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"Curse International Rescue!"

Feared as the world's most dangerous man, an individual primarily known by the alias of "the Hood" (so named because of his many disguises) is the half-brother of Kyrano and the uncle of Tin-Tin. He wields an uncanny supernatural power over his brother. Unlike him, he is massive in stature and his main aim in life is the acquisition of wealth, regardless of justice and ethics. His primary target is International Rescue, as the plans of their amazing high-tech vehicles and machines could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

Operating from his hidden temple deep in the heart of the Malaysian jungle, the Hood has successfully eluded capture by the world's security forces for a great many years. Ruthless and calculating beyond comprehension, he uses mystical powers steeped in voodoo and black magic, allowing nothing to get in the way of his evil objectives.


The Hood's Malaysian Robes.jpg

The Hood's precise origins are unknown. While it is known that he's Kyrano's half-brother, the precise details of their (possibly fractured) relationship - such as which parent they share, or which of them is the elder - remain a mystery, as do the origins of his mysterious hypnotic powers. His real name is, in itself, a mystery. He was referred to as 'Agent Seven-Nine' only once during the original TV series, when he was in contact with the equally-mysterious 'General X'. Even his nom de guerre, "the Hood," is never used in the TV series - it was only revealed in spin-off media (most notably, the audio-story Introducing Thunderbirds), promotional materials, etc.

The Hood's temple hideout

What is known for certain, about the Hood? He possesses a significant reputation among the less-ethical groups of the world, as he has been shown to be contacted by spy agencies, or by military generals seeking information or for a target to be eliminated - such as in Edge Of Impact, when he was hired by a general to sabotage the Red Arrow program as it was a threat to his ambitions.

He regularly spends time in an ornate, secluded temple, somewhere in the Malaysian jungle - a secret world of his own creation, concealing a variety of high-tech equipment that he uses to monitor his enemies and to prepare his plans. And there is a statue of Kyrano, which he regularly stands in front of, whenever he invokes his mysterious telepathic link to his brother.

The Hood plotting his next move
(The Mighty Atom)

His main goal, however, is to discover the secrets of the Thunderbirds machines, and to use those secrets for his own purposes. To this end, he's been known to create several disasters in an attempt to photograph their machines in action - such as sabotaging the Fireflash's maiden flight by planting a bomb, causing actors for a film to be trapped in a cave, or even attempting to sneak a miniature camera, in the form of a mouse, into Thunderbird 2.

The Hood's 3E Submarine
(Desperate Intruder)

But his plans invariably failed, either through direct intervention on the part of International Rescue and their agents, or through his own mistakes: when he sent the mouse-like camera known as the Mighty Atom into TB2, for instance, its program - to photograph movement - caused it to photograph the screaming Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward (she'd wanted to see the Tracy brothers in action, and thus accompanied Virgil Tracy), rather than TB2's controls. On another occasion, he even tried to eliminate International Rescue when he tried to steal hidden treasure concealed in an underwater temple, and tried to destroy Gordon Tracy in Thunderbird 4 with his submarine. This too failed, although the Hood was able to escape before a torpedo from TB4 wrecked the sub.

The Hood trying to escape International Rescue in a broken down aircraft
(Martian Invasion)

Although capable of coming up with sophisticated plans, the Hood was commonly shown to have a short temper, and to be very poor at improvisation when his schemes didn't work out the way he'd planned. Once, when he actually managed to obtain footage of Thunderbirds 1 and 2 in action, the subsequent pursuit by Scott and Virgil (having learned someone had been filming them) culminated in the Hood stealing a plane he had no idea how to fly - and with engine trouble, to boot. This incident thus reflected his inability to consider alternative plans if his original one failed. Another noteworthy handicap, is his arrogance: when attempting to escape the scene after his sabotage of the Red Arrow project was exposed, he crashed through a police roadblock, assuming that it had been erected to stop him - only to realise, too late, that it was really there to stop people from driving over a damaged bridge.

Although the Hood and the IR team never came face-to-face in the TV series - save for when he hypnotised and tortured Brains to learn the location of a lost treasure, in Desperate Intruder - the Tracy brothers were, nevertheless, aware of his existence. Having thwarted his plans in Martian Invasion, Virgil commented that he was convinced 'Mr Stutt' - the Hood's alias at the time - was the same person who'd been after them since they first began the rescue business. Scott agreed with that assessment, yet remained confident that they'd capture him - one day...

