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This page is a transcription of Thunderbird 6

[New World Aircraft Corporation Holidair Terminal.]

Glenn: "Gentlemen, we are gathered here today as representatives of some of the greatest design teams in the world. We are here to listen to a proposal from a Mr X, a man who is fifty years ahead of his time. A man who is undoubtedly the world’s greatest aircraft designer. The daddy of them all. Mr X, are you with us?"

Brains: "Yes I-I am with you, Mr President."

Glenn: "Gentlemen, you must forgive the extraordinary security precautions taken today, but when I tell you that Mr X is none other than the man who designed the International Rescue aircrafts, you will understand the importance of security. Mr X has a proposition to put to us for a revolutionary new type of aircraft. It is perhaps the most exciting moment in the history of our company. Now, gentlemen, the moment has come. What is it to be? An aircraft that flies ten times the speed of sound? A space vehicle that travels the speed of light? If I were able to guess, Mr X would not be here today. And now Mr X it is with great excitement that we await breathlessly the details of your new design."

Brains: "Well gentlemen, I thought it would be a good idea, in this new day and age of ur… speed and ur… things like that... er, to build an... airship."

Glenn: "An airship? An airship!"

[They laugh, some to the point of tears.]

[Tracy Island]

Narrator: "A beautiful island in the pacific. Secret base of International Rescue, so far… undetected. Outwardly, the luxury home of millionaire, ex-astronaut, Jeff Tracy."

Jeff: "Now, let’s have a rundown on the International Rescue craft. At the moment, there are five. Thunderbird One: elite, first and fast. Thunderbird Two: giant transporter. Carries all the rescue gear to the danger zone. Thunderbird Three: designed for space rescue. Thunderbird Four: capable of withstanding the pressures of the depth. Thunderbird Five: space monitor. Capable of receiving and intercepting distress calls from any part of the world. And I’m telling you, Brains – in no uncertain terms – that we now need a Thunderbird Six."

Brains: "Sure, Mr Tracy. But you can you give me some sort of a steer? I-I like to work to a specification."

Jeff: "Specification? You didn’t have to work to specification when you designed that airship for the New World Aircraft Corporation."

Brains: "That’s right, I didn’t. A-and what happened? They laughed."

Jeff: "Yes, that’s right. They laughed. And then they built it."

[Opening titles over Skyship One.]

[Tracy Island.]

Virgil: "There you are, Brains. Your specially commissioned painting of Skyship One."

Brains: "Thanks Virgil. It’s really great. But I guess that’s about the nearest I’m gonna get to it for some time."

Jeff: "I'm sorry about this, Brains. But I've got this feeling, and I know I'm not wrong. We desperately need a Thunderbird Six."

Brains: "That's okay, Mr Tracy. course, I-I would have liked to have been on the maiden voyage."

Jeff: "Sure. But at least International Rescue will be represented by Alan, Tin-Tin and Penelope. They’ll give you a full report."

Virgil: "So, you like the painting, ay?"

Jeff: "Say, talking of painting."

[The aircraft hangars. Alan is spray painting.]

Jeff: "Alan?"

Alan: "Yes dad?"

Jeff: "You'd better get cleaned up. Don’t forget it’s your farewell dinner tonight."

Alan: "Just ten more minutes dad, and I’ll be through."

Jeff: "How’s she looking?"

Alan: "Great. Just great!"

Tin-Tin: "I finished our packing, Mr Tracy."

Jeff: "‘Our’ packing? Tin-Tin, come here a minute."

Tin-Tin: "Certainly, Mr Tracy. Is there anything wrong?"

Jeff: "Tin-Tin, Alan wanted to travel to England in an unconventional way. Well, I’ve organised that, but it’s gonna be a long journey, and not exactly the way for a young lady to travel in this day and age. You are traveling by scheduled airline."

Tin-Tin: "But, Mr Tracy, I... I want to travel with Alan."

Jeff: "Alan leaves tomorrow, and you leave in two weeks’ time. Understand?"

[The next day. Cliff House Observation Platform.]

Jeff: "Come on, Mother, over here. We’ll get a good view."

Scott: "Well, we’ve seen a lot of launchings but er... this will beat all."

Jeff: "Say, where’s Tin-Tin?"

Virgil: "I don’t know dad."

Jeff: "Strange. Unusual for her not to see Alan off."

Scott: "Here she comes."

Alan: "So long, folks."

[Brains' laboratory. Brains is reading a note left for him by Tin-Tin.]

Tin-Tin (voiceover): "Dearest Brains, I know how much this project means to you, and I feel that you, not I should be making this trip. But of course you are the one person who cannot be spared. I shall be thinking of you. Love Tin-Tin. P.S. I stowed aboard the Tiger with Alan."

Jeff: "She’s what?"

Brains: "That’s right, Mr Tracy. She’s aboard the Tiger with Alan."

