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Jeff: "Five, four, three, two, one."

Narrator (Scott Tracy): "It was International Rescue's first operation. John called from the Space Monitor, Thunderbird 5, and father called us together in the lounge to tell us the news. The Fireflash, a giant new atomic-powered aircraft with 600 passengers on board, was in distress at London Airport. Someone had placed a bomb in the landing gear before take-off. As soon as the Fireflash touched down, the explosives would smash the atomic reactor, and blow the aircraft to pieces. And what's more, Tin-Tin was on board, on her way to join the International Rescue team."

Tin-Tin: "I don't understand it. Something must be wrong. We're losing height."

Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. We have developed a minor technical fault and are returning to London. Please fasten your safety belts."

Passenger: "Say, you're right. Oh, but I guess it's nothing to worry about."

Tin-Tin: "Well, I hope not. It's a very long way down from here."

Fireflash Co-pilot: "What are we going to do?"

Captain Hanson: "I don't know. We can't reach the bomb, we can't land, and if we stay up here we get radiation exposure. Whichever way you look at it, we don't stand a chance."

Commander Norman [to himself]: "They haven't got a chance. We've just got to sit here and wait for them to die."

Captain Hanson: "London Tower from Fireflash. Now circling at 30,000 feet. Radiation safety factor now two hours."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5.]

Captain Hanson [on console]: "As far as I can see, London, nothing can save us now short of a miracle."

John [to himself]: "That's just what you might get."

[Scene cuts to Jeff Tracy's office. His sons Scott, Virgil, Alan and Gordon Tracy are present as well as Brains.]

Jeff: "OK, boys. That's the brief. It's our first assignment, so make it good. As you know, your uniforms are in your craft, and must only be worn on call."

Scott: "Right, father."

Alan: "OK, father."

Virgil: "Sure thing, dad."

Gordon: "Yeah, father."

Jeff: "OK, Scott. Away you go. And keep in touch."

Scott: "Yes sir."

Jeff: "Well, Brains, your phenomenal mind made all this possible. Now you're going to see it in operation."

[Scott leaves the room.]

Alan: "Good luck, Scott."

Virgil: "Take it easy, Scott."

Narrator: "So, I got onto the revolving panel that leads to Thunderbird 1, and I glided along the moving floorway to the door of the nosecone. Once I was in the pilot seat, I pushed the button that prepared the craft for launching. When Thunderbird 1 was sliding down the ramp, into the launch pad, I knew that above me, the basin of the swimming pool was moving across to leave a gap above the launching area. Once I got there, I fired the motors, and Thunderbird 1 surged upward into the daylight."

Scott: "International Rescue Space Station. This is Thunderbird 1. Give me the low-down, John."

[Thunderbird 5.]

John: "Thunderbird 1 from Space Station. They're trying to dislodge the bomb by aerobatics, but they're not having much success."

Scott: "From what you say, John, we're the only ones that can save them. We'd better bring up our heavy equipment. It looks like we're gonna need it. I'll contact father on the TV portrait."

[Scene cuts to Jeff Tracy's office. Scott's portrait is beeping.]

Jeff: "Go ahead, Scott."

Scott: "I'll be arriving at London Airport in 52 minutes. But it looks like I'll need heavy rescue."

Jeff: "OK, Scott. I'll organise that right away. Virgil, away you go."

Virgil: "Right, father."

Narrator: "Virgil went down to the Heavy Rescue Hangar via the chute that drops him right into his chair in the cabin of Thunderbird 2. And while a massive cliff-face was dropping away to reveal the hangar entrance, the Pods containing the heavy rescue machinery were slipping along a conveyor belt. When Pod 3 had arrived under the aircraft, the tall legs of Thunderbird 2 retracted, and the craft sank on top of it. Then, Virgil rolled his machine forward to its ramp, fired the rockets, and in seconds, he was airborne, on his way to join me. But by now, I was well on my way to London Airport. In the rescue business, speed is all-important. And my Thunderbird is capable of reaching phenomenal speeds. In the London Control Tower, they could hardly believe their eyes when they picked me up on their radar screens."

Assistant Controller: "Aircraft approaching from the east. Height 2,500 feet, speed 7... point 5 thousand miles per hour!"

Commander Norman: "7,500 miles an hour? Have you gone crazy?"

