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Remember where you are - This is Thunderworld, and death is listening, and will take the first man that screams!

Situated in another part of a far-away galaxy, Thunderworld is a planet not unlike a possible future Earth where technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. Its population consists of a variety of men and women with slightly over-sized craniums, a top-secret rescue organization, and one angry spiritual entity.


As opposed to having individually named countries and cities, Thunderworld is divided into a series of numbered grids, sectors, and even zones. Sometimes these sectors have specific names, though not often.

Known Sectors[]

  • Sector 4: Contains London Airport, Sky Control, and nearby M1 Motorway, which leads to the town of Birmingham.
  • Sector 5: Rural landscape. On the Fireflash's flight path.
  • Sector 12: Final landing destination of Fireflash aircraft.
  • Grid 8, Sector 2: Location of a desert movie set, used by infamous film director Morty Goldheimer.
  • Sector 7: South-West of the desert movie set, and presumably part of Grid 8. Near a mountain range with tunnel, airfield, and country house.
  • Ref. GH7 Stroke FG4: Opposite end to the Sector 7 tunnel, 3 miles north of its southern entrance.
  • Zone 5: The Satellite Quadrant. Situated above Thunderworld, the home to Hacker Command, KLA, and numerous satellites.
  • Grid 47 Sector 19: Island home of Dr. Hornyak, Sally, and their highly-trained pet Alligators. Surrounded by swampland.
  • Desert Sector: One vast open desert with the odd oasis.
  • Sector 47: Within the Desert Sector and site of the Lost Pyramid Of Puntel. Scott's training and subsequent crash took place on the Sector's border.

Unspecified Locations[]

  • Tracy Island.
  • The Hood's temple.
  • Lady Penelope's mansion (somewhere near Sectors 4 or 5).
  • Lake Anasta and the sunken temple within.
  • Mission Ground Control: Launch location of KLA rocket/unspecified test rocket.
  • Nuclear Fusion Plant: Situated in the middle of a desert, almost destroyed by KLA.
  • Kalamazoo: A supposed nice place that Jose would move to if he had the money.
  • Woodstock.
  • Bogota: According to Dave, it's close to (or in) Peru.
  • Cairo: According to Paul, a concert was once held here, possibly at a pyramid.
  • The Hague: Notable for its exotic antique shop.
  • Jersey: The northern Sector consists of mass factories and heavy air pollution.
  • Sun: Exactly 90 million miles away from Thunderworld and a valuable source of light.
  • Earth: 300,000 times smaller than the Sun. Either a nearby planet or a measurement term.
  • Canada: Bobby Lukowski hails from the Montreal Sector. 
  • Paris: Cyric Mazard's supposed birthplace. Pronounced as "Gay Paree"
  • Ohio: The Hudson Sector is Mazard's true home.
  • Bahamas: An alternate holiday location Lukowski would have won had he chosen a different door in an unspecified game show.

Is This the Real Life?[]

Perhaps the biggest mystery of Thunderworld is whether the world Roxette and Tripp inhabit is 'real' or not, as the official back story differs. On the official Turbocharged Thunderbirds Japanese website and various publicity material, it is described as a mysterious planet found by the Hack Masters upon blundering into an alternate reality. However, the program guide suggests otherwise, passing off the whole experience as a sort of hi-tech virtual game played by the duo. To be fair, there is evidence to suggest both parties may be partially correct:

  • In the episode Ready, Set... Danger, Roxette has to leave for engine maintenance. This leads to the revelation of not only there being more than one level on Hacker Command, but given the passage of time and her disheveled look afterwards, there genuinely was hard work going on.
  • On the other hand, in Ricochet, Roxette talks about leaving for the night to have dinner with her mother. This would be impossible unless they had a space ship to get back home and return the next day, which no evidence of such exists in the show. Her comment thus could be interpreted as her "logging off" from Thunderworld to get back home.

Ultimately, seeing as there is nothing solid to confirm on the show that it's all a virtual game (or deny otherwise), it's up to the viewer to decide on which version they prefer.


  • Apparently time moves ridiculously fast on Thunderworld.
  • The exact population number is never specified, though given it's apparently common knowledge that a grave food shortage will occur in the near-future, it must be relatively high.

Foreign Names[]

  • Japanese: Land Of The Dolls (人形の土地)