[While the Tiger Moth does a few more stunts, Alan and Tin-Tin are heard singing a song:]

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease
The daring young man in his flying machine
His movements are graceful, all girls he can please
And my heart is stolen away

Lady Penelope: "Isn’t it a lovely outfit? It belonged to my ancestor, the Duchess of Creighton-Ward. Well, what do you think Parker?"

Parker: "Oh, I think it’s very elegant, m’lady. Mind you, I prefer miniskirts myself, but I suppose it’s appropriate that you be dressed like that for the reveal of the airship, so to speak."

Lady Penelope: "Thank you, Parker. And that outfit suits you beautifully. Well, if Alan’s on schedule, he should be arriving at any moment."

Parker: "Er, yes, m’lady. I h'understand he’s been on his way now for two weeks."

Lady Penelope: "That’s him, Parker! We must go onto the roof and see him land. Come on."

Alan: "There it is, Tin-Tin."

Tin-Tin: "Yes, Alan. It looks lovely."

Alan: "Okay, you know what to do."

Lady Penelope: "I expect he’s coming in to land."

Parker: "M’lady, he’s coming straight for us! I don’t believe it."

Alan: "Hi, Penny. Hi, Parker."

Lady Penelope: "Alan, I’m so glad you’re safe. You gave us quite a scare."

Alan: "Gee, I like your outfit, Penelope."

Lady Penelope: "Yes, I was rather pleased with it myself."

Parker: "Er, excuse me."

Alan: "All the family sends their love to you."

Parker: "Excuse me, Mr Alan. Excuse me."

Alan: "What is it, Parker?"

Parker: "Your h'aircraft, Sir. It’s got no pilot. I... I just thought I'd point it out to you, Sir."

Alan: "Oh, forget it, Parker. I’ve finished with it now. Now you were saying Penelope?"

Parker: "Mr Alan, please, don’t you h'understand? It’s going to crash into the 'ouse."

Lady Penelope: "Parker, what has got into you? Sorry about that Alan."

Parker: "Duck! Cor, stone the Crosse. It’s going to land on its own."

Lady Penelope: "Parker."

Parker: "M’lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Tin-Tin’s an excellent pilot. Don’t you think, Parker?"

Alan: "You should have seen Parker’s face, Tin-Tin It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!"

Tin-Tin: "I can just imagine it!"

Lady Penelope: "Of course, I saw immediately what Alan was up to, because I knew you were on board. Jeff called me yesterday. I could hardly keep a straight face. Come in."

Parker: "All the baggage is aboard, m’lady."

Lady Penelope: "Thank you, Parker. Now, there’s only one thing left to do before we leave. Bon Voyage."

Alan: "Bon Voyage."

Tin-Tin: "Bon Voyage."

Parker: "Bon Voy-age, m’lady."

Glenn: "As President of the New World Aircraft Corporation, this flight is of paramount importance to me. The fact that members of International Rescue will be on the maiden flight enables us to achieve worldwide publicity. In order to make this possible in the first place, we have given assurances to them that the strictest security arrangements will be enforced. That is why the airfield is cleared of all personnel. The passengers are due to arrive in um... thirty minutes."

Tin-Tin: "Contact."

Scott: "Virg, I can see them at two o clock."

Virgil: "Okay, I’ve got them Scott."

Scott: "Right. Operation escort: go!"

Parker: "This is what I call driving in style, m’lady. It isn't h'every Rolls Royce that 'as an h'aircraft h'escort."

Captain Foster: "Okay, all checks complete. Martin?"

Steward Martin: "Yes, Sir."

Captain Foster: "Lane?"

Steward Lane: "Yes, Sir."

Captain Foster:: "Carter?"

Steward Carter: "Yes, Sir."

Captain Foster: "Hogarth?"

Steward Hogarth: "Yes, Sir."

Captain Foster: "Okay. Return to your posts and await the arrival of the passengers."

Foster: "Hold it right there. Quick, we haven’t much time."

Lady Penelope: "Scott from Penelope. Come aboard with the others and have a farewell drink. We’ll meet you in the ball room."

Scott: "The ballroom? May I book the first dance?"

Lady Penelope: "No, Scott. It isn’t what it seems. You’ll see."

Parker: "And now, by the courtesy of the New World h'Aircraft Corporation, we bring you the Drinking Half Hour! Now, m'lady, what will it be?"

Lady Penelope: "I think this occasion calls for champagne all round, Parker."

Parker: "H'all round, m’lady?"

Lady Penelope: "All round, Parker."

Foster: "And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the New World Aircraft Corporation I welcome you aboard Skyship One. As you know this is the Maiden Flight. It is of course a great honour for us to have such distinguished guests. You can be assured the crew, and myself, will do everything in our power to make this a trip to remember."

Lady Penelope: "Well, bon voyage."

Scott: "Bon voyage."

Virgil: "Bon voyage."

Parker: "Bon voy-age, m’lady."

