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"The Long Reach Part 2" is the final episode of season 3 - and the series finale - of Thunderbirds Are Go! It was broadcast on February 22, 2020, in the United Kingdom.


As the surprise attack on Tracy Island continues, the Thunderbirds are being slowly overwhelmed by an army of their enemies. Can anyone out there come to the rescue of International Rescue - and will there be anything left to save, if they do so?


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


Jeff: "Who taught Alan how to fly like that?"
Gordon: "He's pretty much a natural."
Virgil: "Dad, you need to lie down flat and let the med scan finish."
Jeff: "You sound like your grandma."
Virgil: "Yeah, who was always right."

Parker: "Be warned. I know six different styles of the fighting arts. Jujitsu, jojutsu, bojutsu, bijutsu, kenjutsu, and hojojutsu."
Fuse: "Is that last one for real?"
Parker: "Try me."

Grandma Tracy: "That's Mrs. Tracy to you, or Ma'am, or even Dr. Tracy even though I'm retired. But no one calls me Grandma unless you're part of the family."

Jeff: "Hi, Brains. In all our years together, he's never once called me Jeff to my face."

Jeff: "Congratulations, son. We should talk about college."
Alan: "College? I don't even have my own car yet."
Jeff: "You have a rocket."
Alan: "Oh yeah, that's true."

International Rescue Equipment Used

Non-International Rescue Equipment Used



  • For the first time, The Chaos Crew are seen on Tracy Island.
  • A reference to Day Of Disaster is seen on the holo-table when Jeff acknowledges the call for assistance.
  • Parker tells the Chaos Crew that "it is the end of your road" when they are placed under arrest. This is a reference to End of the Road.
  • The Mechanic dons his gear once again when Havoc puts her virus all around Brains' lab; the last time he'd worn his gear was in Brains vs. Brawn.
  • Fuse reveals that his real name is Clarence.
  • It is revealed that Grandma Tracy is a retired doctor.
  • Grandma objects to Fuse calling her "Grandma." (When The Mechanic called her that, in Home on the Range, John stated that only family got to call her "Grandma.")
  • Jeff realizes that Brains is actually The Hood in disguise, when he addresses Jeff on a first-name basis. After calling out The Hood's identity, Jeff reveals that Brains has never once called him "Jeff" to his face. Brains addresses him as "Mr. Tracy."
  • The Hood reveals to the Tracy brothers that he and Jeff used to be friends.
  • The Hood disguising himself as Brains is a reference to Brains Is Dead. It's the first time he's been in disguise since The Man From TB5.
  • For the first time, all five Tracy brothers were aboard the same Thunderbird together.
  • This was the only episode to show Thunderbird 2 carrying Module 6 - and the only time Thunderbird 4 was carried by TB2 not in Module 4...
  • This was the only episode to feature a fourth-wall break - when Scott asked Jeff to perform the Thunderbirds Countdown.
  • The only main character that didn’t return for this series finale was EOS.
    • Likewise, each main character received their own respective ending (with the exceptions of EOS and The Mechanic).
  • Alan graduates from "high school" (it is worth nothing that he was never seen attending school in the traditional sense). This personal story-arc stretches back to 'Runaway' when he was seen studying and was discouraged from participating in the rescue operation going on.
  • This episode would be David Graham's last outing as Parker, opting to 'retire' from the role after 55 years and not return for the Big Finish range in 2021.


When Jeff got out of Module 6, he was able to walk normally. However, if Jeff had been in space for a long time - in near-zero gravity - the effects upon his muscles, blood pressure, and many other bodily functions would've made walking difficult.