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The Swinging Star is a nightclub in California.


The Swinging Star appears in the movie Thunderbirds Are GO, with its first mention being in a radio discussion between Lady Penelope, Scott and Virgil. She says the Star is 'fab' (i.e. fabulous), and invites Scott and Virgil to go with her. However, when they tell Jeff, he says Alan has to stay behind to keep watch over the base.

The Swinging Star in Alan's dream

Having got into an argument with Jeff and Tin-Tin over feeling unappreciated and being unable to leave the island, Alan storms off. Later on, whilst he's sleeping, he has a very weird dream, where he is picked up by Parker and Lady Penelope, who then fly in FAB 1 into space, to a version of the Swinging Star near Mars (with parking for at least 1,000,000 cars, and the Shadows performing, like they do 'all the time', according to Penelope).

At the Star, Alan and Penelope (Parker's still in FAB 1, and fallen asleep) are serenaded by the Shadows and Cliff Richard, Jr. (who perform 'Lady Penelope', an instrumental, and 'Shooting Star') But before Penelope and Alan dance, the latter receives a video call from Jeff, calling him back home (Scott and Virgil have gone out partying 'again'). The dream gets out of hand when Alan says he has to go home, and FAB 1 (with Parker and Penelope in it) is shown to be an incredibly massive distance away from the Star's doorstep. Penelope then proceeds to taunt Alan over his fear of falling back to Earth. He steps out of the Star and falls through space, with Penelope laughing at him evilly.

People at the Club in Alan's Dream

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)

The Swinging Star

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At the end of the movie, with his air-rescue cable incapacitated and unable to be retracted into Thunderbird 2 following the repair of Zero X before it crashes and explodes in Craigsville, Alan sees FAB 1 nearby, and is dropped off into Lady Penelope's arms. She tells Parker to drive them to the Swinging Star (the real one this time, on planet Earth), where Alan says he's often treated like a kid back on Tracy Island, with him being the youngest of his brothers, even though he's 19. He then says the night at the Star will probably be "the most memorable night of his life". Unbeknownst to him, Jeff, Scott, Virgil, Brains and Tin-Tin have all tagged along, all in disguise just like Alan (who's wearing a fake moustache, which Penelope thinks really suits him and adds years to him).

Alan then says he thought he and Penelope would be together by themselves (one might speculate that Tin-Tin got this idea to see if Alan was cheating on her), but Penelope says to him "one of the most comforting feelings a man can have, in this world of ours, is never to be alone". The others then raise their glasses to drink a toast to Alan, "the hero of the day"!

People at the Club

Note that some people present moved around between shots.

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)

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