Foster: "Okay, one minute to take off. Now, we know the ship is fully automated. Everything is pre-programmed - height, speed, course. We are all supposed to be trained men. The only way that our cover will be broken is if anything goes wrong with the ship. Take off now thirty seconds."

Lady Penelope: "Well, we’re off. Come in."

Martin: "Dinner is served in the Bottle Room, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Well, they’ve gone. May we have the blinds drawn, Captain?"

Foster: "The entire operation of the Skyship, Lady Penelope, is totally automatic. As the light falls, the curtains will draw automatically."

Lady Penelope: "Of course. That’s just the sort of thing Brains would have thought of. Well, it looks as if we’re all set for a lovely, peaceful holiday."

Carter: "Calling Black Phantom. This is White Ghost. Calling Black Phantom. This is White Ghost. Come in, Black Phantom. Come in, Black Phantom. Have disposed of cargo. Operation Ambush underway."

Foster: ""Calling International Rescue, this is Lady Penelope. Jeff, I want you to send Thunderbirds One and Two to a disused airfield, ten miles south of Casablanca. International fix system, two-four-zero-four, reference E. Ensure that Brains is aboard. This is imperative. Do not reply to this transmission. Will call later with further details"."

Carter: "It’s going to be difficult."

Foster: "That’s what we’re paid for. Now, I’ve had this whole place bugged. I want every word she speaks on this trip to be recorded. Whenever possible I’ll talk to her myself and manoeuvre the conversation in the right direction. Right, get to work."

Foster: "Okay, Carter, breakfast is served. Start recording."

Lady Penelope: "Morning Alan."

Alan: "Morning Penny."

Tin-Tin: "Morning Alan."

Alan: "Morning Tin-Tin."

Lady Penelope: "Breakfast over New York. What an experience!"

Tin-Tin: "This is really the way to travel!"

Alan: "Yeah, it’s great. Only thing is, as the ship’s fully automated, if anything should go wrong with the computer, we could hit one of these skyscrapers, and then we’d really be in trouble."

Lady Penelope: "Then, Alan, it would just be a simple case of calling International Rescue."

Foster: "Okay."

Lady Penelope: "Calling International Rescue."

Brains: "And now, gentlemen, it is with pride that I present to you, Thunderbird Six. Now, so that I’m able to demonstrate this new machine properly, I have built this radio controlled model. The situation: man trapped in top floor of burning skyscraper. Thunderbird Six drives up to the building. The helium balloon now rises, lifting a plastic hose into the air. When the balloon reaches the correct height, the reel is locked up."

Virgil: "I don’t get it, Brains. What’s the point?"

Brains: "This is the point. And so you see, gentlemen, another International Rescue is made possible. Well, Mr Tracy, what do you think?"

Jeff: "Well, it’s er... it's certainly ingenious, Brains, but it means building a vehicle that gives us only one means of rescue. The end product just doesn’t justify the cost. I... I’m sorry. I'm afraid you’ll have to scrap it and start again. Too bad about the wasted effort."

Brains: "Wasted effort, Mr Tracy? What’s a mere twenty-eight days, working day and night? Think nothing of it!"

Lady Penelope: "We must be descending, I’m getting butterflies. I always do when we lose height."

Foster: "You’re absolutely right, Lady Penelope. We’ll soon be flying over the Grand Canyon at zero feet. An automated announcement will tell us when it’s the right time. Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing. There, you can see our exact position. The Grand Canyon! You know, I was once hopelessly lost in a jet plane. And then at last, I made contact with the ground. Was I glad to hear that voice. "You are directly over the Grand Canyon. Your position: International Fix System two-four-two-four reference E"."

Lady Penelope: "Correction, Captain Foster. International Fix System two-four-zero-four reference E."

Foster: "Of course! Two-four-zero-four. Ha! I didn’t think I’d ever forget that."

Lane (over tannoy): "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now approaching the Grand Canyon. If you care to take up your positions on the balcony, you will be in good time to get the most advantageous viewpoint."

Tin-Tin: "I think it’s the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen."

Foster: "Come across to the other side of the ship. There’s an even better view over there."

Lady Penelope: "Yes, let’s do that."

Tin-Tin: "Alan, I don’t think you like Captain Foster."

Alan: "No, he’s just a little bit too smooth...."

Lady Penelope: "Thunderbirds One and Two are probably the most versatile..."

Lady Penelope: "I trust the Beaujolais is to your liking, Parker? And now, how about..."

Parker: "As you know, m’lady, h'I've been spending quite a lot of time with the stewards. Drinking and all that sort of thing. Well, what worries me... they don’t seem to know has much h'about the ship as they h'ought to."

Lady Penelope: "Thank you, Parker. I’ve had my own thoughts on the matter. I’m glad you told me."

Parker: "Yes, well er... sorry if I disturbed you, m’lady."

Lady Penelope: "You were quite right, Parker. Good night."

Parker: "Good night, m’lady."

Alan: "Yes, Penelope?"

Lady Penelope: "I’ve just had some information from Parker, Alan. I’m a little uneasy. Tell me, what do you think of Captain Foster?"