That day finally came, in the feature film Thunderbirds Are Go: the Hood (making his last confirmed appearance) was unmasked and exposed by Scott, while attempting to infiltrate the crew of the new Zero X spaceship, having unintentionally sabotaged the original one two years earlier while attempting to photograph it. During his subsequent escape attempt, his helicopter was shot down by Lady Penelope and Parker in FAB 1 and he was, seemingly, killed - although many fans note that the Hood had faced similar certain-death situations before, and had always survived...

Powers and Abilities[]

The Hood using his powers to contact his half brother Kyrano (Trapped in the Sky)

Throughout the series, the Hood was shown to be a master of disguise, using various masks to try and discover the secrets of the Thunderbirds machines and carry out various missions. He also possessed strange hypnotic powers of unknown origin, although these abilities were apparently limited to making people carry out simple commands, such as to follow him or put them to sleep. He was also apparently unable to use these powers to acquire information; on one occasion he attempted to force Brains to tell him the location of a lost treasure by burying him up to his neck in sand and sunlight and depriving him of water rather than simply hypnotising him to learn the answer, suggesting that he cannot make people tell him information but simply make them carry out certain actions.

The Hood in one of his many disguises (The Mighty Atom)

The only exception to this ability has been when he hypnotises Kyrano, as he was able to make Kyrano tell him such information as when International Rescue would be ready to start operating or where the organisation's headquarters was located. These abilities were apparently aided by a statue of Kyrano he had in his temple, as he always stood in front of it when making contact with his brother. He was also able to implant post-hypnotic suggestions to make Kyrano carrying out certain actions, such as when he had Kyrano disable the automatic camera detectors prior to the rescue in Martian Invasion. Although these hypnotic attacks always have a significant effect on Kyrano, causing him to collapse to the ground in pain before he is finally forced to reveal the information the Hood seeks, it would appear that Kyrano is not consciously aware of these assaults, as he always passes them off as mere 'dizzy spells' in their aftermath despite his otherwise unquestionable loyalty to Jeff Tracy.


Classic Thunderbirds[]

The Hood appeared in only six episodes, all of them from Season 1 - namely Trapped in the Sky, Edge Of Impact, Desperate Intruder, The Mighty Atom, Cry Wolf and Martian Invasion.


Thunderbirds 1965[]

The Hood also appears in one Thunderbirds 1965 episode - The Abominable Snowman.

Outfits and Disguises[]

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Criminal Activities[]

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The Hood appearing on the cover of the Operation Asteroids novel

The Hood appears as the main antagonist in all of the five Thunderbirds novels written by John Theydon.

International Rescue are now aware of his name (as in Calling Thunderbirds, he revealed it to Lady Penelope in his attempt to gain information about the organisation from her) and even his psychic interaction with Kyrano (Operation Asteroids). His schemes are far more deadly and have included kidnapping members of IR, stealing Thunderbird 3, creating dangerous weaponry and even world domination.

One of the most memorable events from the novels is in Thunderbirds, when the Hood was forced to team up with Scott Tracy to prevent an even bigger threat coming from space.


As with the novels, during his appearances in the TV21 comics and various other comic strips, the Hood's designs on International Rescue became even more daring...

The Hood in The Vanishing Ray

In his first TV21 appearance, The Vanishing Ray, the Hood discovers from an unknown source that the wealthy British heiress Lady Penelope is in possession of powerful invisible ray. He decides to steal it, as he sees it as the perfect cover without the use of his disguises to learn the secrets of the world. He tries various attempts to get the ray - even trying to kill the heiress for it - but all fail, and he is sent by the authorities back to Malaysia...

In The Atlantic Tunnel, the Hood learns from Kyrano that International Rescue plan to look for deposits of the metal mozatinum in the Atlantic Tunnel. Posing as Mr. Sheldon, the villain hires a team of geologists led by Brains' friend Vincent Baker before setting off explosives in the tunnel trapping Alan, Brains and various workers. Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are sent to the rescue and the Hood leaves the building, only for a policeman to confiscate his camera and send him back inside. However, he returns, knocks the officer out and takes his place. Afterwards, he photographs Thunderbird 1 but upon making his escape, the guard returns and attacks the Hood who shoots him and makes his escape in his private jet. Alerted by the guard, Scott gives chase in Thunderbird 1 and shoots his jet, causing the villain to eject but in the process he drops his camera and it is destroyed...