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1.]

Scott: "London Tower, this is International Rescue. Fireflash is in trouble, and we are equipped to help you. Request permission to land."

[Control tower.]

Commander Norman: "International Rescue? What is this?"

Assistant Controller: "That must be the aircraft I just picked up."

Commander Norman: "This I must see. International Rescue, you are cleared to land. Use runway two-nine."

Scott [On monitor]: "Will not require runway. Coming in vertically."

[Thunderbird 1 lands.]

Scott: "London Tower from International Rescue. Now, listen carefully. I want men and transport to take my portable equipment to your control tower. And I want an assurance from you that you will place guards on my aircraft to ensure that no photographs are taken."

[Control tower.]

Commander Norman: "International Rescue, please give me information about your organisation. We cannot grant facilities without knowing more details."

[Thunderbird 1.]

Scott: "Look, there are 600 people up there with about 40 minutes to live! Now, you can't help them, but I believe we can. Now what's it gonna be?"

Commander. Norman: "All right, International Rescue. But I just hope you know what you're doing."

Narrator: "I guess the Airport Controller knew there was no time for argument. The situation was now desperate. Already, one attempt to save Fireflash had been made. They had winched a man from another aircraft into the wing of Fireflash, in an attempt to dismantle the bomb. When he got there, he lost his grip and fell out through the open hatch. The controller was as good as his word. In seconds, the runway was swarming with police cars, as they converged on TB 1."

[Three police cars take up position around Thunderbird 1.]

Narrator: "But, somehow, the saboteur, the guy who had put the bomb in the Fireflash, had got amongst them posing as a police officer, and with a camera concealed in the badge of his cap."

The Hood (to himself): "As I thought. International Rescue are arriving on the scene. Part two of my plan about to commence. Heh, heh, heh."

[Scott is in the control tower with Commander Norman and his assistants.]

Scott: "Now, let's recap. Fireflash has another thirty minutes before its radiation safety factor expires."

Commander Norman: "Right."

Scott: "Now, the specialised gear that I require for the rescue will be here in twenty minutes. Leaving us just ten minutes to put our rescue into operation." [He picks up a microphone.] "Thunderbird 2, this is Mobile Control. Confirm estimated time of arrival London Airport."

Virgil: "OK, Scott. Arriving in nineteen and one half minutes from now."

Scott [On radio]: "Now, as soon as you arrive, unload high-speed Elevator Car with two radio-controlled subsidiaries. Then, proceed to end of runway Two-Nine and report."

Virgil: "Thunderbird 1, F.A.B."

Scott: "Fireflash, this is International Rescue, Mobile Control. In approximately eighteen minutes from now, I will request you to land using runway two-nine. You are to come in with landing gear up. Repeat: landing gear up. Make a completely normal approach, and keep your head...."

The Hood (to himself): Now, to make sure that no-one takes photographs of Thunderbird 1... except me, of course! Heh, heh, heh."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1. The Hood has entered the cockpit and is taking pictures. This sets off the Automatic Camera Detector in Thunderbird 1 and the photo alert on Mobile Control.]

Scott: "The Automatic Camera Detector! Quick, someone's photographing the instrument panel of Thunderbird 1! It's imperative that you get this man and stop him!"

Commander Norman [Into radio.]: "Airport Police, this is the control tower. Someone is taking photographs inside the International Rescue aircraft. Grab him, and bring him in for questioning."

[The Hood climbs in his police car and drives off. Another police car chases after him. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2 landing in a massive cloud of smoke.]

Virgil: "Mobile Control, this is Thunderbird 2. Approaching London Airport."

Scott: "OK, Virgil. You're cleared to land. The airport is closed to all traffic during this emergency."

Virgil: "F.A.B. Touching down on end of two-nine."

Policeman [On radio.]: "London Tower from Airport Mobile Police. We have lost contact with pursued car. Vehicle was last seen turning onto M1, turning towards Birmingham."

Commander Norman: "Message received and understood." [He turns to Scott.] "I'm sorry. We did our best."

Scott: "OK, leave this to me."

[He presses a button. Scene cuts to the home of International Rescue's London Agent Lady Penelope.]

Scott: [over radio] "Mobile Control calling International Rescue, England."

Lady Penelope: "International Rescue. Lady Penelope speaking."