Alan: "I don’t go for him, Penelope. He’s a little too smooth for my liking."

Lady Penelope: "Tell me, Alan. Has he been questioning you about International Rescue?"

Alan: "Well, as a matter of fact he has. Not directly, mind you, but the conversation always seems to lead that way."

Lady Penelope: "I think we’ll have to go into the situation a little more closely. I don’t like the sound of it. The storm seems to be getting worse. I think you’d better come in here. We need to discuss this right away. Oh, well um... perhaps we are allowing our imaginations to run away with us. After all, everyone’s interested in International Rescue. It’s only natural they should ask questions."

Alan: "Oh... so you don’t think there’s anything to worry about, Penelope?"

Lady Penelope: "No. After all they have all been screened. They’re carefully selected men."

Foster: "That was a close one. Put on the edited tape."

Hogarth: "Right."

Foster: "One thing’s for sure. We’ve got to play this really cool from now on. Lady Penelope, I underestimated you."

Lady Penelope: "Calling International Rescue. Jeff, I want you to send Thunderbirds One and Two... International Fix System two-four-zero-four reference E."

Foster: "Okay. Continue recording."

Hogarth: "Doesn’t sound as if we’ll get much more tonight."

Lady Penelope: "When I was talking to you just now Alan, I discovered a bugging device in the lamp by my bed."

Alan: "I wondered why you changed your attitude so abruptly. What’s our next move?"

Lady Penelope: "For the moment, nothing. We know we’re being bugged, but we don’t know why. We must just be on the alert."

Alan: "Ok. I’ll mosey around and see what I can find out."

Brains: "Of course I understand, Mr Tracy. It isn’t quite the thing you had in mind. Of course I don’t mind designing yet another one!"

Jeff: "You know Scott one of the remarkable things about Brains is that he never loses his temper."

Scott: "Well, if he did I wouldn’t blame him. After all the work he’s done."

Brains: "Upset? Me, upset? Of course I’m not upset!"

Jeff: "Go ahead, John."

John: "Father, I’ve just received a message from Lady Penelope. It was sent in scrambled electronic code."

Jeff: "Right, John, let’s have it."

John: "It’s just coming out of the descrambler now. It reads: "ship bugged, reason unknown, am investigating. Imperative no communication from you. Will contact you when we have a lead. Signed Penelope"."

Jeff: "F.A.B., John. Keep in touch."

Scott: "I don’t like the sound of it, dad. We've gotta do something about this."

Jeff: "Yeah, but what?"

Scott: "Well, why not radio the police at the next port of call. Have the crew interrogated?"

Jeff: "No. Whoever it is on that ship that is looking for information is probably an agent for a larger organisation. If we’re to protect ourselves we’ve gotta wait for them to show their hand."

Fortune-teller: "You lead an interesting, but secretive life. Your lifeline shows that you will meet many dangers. You will become involved with a handsome stranger. You would be well to let your heart guide you."

Parker: "Well, stone the crows."

Tin-Tin: "Beautiful Alan. But it’s far too expensive."

Alan: "Right. We’ll take it."

Stallkeeper: "Good. You won’t regret it, Sir. It will bring you much happiness."

Tin-Tin: "Oh Alan, it’s been such a lovely day. I just wish it could never end!"

Foster: "The sari suits you very well, Lady Penelope."

Lady Penelope: "It was a very kind thought Captain. Thank you. Did you get anything interesting today, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "Yes. Alan brought me this beautiful ring. He paid far too much money for it, but I’m very thrilled with it."

Foster: "Buying a ring for a young lady is pretty significant to me Alan. Don’t tell me you’re going to desert the league of bachelors."

Alan: "Afraid not, Captain Foster. The life I lead in International Rescue is far too dangerous to ask anyone to share it with me. For me at the moment, marriage is out of the question."

Lady Penelope: "That’s right Captain Foster. We all of us lead dedicated lives in International Rescue. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll retire."

Foster: "But wouldn’t you like another drink?"

Lady Penelope: "Thank you, Captain, but no. It’s been a lovely, but very tiring day. I’m going to bed."

Foster: "Oh, so soon?"

Lady Penelope: "I’m afraid so. Goodnight everyone."

Lady Penelope: "So your rooms aren’t bugged, but the lounge, bar and dining room are. All places where I go. It would seem it’s me they want the information from. But what?"

Alan: "If we knew that we’d know the answer to everything."

Lady Penelope: "Have you found any trace of the receiver? Parker’s had no luck."

Alan: "None. The only place I haven’t searched is the gravity compensation room."

Lady Penelope: "Well, the trip comes to the end in fourteen days’ time. Whatever move they’re going to make must be made before we get back to England, so we’ll soon know."

Lady Penelope: "I think I can claim to have been to most places in the world, but oddly enough I’ve never seen the pyramids."

Tin-Tin: "I’ve never seen them either."