In Tracy Island Exposed, he attempted to expose International Rescue's location by bombing Thunderbird 2's hangar, forcing Virgil to move the craft onto the runway where he subsequently took photographs of the craft - and then went public with them! Jeff devises an elaborate cover-up scheme: Tracy Island also goes simply a theme park, based on International Rescue. Elsewhere, Lady Penelope and Parker are staging a rescue situation, the intention being for the Thunderbirds to arrive at the scene and thus confirm that they hadn't come from Tracy Island (in fact, they'd been sent into space with Thunderbird 5).

As holiday crowds flocked to the island, the Hood managed to infiltrate the Tracys' inner stronghold, nearly hypnotizing Gordon and Brains - when he's interrupted by, of all people, his half-brother Kyrano! Gordon gets the moment's grace he needs - and with one solid blow, he puts the villain out cold on the deck. Jeff and Brains utilize Jeff's personal jet, the JT1 Condor, to subsequently remove him to the mainland - after having erased the last week or so of his memory, to preserve the Tracy family's secrets...

The Hood in Brains is Dead

In Brains is Dead, the Hood faked Brains' death with a high-powered electric chair which only put him in unconsciousness. His men took him back to his temple hideout, and with his abilities, he made Brains reveal the secrets of Tracy Island and planned a full-scale attack on the erstwhile-secret IR base. However, the plan failed; and once again the Hood's memory was erased, with no memory of what he had found out about the organization...

In his last TV21 appearance, The Zoo Ship, the Hood is under the guise of the elderly Professor Auldyn Beresford, the owner of a Zoo Ship, and comes to Tracy Island to look for a rare sand vole. However, tigers break free on the ship, killing a keeper, resulting in a frenzy - knocking out controls and causing the boat to sink. As Beresford has been invited to stay on the island, Scott takes him to look for the sand vole so the Thunderbirds can launch into action without detection. Beresford, though, attacks Scott before revealing himself as the Hood, who then proceeds to Thunderbird 2's hangar and knocks Virgil out before photographing International Rescue's secrets. However, he's then distracted by a call from Brains and Gordon to need the aircraft; so to buy time he sets it off to launch automatically. However, Alan notices a flaw; and, checking the video link, Jeff sees the ship unmanned! Running to the launch pad to stop Thunderbird 2 from going out of control, he's confronted by the Hood who shoots at him, but Alan arrives to save his father. Alan and Jeff then try to shut down the controls, but the craft flies off the ramp and back into the ground, bursting into flames; yet they get the burning wreckage under control. In the distraction, the Hood steals a helijet and escapes with his photos presumably intact. In the end, the Zoo Ship is saved...

In his final TV21 appearance, the Hood (at long last) seemingly wins. Not even at the end of the story do the Tracys ponder what the consequences of his victory may mean for them and their organisation...

The Hood also made an appearance in a Stingray comic story called A Trip to England where Titan hires the criminal to pose as a TV reporter to cause trouble on the submarine during a trip to England to commemorate the one-thousand anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.




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  • The Hood was the first character introduced (albeit never by name) in the original television run's first episode, Trapped in the Sky; and his first spoken line was "International Rescue..."
  • His puppet was created with an oversized head and hands to strengthen his antagonistic appearance.
  • In the Thunderbird 6 DVD commentary, Sylvia Anderson refers to Black Phantom as "Hood Jr," suggesting a blood relation to the series main villain. In the first edition of the Complete Book of Thunderbirds however, it is indicated that the Black Phantom is actually the Hood himself. Ironically (or, perhaps not?), Black Phantom's puppet was previously used as the Hood's in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go.
  • Despite the fact that his main ambition is to capture and learn the secrets of the International Rescue technology, there have been times when they were not the primary concern in the Hood's schemes, such as in The Mighty Atom, when he only decided to target them after his initial plan had succeeded.


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