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The Hood's Henchmen are characters from the Thunderbirds Are Go! TV series. They are criminals who protect and serve The Hood. They are unidentifiable, and identical to each other in appearance, for their faces are hidden by strange black and silver helmets or full black ones with green eye holes. They wear suits similar to that of The Hood, albeit not quite as fancy.

They are not always around when The Hood makes an appearance, but they are a ruthless and ready force, often equipped with armed vehicles or other weapons, if not just their fists.


Ring Of Fire Part 2

When Kayo confronts The Hood, she threatens to finish him after his smug chat with her, whereupon three henchmen enter the scene behind The Hood. In turn, three soldiers and Colonel Casey from the G.D.F. appear behind Kayo. Preventing a fight, The Hood decides to board his ship. The henchmen stay behind to block Kayo's way and prevent her from chasing the Hood. As his ship launches, and starts wrecking the place as it does, the henchmen run past Kayo and the Colonel to evacuate before the place crumbles. Their fate is unknown, but the Hood got away.

Under Pressure

The Hood ordered his henchmen to pursue Lady Penelope before she snoops around. She and Parker managed to evade one of them by tripping his motorbike with stones but another henchman on another bike pursued them. FAB 1 jumped over a cliff but the henchmen fell off his bike before it plummeted over the cliff as well. FAB 1 then landed in front of the henchman and Lady Penelope wants to ask a few questions about his employer.

Touch And Go

The Hood's henchmen helped the Hood steal some Alsterene after they shut down the CATCH system. Kayo took care of one of them before she rebooted CATCH and intercepting the Hood's ship.


They helped the Hood infiltrate Tracy Island after they set up fake disasters and place motion detector bombs at each danger zone. They tried to break into a bunker which had Brains and Grandma Tracy inside, but MAX led them away. They were then seen in the living room moments before the Hood's ship is destroyed when Grandma offered them some of her disgusting cookies.

The Man from TB5

His Henchmen were seen without their disguises when they were about to leave. They were later seen flying in the sky, with The Hood. They then got taken out one by one with Kayo's quick thinking.


  • In the first half of Season 1, the henchmen wear face masks with silver bars down the middle. However, from Season 1 part 2 onward, they wear face masks that are fully black apart from two green eye parts.