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Thunderbird 5 in orbit, as it appears in the 2004 movie.

Thunderbird 5 explodes after a direct hit from The Hood's missile.

Thunderbird 5 was the monitoring satellite belonging to the 'Thunderbirds' rescue organisation, International Rescue. Manned by space monitor John Tracy, TB5 was usually the first to hear of any global disasters; and John often used the station to keep an eye on events that could develop into an emergency.

Thunderbird 5 was badly damaged by a missile launched by The Hood and his goons - as part of his ultimate plan to invade Tracy Island, by luring the other Thunderbirds elsewhere...

Whether it was fixed or not, or otherwise returned to active service, remains unclear.

Technical Data

Armaments: none
Crew: Usually 1, but can support up to 5
Diameter: 75 metres (246 feet)
Engines: 1 booster rocket (to lift Thunderbird 5 to a higher orbit); 32 attitude-control rockets (for minor position adjustments)
Height (including scanning arrays): 69 metres (226 feet)
Length (including docking port): 108 metres (354 feet)
Orbit: geostationary orbit 35,790 km (22,226 miles) above the Pacific Ocean
Power source: Hackenbacker series 300 fusion reactor
Weight: 869 tons