertje
  • French: Panique dans les airs (Panic in the Air)
  • Spanish: Toca y corre
  • Japanese: サンダーバードS 発進! (Thunderbird S Start!)
  • Arabic: تشجع وانطلق