Alan: "Well, we won’t have long to wait. We land in fifteen minutes."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, how dreadful!"

Alan: "What is it, Penelope?"

Lady Penelope: "There’s been a terrible air crash. A DX-102 airliner tried to make a forced landing on a disused airfield ten miles south of Casablanca. Its nose wheel collapsed and the aircraft blew up, killing all aboard."

Foster: "At last we’ve got it! I’ve gotta hand it to you Carter, that newspaper idea of yours was just great. Now complete the editing. I want to hear that final message as soon as possible."

Alan: "Ok girls, let’s go."

Tin-Tin: "Don’t forget your camera, Penelope."

Lady Penelope: "Don’t worry, I’ve got it right here."

[After some holiday snapshots, the scene cuts to Jeff on Tracy Island. He is holding a letter from Lady Penelope that starts with: "Dear Jeff, we've had a most wonderful time in Cairo. We visited a number of museums & had a glorious picnic in the desert. We went out with a guide on some camels & we jogged along for a couple of hours swaying from side to side and feeling ever so seasick! Parker, being used to driving cars of a special nature, had a great deal of trouble with his camel—in fact he tried to steer it the wrong way & it bolted—"]

Jeff: ""So you see Jeff we nearly lost Parker." Ah, here’s the coded bit. "We are enjoying our trip and looking forward to our last port of call, Switzerland." Scott, take this along to Brains lab and get it decoded."

Scott: "Yes, Sir."

Brains: "Oh, that’s alright, Mr Tracy. I just love having my designs turned down!"

Scott: "Gee, Brains! Your beautiful model!"

Brains: "Oh... h-h-hi Scott. Yeah, just slipped out of my hands."

Scott: "Dad wants you to decode this right away."

Virgil: "Gee I... I wish there was something we could do to help him."

Jeff: "Don’t worry, I’ve got a feeling it won’t be long now."

Brains: "Mr Tracy."

Jeff: "Yeah?"

Brains: "Decoding of Penelope’s letter is as follows “interest is in me. Reason unknown. Continue to stand by"."

Jeff: "Thanks, Brains. Well, we now know they’re bugging only Penelope. They’re interested in what she says. Now, what could Penelope say that would mean so much to someone with designs on International Rescue?"

Lady Penelope: "Jeff, I want you to send Thunderbirds One and Two to a disused airfield ten miles south of Casablanca. International Fix System two-four-zero-four reference E. Ensure that Brains is aboard. This is imperative. Do not acknowledge this transmission. Will call later with further details"."

Foster: "Perfect! Just perfect!"

Carter: "Okay, what next?"

Foster: "Now, watch carefully. Tomorrow we make our last stop: Switzerland."

Foster: "It certainly is a fantastic car you have Penelope."

Lady Penelope: "The only one of its kind in the word."

Foster: "When those skis appeared out of the bottom I just couldn’t believe my eyes."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, it has many other devises Captain. Many of them still top secret."

Parker: "Switching to full boost, m’lady."

Alan: "How are you doing, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "Fine. Just fine."

Alan: "Switch on thrusters."

Tin-Tin: "Okay."

Foster: "Right, have you decided what you’re going to eat?"

Lady Penelope: "Hmm. I think I’ll start with avocado."

Foster: "Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "Artichoke please."

Alan: "Likewise."

Foster: "Right. And for me the specialty of the house."

Alan: "This is a cute place."

Lady Penelope: "It’s certainly imaginative. Let’s hope the service is as good."

Foster: "Ha-hah! Well, I guess this is for us."

Alan: "Gee, what a novel idea!"

Tin-Tin: "It must have been fun traveling in trains like this years ago."

Alan: "Well, let’s unload the cargo. As Parker would say, it looks a real good nosh!"

Foster: "Talking of Parker, what’s happened to him? Surely he’s not still outside?"

Lady Penelope: "But of course. The car is heated, you know."

Foster: "Eleven o clock. We must go. The Skyship is programmed for take-off at midnight."

Lady Penelope: "As a matter of interest Captain, what would happen if we didn’t get back on time?"

Foster: "Your dream holiday would just come to an end. Now, Cinderella, we must go."

Lady Penelope: "Are we clear, Parker?"

Parker: "Quite clear, m’lady."

Lady Penelope: "You debugged the whole place, Parker?"

Parker: "No need, m’lady. It was already done for me. There’s not a hidden microphone anywhere, m’lady. They’ve all been removed."

Alan: "That can only mean one thing. They’ve got the information they wanted!"

Tin-Tin: "What now?"

Lady Penelope: "Parker, what have you to report?"

Parker: "Well, m’lady, they’ve been recording you on a tape machine in the gravity compensation room. I managed to get a look in there. They’ve been editing the tape - that was obvious - and now they’ve got the tape machine linked to a radio transmitter."

Alan: "The jigsaw’s nearly complete, but not quite. Parker, issue the guns. They’re in the false compartment in the bottom of my blue suitcase. From now on, it’s emergency standby."

