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"It's going up like matchwood!"

The Thompson Tower controller is a character featured in City Of Fire.

After a fire broke out in the tower's basement, he ordered his assistant to shut all the corridors to prevent it from spreading, hoping to contain it. Little did he know that by doing this, he trapped Joe, Blanche and Tommy Carter in the burning building. By the time he and his assistant discovered this, it was too late for them or the fire brigade to save the family, and so they called International Rescue.


Thompson Tower Control

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  • "Fire in Areas 1 and 2! Check all sprinkler systems and alarms!"
  • "Okay! Alert all fire appliances! We must contain the fire to the sub-basement, so seal it off! I want all those corridors shut down!"
  • "How are those Fire Tenders coming?"
  • "The fire's caught the Tower! We must seal that vent shaft! Alert fire tenders and get to work on that vent cover!"
  • "They'll see nothing at all if those flames are not put out! Get them here NOW!"
  • "Section 7 evacuated."
  • "Calling International Rescue! Calling International Rescue! Calling International Rescue! This is Thompson Tower! Do you read me?"
  • "Have those fire tenders standing by, just in case!"
  • "Good. I wonder how they're doing in that corridor? That's the last place I wanna be trapped in a fire!"