Scott: "Require your assistance. Man with photographic record of Thunderbird 1 proceeding along M1 motorway, in your direction. Car registration: 695 CMO. Over."

Lady Penelope: "Mobile Control, F.A.B." (To herself:) "Oh dear, how inconvenient. Just as I'm expecting visitors. Three coach-loads, too.... Oh well."

[The living room doors open. The butler, Aloysius Parker, is there.]

Parker: "You called, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes Parker. Get the Rolls-Royce. We are going for a little drive."

Narrator: "So, Lady Penelope, with Parker at the wheel of her Rolls Royce FAB 1, speeded towards the motorway in hot pursuit. But for the Fireflash, time was running out. The voice of the pilot sounded grim when he radioed through to me in the Airport Control Tower."

[Cuts to Fireflash cockpit.]

Captain Hanson: "Mobile Control from Fireflash. We have only five minutes left. Unless you can start rescue operation immediately, we've had it."

[Control tower.]

Scott: "Stand by, Fireflash. Thunderbird 2 from Mobile Control. Are you ready, Virgil?"

[Scene cuts to runway two-nine. A second subsidiary Elevator Car has joined the first and Master ones, in triangular formation. Scene cuts to Virgil.]

Virgil: "Mobile Control and Fireflash. This is Thunderbird 2. I'm ready."

Narrator: "Virgil was seated at the controls of his Master Elevator Car, which he drove out of the Pod. Behind him came two other Elevator Trucks, which he could control by remote radio. Each of the three machines had a massive flat roof, cushioned by powerful springs. When Virgil told me he was in position at the start of the runway, I radioed the Fireflash pilot with final instructions." [Control tower.]

Scott: "Control to Fireflash, commence your approach. And good luck. After acknowledgement of this transmission, do not make any further calls. Whatever happens, keep this frequency clear."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Captain Hanson: "Roger, Control. Starting approach now."

Assistant Controller: "Aircraft approaching glide path, five miles to threshold."

Scott: "Stand by, Virgil. Fireflash on final approach."

Narrator: "Virgil waited in the Master Elevator Car for me to give the final go-ahead. In the Control Tower, the radar operator was describing the Fireflash's final approach."

[Control tower.]

Assistant Controller: "Aircraft on glide path. Three and a half miles to threshold."

Scott: "Stand by crash tenders."

Commander Norman: "Crash tenders to centre of runway two-nine."

Crash tenders: "Roger."

[Scene cuts to runway two-nine. Two ambulances and fire tenders start up and accelerate to the end. Scene cuts to control tower.]

Scott [On radio.]: "Stand by, Virgil. Fireflash one and one half miles from threshold... one and one quarter miles from threshold... one mile from threshold. Start tracking."

Virgil: "Mobile Control, F.A.B."

[Virgil moves forward in the elevator car. The other two follow behind, with Fireflash not far away.]

[Control Tower.]

Assistant Controller: "Fireflash 700 yards from threshold. Airspeed 130 knots."

Scott: "Increase to 108."

Narrator: "As Virgil's three Elevator Trucks raced along beneath it, the Fireflash dropped lower and lower. With utmost concentration, the entire team used all their skill and precision to bring the vehicles in exactly the right position, for exactly the right moment."

[Scene cuts to all three Cars gaining speed. Cuts to the threshold of the runway as Fireflash soars over it. Cuts twice between the Cars accelerating and Fireflash descending before cutting to an overhead shot of the Fireflash above the Cars. Virgil has his frown expression on. He looks to his right. Elevator Car 2 is in position. He looks to his left. Elevator Car 3 is in position.]

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Virgil [On radio.] "OK, Fireflash, cut engines."

Narrator: "As the massive aircraft was about to rest on the trucks, a fault developed in one of them."

Virgil: "Fireflash, overshoot, OVERSHOOT!"

[Fireflash aborts its landing attempt. Elevator Car 3 slams into a parked Jumbo Jet, and explodes.]

Narrator: "So, Virgil backtracked to the starting-point, and brought out of the Pod the fourth and last Elevator Car, and the whole operation was started again."

Captain Hanson: "OK, here we go. And this time it's the last time...."

Assistant controller: "Aircraft approaching glide path. Four miles to threshold."