Carter: "Black Phantom from White Ghost. Message will be transmitted ten hundred hours tomorrow morning."

Black Phantom: "Gentlemen, the Thunderbirds machines will be arriving here at approximately eleven hundred hours tomorrow morning. The final phase of Operation Ambush has commenced."

Foster: "Ok. Rewind and standby."

Hogarth: "Ok, ready."

Foster: "Fifteen seconds."

Lady Penelope: “Calling International Rescue, this is Lady Penelope. Jeff, I want you to send Thunderbirds One and Two to a disused airfield ten miles south of Casablanca. International Fix System two-four-zero-four reference E. Ensure that Brains is aboard. This is imperative. Do not acknowledge this transmission. Will call later with further details.”

Black Phantom: "The Thunderbird machines should be arriving in approximately ten minutes. Stand by. If pilots offer any resistance as they leave their machines, shoot them down."

Alan: "I’ve got it. Penelope, I’ve got it. It’s the only possible answer! They’ve been recording your voice right?"

Lady Penelope: "Right."

Alan: "And they’ve been editing the tape, right?"

Lady Penelope: "Right."

Alan: "Editing is a form of rearranging. They’ve been rearranging your words to make you say something that they wanted you to say. And then they transmitted it. Now, who is the only person who would act on your instructions?"

Lady Penelope: "Why, Jeff Tracy!"

Jeff: "Roger, Scott. Understand that you are at disused airfield. Call me as soon as you’ve landed."

Scott: "F.A.B."

Jeff: "Go ahead, Penny."

Lady Penelope: "Jeff, this is an emergency. Have you received a message from me?"

Jeff: "Yes Penelope. The boys are just about to land at the rendezvous you requested."

Lady Penelope: "Jeff, I haven’t sent a message. This is a trap!"

Black Phantom: "Now, remember, just one sign of resistance from those pilots and let them have it."

Scott: "Thunderbird to base. Thanks, dad, you gave us the warning just in time. Setting course now to rendezvous with Skyship One."

Lady Penelope: "That’s right, Scott. The message was a recording of my voice. Now, the quicker you arrive the better for us. You’ve got a fix on our position."

Scott: "F.A.B."

Foster: "Okay, I’ve received a message from Black Phantom to say the Thunderbird machines were landing. By now they must have taken over the ships and shortly they’ll be on their way to rendezvous with us. Glad the whole thing’s over. Round up our International Rescue guests. They’re unsuspecting, so they won’t be armed."

Alan: "Not so unsuspecting, Captain Foster. Raise your hands, all of you!"

Lady Penelope: "It sounds as if Alan needs some help. Tin-Tin, I’ll leave you my compact. You can keep in touch with the boys."

Tin-Tin: "F.A.B., Penny."

Lady Penelope: "Come on Parker."

Parker: "Right, m’lady."

Lady Penelope: "Quickly Parker."

Foster: "Lane, get the other one as hostage, quick!"

Alan: "Ok, Foster, the numbers are even now and we can out shoot you, you know that. Throw your guns down and give yourselves up."

Foster: "I suggest you throw your guns down. If you don’t, you can say goodbye to Tin-Tin."

Scott: "Father, I’ve lost contact with Skyship One."

Jeff: "Right Scott. At what position do you expect to rendezvous with it?"

Scott: "According to my calculations at approximately ten thousand feet, about five miles east of Dover."

Jeff: "All you can do Scott is beat the hell out of those machines and get there as soon as you can."

Scott: "F.A.B."

Foster: "Very smart, Penelope. So you radioed your base."

Lady Penelope: "That’s right, Mr Foster. You should know that you can’t outwit International Rescue."

Foster: "I’m not so sure. The game isn’t over yet! We have you all as our hostages. When the Thunderbird machines arrive, I have a feeling they’ll do just what we tell them to do."

Alan: "Meanwhile the gravity compensating machine has come to a standstill. The jet engines on this bus are to give it forward movement only. The ship can’t maintain height unless the gravity compensators are working."

Foster: "I’m well aware of the situation. We’re losing height quite slowly. It will be half an hour yet before there’s any real danger. Martin, get up on the top deck and radio down as soon as those Thunderbirds arrive."

Martin: "Right."

Scott: "Father, I’m at rendezvous point. No sign of Skyship One."

Jeff: "I don’t understand it, Scott. It’s a big ship, it should be hard to miss."

Scott: "Oh, wait, I can see it. It’s about eight thousand feet below me. I don’t get it. According to the World Air program and schedule, it should be at ten thousand feet at this point. I’m going down to take look."

Jeff: "F.A.B."

Martin: "Foster, Thunderbird One directly above us."

Lane: "Okay, Martin."

Foster: "Right, untie them. I want you all up on the deck, and no false moves."

Scott: "Okay, father, I’m alongside. I can see one of the stewards standing on the top deck. Otherwise, no sign of life. When Thunderbird Two arrives we’ll try to board her."

