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Thunderbird 2's equipment deck contains a wide variety of equipment for use in rescue operations.

Tranquilizer guns

Used in Attack of the Alligators!, (armed with tranquilliser darts) to knock out three of the creatures that were menacing the house, that Scott Tracy, Dr. Orchard, Blackmer and Mrs. Files were trapped in.

Demolition Canon

Primarily used for demolition, it came into good use in the film Thunderbird 6. Thunderbirds 1 & 2 were lured to a disused airfield near Casablanca by a false message, sent by the gang lead by the Black Phantom. The Demolition Cannon has a similar design to the Magnetic Clamp Launcher on Thunderbirds 1 and 2. Thunderbird 1 also has a Demolition Cannon of the same design.

Topside Missile Launcher

In Martian Invasion Virgil Tracy fires a missile to cause a landslide, in an attempt to stop The Hood from escaping with the film of the earlier rescue that day but Hood escapes to an airfield on foot. In this episode Virgil simply used a target sight in Thunderbird 2s cockpit instead of having someone man the missile target gun.

In Alias Mr. Hackenbacker, Thunderbird 2 fires a non-explosive missile that jams Skythrust's landing gear in place, putting a stop to the hijackers' plans to land the plane at a remote airbase in the Sahara Desert. In this episode Alan Tracy manned the missile target gun.

In Ricochet, Brains manned the missile target gun but aborted his mission to shoot down the Pirate Satellite TV Station KLA when Thunderbird 2 picked up a transmission of DJ Rick O'Shea's voice from KLA forcing Virgil Tracy and Brains to divert KLA harmlessly into the Negev Desert away from A'Ben Duh, the biggest oil refinery in the Middle East. However it turned out that Rick had already been saved by Thunderbird 3 along with his assistant Loman and that the apparent transmission from KLA was merely a recording of Rick's voice on playback.

The missile target gun has a similar design to the target gun for the second Air-to-Air winch system.

Heat-proof Rescue Cage

A heat proof rescue cage can carry up to four people. A hydraulic crane swings the rescue cage over equipment deck hatch doors when required for rescue operations.

Was used in Operation Crash-Dive to rescue the crew of Fireflash 4. Also in this episode Virgil Tracy dubbed the Rescue Cage as the "Rescue Capsule" whilst Jeff Tracy dubbed it the "Diving Escape Bell".

The Rescue Cage made another and final appearance in the film, Thunderbird 6. It was lowered in an aborted rescue attempt to rescue Tin-Tin Kyrano, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, Parker, Alan Tracy and the villains; Captain Foster (The Imposter), Lane (Imposter) and Martin (Imposter) from the top deck of Skyship One after it became impaled on a relay tower at the Dover Missile Base. However, this rescue attempt with the Rescue Cage was aborted when Virgil Tracy realized that the exhaust from Thunderbird 2s vertical thrusters was threatening to tip Skyship One off balance. This prevented Virgil from getting close enough to use the Rescue Cage whilst forcing Jeff Tracy and Gordon Tracy to quickly devise a new rescue plan. By this time the Rescue Cage had been painted black and was dubbed the "Escape Unit" by Virgil.

Heavy-duty magnetic grabs

Primarily used for debris clearance, the heavy-duty magnetic grabs are used in Day Of Disaster, to clear away debris from the sunken Martian Probe Rocket, after the Allington Suspension Bridge had collapsed under its weight.

Heavy-duty Electromagnetic Grabs

This type of grab was used for more precise recovery operations, was used to lift the nose cone of the Martian Space Probe rocket away from the danger zone, in Day Of Disaster.

Medium Lift Electromagnetic Grabs

Used to lift the deep diving sphere from beneath the drilling rig "Seascape" in Atlantic Inferno.


The large electromagnet was used in Lord Parker's 'Oliday to tilt the reflector of the solar generator upwards, away from the town of Monte Bianco.

Multi-function Winch Cable

Enables rescue personnel and a variety of devices to be lowered precisely into danger zone. This Winch Cable was used in Attack of the Alligators! to lower Alan Tracy on to the damaged Tracy Island Communications Mast so that it could be repaired and it was also used in Lord Parker's 'Oliday to lower Brains on to the damaged Solar Dish in Monte Bianco so that its damaged rotation gear could be repaired.

Hook-end Cable

Set of four cable winch hooks were used to stop the runaway cable car after Olsen had cut the cables in The Cham-Cham. Parker had to climb onto the roof of the cable car to attach the four hooks using Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward's umbrella to catch them.

Hawser Cable Rocket Launcher

These cables were used unsuccessfully, (in The Cham-Cham) in attempt to stop the runaway cable car that Lady Penelope, Parker and Tin-Tin Kyrano were trapped in. The magnetic heads were not powerful enough to hold the cable car, so winch hooks were used instead.

Magnetic Clamp Launcher

Used in the film Thunderbird 6 to hold steady the Skyship. The Magnetic Clamp Launcher has a similar design to the Demolition Cannon on Thunderbirds 1 and 2. Thunderbird 1 also has a Magnetic Clamp Launcher of the same design.

Air-to-Air Equipment

This equipment allowed Gordon to transfer from Thunderbird 2 to the underside of another aircraft via a rocket-propelled electromagnetic limpet cable. Once in position, the cable transfers him in a cradle to the aircraft above. It was used in Operation Crash-Dive.

A redesigned Air-to-Air system was used in Thunderbirds Are Go (Film), to allow Alan Tracy to winch aboard Zero-X and repair the damaged Escape Unit. Although this new system was somewhat more heavy-duty, the drawback is that it requires an extra crewmember (Gordon, in this instance) to man the winch's target-gun, which has a similar design to the missile target-gun.

Winch Ladder With Electromagnets

The ladder from Thunderbird 2's equipment deck was used in Danger At Ocean Deep. John Tracy was lowered down onto the deck of Ocean Pioneer II, when he helped in the rescue of the crew of the stricken tanker.


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Thunderbird 2 keeps two hoverbikes stowed in its holding bay. (An additional hoverbike is stored aboard Thunderbird 1.)