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"The Stately Homes Robberies" is the third and final Thunderbirds 1965 episode, successfully funded through Kickstarter on August 9th 2015.

The Stately Homes Robberies is an visualization of The Stately Homes Robberies Featuring Lady Penelope And Parker, a vinyl record originally released in 1966.


Stately homes across England are being targeted for their precious jewel collections. The villains will stop at nothing to complete their task. Their next victim? Lady Penelope. Can she and Parker, with help from Virgil and Gordon Tracy, thwart their diabolical plan?

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The story is set in 2025

Additional Dialogue

This episode contains a number of lines of dialogue not found in the original Century 21 audio-story. The audio for them was lifted from various Season 1 and Season 2 TV episodes...

  • Jeff saying "OK, away you go, there's very little time" was taken from The Mighty Atom; and "Lady Penelope's in real trouble" from The Man From MI.5.
  • Also from The Mighty Atom, is Scott's dialogue: "This is Thunderbird 1 to International Rescue. Have arrived at danger zone."
  • Jeff's instructions to Scott, to "scan the area electronically," came from Operation Crash-Dive.
  • Virgil's lines "Approaching danger zone. About to launch Thunderbird 4" and "OK, Gordon, take up your position" are from The Man From MI.5. "Thunderbird 2 calling Penelope. Come in, Penelope" was lifted from The Cham-Cham; and "Do you read me?" from Danger At Ocean Deep.
  • Scott's line "You've got to locate them within the next two minutes!" is from Terror In New York City; while "Gordon! What's going on? Answer, please!" comes from Operation Crash-Dive. ("Gordon, do you hear me?" also comes from Terror In New York City.)
  • Gordon's response, "All right, no panic," was adapted from his original dialogue in Attack of the Alligators! ("All right, Virgil. No panic.").
  • Lady Penelope's lines, "Right, let's get after him" and "For one thing, you wouldn't succeed, and for another, there's no need," were taken from, respectively, The Duchess Assignment and Brink of Disaster.


  • When Parker's driving FAB 1, he's not wearing any hat in the closeups. In the long shots, however, he does have a hat on his head
  • The buttons on Dawkins' jacket are on the wrong side!