Virgil: "Be with you in about five minutes, Scott."

Scott: "Okay, Virgil. Dad, there’s trouble ahead! Dad, Skyship One is losing height. Why I don’t know. About one mile ahead is an early warning system with interceptor towers. The estimated height: one thousand two hundred feet. Below it is a missile site. The way it looks from here, Skyship One is on a collision course. The only thing that can save it is its height. But I’ve got my doubts."

Martin: "There’s a tower ahead. We’re gonna hit it."

Lane: "How far away is it?"

Martin: "I don’t know. About a quarter mile."

Lane: "I’m coming up."

Scott: "Dad, there’s gonna be a collision! You’d better alert all emergency services down on the ground. It’s a missile base about five miles east of Dover."

Jeff: "F.A.B. What’s the situation, Scott?"

Scott: "Well, the ship’s swaying on top of one of the towers. If that tower gives way or the ship loses its balance, it's gonna drop like a stone right onto that missile site below."

Foster: "Come on, quickly! Up onto the top deck and move."

Alan: "We’ve crashed Foster don’t you understand? Throw your gun away, we’re all in this together now."

Foster: "I said move!"

Virgil: "Scott, I’ve been listening to your transmission. I’ve sighted Skyship. I’m coming in straight over the top. Will lower escape unit. Brains is already in there."

Scott: "F.A.B."

Jeff: "Is Brains armed? He ought to be, we’ve got no idea what’s going on."

Virgil: "It’s okay, dad, I’ve taken care of that."

Jeff: "Good boy."

Missile Base Tannoy: "Attention. Attention. All personnel in sector D to vacate site immediately. Proceed with all movable equipment to rendezvous G. This is an emergency. Repeat: this is an emergency."

Scott: "Virgil, pull up! Pull up! Your thrusters are throwing it off balance."

Virgil: "F.A.B."

Scott: "Base and Thunderbird Two, we need to decide a course of action and fast. As far as I can see, any attempt to get near that ship is going to bring a disaster. The turbulence from our motors alone will be enough to tip it off balance. Have you any ideas dad?"

Missile Base Tannoy: "All personnel and vehicles to proceed to rendezvous G immediately. This is an emergency. Repeat: this is an emergency."

Jeff: "We need a solution, Gordon, and quick! As far as I can tell the only way we’re going to get them off that tower in one piece is to get a vehicle on that top deck."

Gordon: "Nothing we’ve got would be any good, dad. Our machines are too heavy."

Jeff: "I know, I know. We need something light, low airspeed… high manoeuvrability, short landing distance."

Gordon: "Say, I’ve got the answer dad! It’s crazy, but it could work."

Foster: "Hey, what’s going on? Thunderbird Two is leaving! Don’t tell me they’ve giving up."

Glenn: "That’s right, Mr Tracy. We’ve got it aboard Thunderbird Two and they’ve just left. We did all the necessary checks and fueled it. I certainly hope it works."

Jeff: "It’s just got to work. It’s just got to!"

Scott: "The top of the tower is crumbling. I’m going to attach a line to the front of the ship to see if I can hold it steady."

Jeff: "F.A.B."

Foster: "What the heck are they doing? Why don’t they come in and get us off this thing!"

Alan: "You saw what happened when they came in close."

Foster: "Well, what are they gonna do?"

Alan: "If you let me call them, I can find out."

Foster: "Oh, no you don’t. I’m not falling into that little trap."

Scott: "Okay, dad, line secured. I think it’s gonna help."

Virgil: "Thunderbird One from Thunderbird Two. One mile from you. I've landed on grass stretch down below."

Scott: "Well done, Virg. That was a quick trip."

Virgil: "Yeah, well, you see... I’ve got a Tiger in my tank. Okay Brains, over to you."

Brains: "Scott and Virgil, I’m gonna circle the ship and then attempt a landing."

Scott: "Okay, Brains. Now, if you make it, the order to evacuate will be: first, Tin-Tin, second Penelope, then the crew, and finally Parker and Alan."

Brains: "F.A.B."

Virgil: "Right Scott, I’m in position. Brains is on his way up. I’m going to fix a line to this end."

Scott: "Okay Virg. Still no radio contact with Skyship One. I just don’t understand it. Something must be wrong."

Virgil: "We’ll soon find out. Attaching line."

Foster: "Don’t tell me they’re gonna try a rescue with that thing! They must have got it from a museum."

Alan: "You’re dead right, Mr Foster, but I’ll tell you something. It’s a brilliant idea. I think it’s the only chance we’ve got."

Foster: "Lane, get over on the other side of the deck. Get ready to welcome our guest."

Lane: "Right."

Alan: "Brains!"

Brains: "Scott, that was a close one!"

Scott: "Are you okay, Brains?"

Brains: "Okay. Climbing for second attempt."

Scott: "Brains, you’re not gonna make it. As soon as you touch down, I’ll open up with my jets. The slipstream should slow you down."

Brains: "Right, let’s try it."