Scott: "Stand by, Virgil. Fireflash on final approach."

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil:"OK, Scott. Standing by."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Co-pilot: "On glide path. Rate of descent 400 feet a minute."

[Control tower.]

Assistant Controller: "Aircraft on glide path. Three miles to threshold."

Scott: "Stand by, crash tenders."

Commander Norman [Into radio.] : "Crash crews to centre of two-nine."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Co-pilot: "Runway ahead, two miles."

[Scene cuts to runway two-nine then to Fireflash descending before back to control tower.]

Scott [Into radio.]: "Fireflash now one mile from threshold. Start tracking."

Virgil: "Mobile Control, F.A.B."

Assistant Controller: "Fireflash 500 yards from threshold. Airspeed 120 knots."

Scott: "Increase to 105."

Virgil: "105. F.A.B."

Narrator: "So, the mighty Fireflash, with its crew and passengers of 600 came roaring down towards the runway. Ahead of it raced Virgil's three Elevator Cars. Gradually, the Fireflash came into a position directly above the cars. One wing over each of the Radio Cars, and the massive fussilage over Virgil's Master Car. With barely a yard separating the cars and the Fireflash, Virgil shouted a command at the Fireflash pilot."

Virgil [On radio]: "Fireflash from Thunderbird 2, cut engines!"

Narrator: "The port wing of the Fireflash suddenly dropped dangerously near the ground."

Virgil: "Fireflash, lift port wing! Lift port wing!"

Narrator: "The engines sprang to life, and the wing rose just enough for the Radio Truck to race into position beneath it."

Virgil: "Cut power!"

[The port wing lands successfully on Elevator Car 4.]

Virgil: "OK, Fireflash, reverse thrust!"

Narrator: "The Fireflash was now totally supported by the three Elevator Cars. But b y now, they were running out of runway."

[Scene cuts to runway exterior. Fireflash activates its reverse thrusters, but it isn't enough to slow it down.]

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil: "I'm applying brakes down here."

[All three Cars brake hard. But it still doesn't seem enough.]

Captain Hanson: "We're not gonna make it! We're running out of runway!"

Virgil: "Hold tight, Fireflash! Applying maximum brakes!"

Narrator: "The strain on the Elevator Cars was colossal! The tires were exploding! And finally, the Master elevator Car with Virgil inside it slewed off course. With a mighty bump, Fireflash dropped to the ground, and there was a terrific display of sparks as the aircraft scraped down the last few yards of runway. With only feet to go, the giant liner drew to a halt. For a ghastly moment, we held our breath. Would the impact affect the bomb inside the wing? But all was well. The bomb did not explode."

Commander Norman: "They made it. They made it!" [To Scott:] "Jolly good show, old boy!"

Harris: "And what a show...."

Commander Norman: "How can we ever thank you?"

Scott: "Well, I'll tell you. It's essential for the reason I explained to you that our organization remains top secret. I want you to contact your authorities and make sure that there are no aircraft within a hundred mile radius when we leave, and their assurance that we will not be tracked. Whatever happens, secrecy must be maintained at all costs."

Commander Norman: "I'll do my best. But talking of secrecy, how about that character who photographed your aircraft?"

Scott: "Don't worry, he'll be taken care of...."

[Scene cuts to motorway. The Hood looks in his mirror. Lady Penelope and Parker are in the pink Rolls-Royce, FAB 1, giving chasing. Scene cuts to FAB 1.]

Parker: "We're closing in on 'im, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Good, Parker. Wait till we get to a clear stretch of road. We don't want to create a scene."

Parker: "Very good, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Go ahead, Parker."

Parker: "Yes, m'lady."

[Parker fires FAB 1's grille-mounted machine cannon. It catches the back end of the Hood's car. The Hood's car swerves, smashes through the road side barrier, rolls off the road, down the embankment, and finally explodes as it comes to rest.]

Lady Penelope: "Well done, Parker."

Parker: "Thank you, madam. 'Ome, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Home, Parker."

Narrator: "It looked like that guy wasn't going to give us any more trouble. The roll of film containing the secrets of International Rescue could not possibly have survived that wreck."

[Scene cuts to The Hood in the wreckage of his car.]

The Hood: "My pictures! They are ruined! Someone will pay for this...! International Rescue haven't heard the last of me!"


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