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The Hood's Temple - located deep in the Malaysian jungle - is both home and hideout for its occupant...the exotic, and dangerous, nemesis of International Rescue. Within its walls, The Hood schemes and he conducts his fiendish operations in pursuit of wealth and power.

In its vast main chamber, the centrepiece is a life-size statue of his half-brother, Kyrano. Through it, the Hood focuses his mystical powers upon his distant relation...invoking his formidable will to control him, and thus compel him to help his half-brother's nefarious plans...

The Hood in the main temple room


Trapped in the Sky

In his first appearance in the series, the Hood is seen using his psychic rapport with Kyrano - through which he learns that International Rescue is ready to begin operations...

Edge of Impact

The Hood is entertaining a guest, General Bron, in his Malaysian temple. After a sumptuous meal, the General offers his host a chest filled with treasure - if he succeeds in bringing down the entire Red Arrow flight-test program...

Desperate Intruder

After learning that International Rescue (actually, only Brains and Tin-Tin) is seeking to discover the hidden treasure of Lake Anasta, the Hood's determined to get to it first - and hypnotises Kyrano once more, to tell him when the expedition will happen...

The Mighty Atom

The Hood returns to his Malaysian Temple, with photos the Mighty Atom took of Thunderbird 2...only to find all he had was pictures of Lady Penelope screaming. In frustration and anger, he destroys the device...

Cry Wolf

After reading a newspaper story involving International Rescue and two Australian boys, the Hood sees a perfect opportunity for his next evil secret-stealing scheme...

Martian Invasion

The Hood's temple visitor this time, represents a foreign power - one who's interested in buying a film of the Thunderbird craft in action. He offers the film for 200 million dollars, and tells the buyer "he will get it within a month." The buyer agrees to cash on delivery...

The Hood then puts Kyrano under his spell, and instructs him to disable Thunderbird 1's Automatic Camera Detector...

Thunderbirds Are Go

Originally, the movie Thunderbirds Are Go was also to have featured a scene with The Hood inside his temple. But, sadly, it was deleted in the end. Only a few still photographs from this sequence survive...


A number of disguises can be seen revolving around the base of the Kyrano-statue.

Cutaway Drawings (Cross-sections)

At least two cross-sections of the Hood's temple are known to exist. Both were illustrated by Graham Bleathman.

The first appeared in a Fleetway comic in the 1990s (and also featured in The International Rescue Book of Thunderbirds: FAB Cross-sections), and the second featured in a Redan comic.

Fleetway edition

Redan comic No.14


  • Considering its numerous technological capabilities, as well as the fact that it too is kept secret, the Temple can arguably be considered as the Hood's response to Jeff's choice of Tracy Island as a base.