Scott: "F.A.B."

Scott: "Penelope and Alan. In a few moments I’m gonna open up my jet engines. Now hold tight to that rail. Alan, raise your hand if you’ve understood me."

Alan: "Ok, folks, hold tight!"

Scott: "Well done, Brains."

Brains: "Ok. Tin-Tin you’re first. Jump aboard."

Lane: "Oh no you don’t. Get out of that cockpit and move!"

Virgil: "Scott, one of the stewards has got Brains at gunpoint. Now we know why there's been no radio communication."

Scott: "What are they gonna do, Virg?"

Virgil: "It looks as if Penelope’s boarding the aircraft and the Captain’s getting into the rear cockpit."

Foster: "Ok, turn this craft around."

Scott: "But what’s happened to Brains?"

Virgil: "Everyone’s moving towards the Tiger. There’s no doubt about it, the crew are in control of the situation."

Gordon: "Things look bad, dad."

Jeff: "Just hold it a minute."

Foster: "Come on, hurry it up!"

Martin: "Get back fast. This thing’s gonna collapse any moment!"

Foster: "What makes you think I’m coming back?"

Martin: "That double-crosser! We've gotta stop him!"

Alan: "Quick, jump aboard!"

Lane: "Come on!"

Lane: "We’re going to crash!"

Martin: "We’re just overloaded, that’s all."

Alan: "Penny, keep her in the air, you’re doing fine Penny, but keep her up. Watch out for the trees!"

Alan: "Penelope, throttle back."

Scott: "Thunderbird to base. Father, we’re not gonna be able to hold her much longer. How’s the evacuation of the rocket site progressing?"

Jeff: "Nearly complete, but they want about another five minutes. Do everything you can, Scott, to prevent that ship falling."

Alan: "Penelope, throttle back, we’re down."

Lady Penelope: "But where’s the throttle?"

Alan: "Down on the left hand side. Penny, throttle back. Penny, throttle back! Penny, that’s the wrong way!"

Lady Penelope: "Alan, it’s jammed. I can’t move it! Alan, I can’t free it. What shall I do?"

Alan: "Get her nose up. Quickly, don’t panic."

Brains: "Alan, there’s another bridge ahead. Look!"

Alan: "Get her up off the roadway. Up! Pull the stick back. Pull back the stick, Penny."

Brains: "W-we’re gonna’ crash Alan. Alan!"

Alan: "Hold the rudder steady, Penelope."

Brains: "Alan, obstruction ahead. Alan! ALAN!"

Parker: "This is it."

Missile Base Tannoy: "All personnel and vehicles should by now be clear of sectors A to Q. Danger imminent. I repeat: danger imminent."

Jeff: "Thunderbird One?"

Scott: "Loud and clear."

Jeff: "Scott, I’ve just received the okay from the missile base. Evacuation has been completed. You can let her go."

Scott: "Right. Did you hear that Virgil?"

Virgil: "I heard."

Scott: "Okay. Release cables on five second countdown."

Virgil: "F.A.B."

Scott: "Five… four… three… two… one… zero!"

Alan: "I want to get into the rear cockpit, Penelope, but first we’ve got to get rid of Foster. Hold tight, Tin-Tin."

Tin-Tin: "Okay, Alan."

Alan: "Hold tight, Brains. Okay, Penny, push the stick over to the left. Okay, keep her steady, Penny. I’m getting into the rear cockpit now."

Lady Penelope: "Alan, I’ve only just realised, Parker isn’t with us. We must have left him aboard the airship."

Alan: "It’s too late now Penny. Anyway, a few moments from now we may be sharing the same fate. That’s our engine gone Penny. Hold tight. Hold tight, Tin-Tin, I’m putting her down."

Tin-Tin: "Okay, Alan."

Alan: "Hold tight, Brains, emergency landing."

Brains: "Good luck, Alan."

Alan: "Brains! Tin-Tin!"

Virgil: "I still say, Alan, that was a fantastic landing."

Alan: "If it hadn’t been for Parker we could have said we got away with it. Are you sure there was no chance of him surviving when Skyship One crashed?"

Scott: "Not a chance, Alan."

Lady Penelope: "I suppose it must be shock, but a moment ago, I’m sure I heard his voice calling “m’lady”."

Brains: "That’s funny. I thought I heard it too."

Parker: "M’lady! M’lady!"

Brains: "And now it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you all my new vehicle, Thunderbird Six."

Jeff: "Thunderbird Six? I don’t get it."

Brains: "Oh, I know what you’re going to say Mr Tracy. That you haven’t approved the plans, how could it have been built anyway? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But nevertheless, I present to you, Thunderbird Six. Built, tested and approved. This is Thunderbird control. Launch Thunderbird Six."

Scott: "Brains. Well I’ll be."

Virgil: "Look at that."

Jeff: "Brains! You old son of a gun. I’ll buy it. I agree it’s a good design. It has been built, and it sure has been tested!"

The End.