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"They say that if you go down well at Paradise Peaks, you'll go down well anywhere"
— Aloysius Parker

"The Cham-Cham" is the twenty-fifth episode of Thunderbirds season 1, first broadcast on 24th March 1966.


Brains determines that someone's using a Cham-Cham (a Cham-Cham?) to electronically edit the melody of a popular band's hit song, and then use it to send details of strikes against military aircraft, every time the song - Dangerous Game - is broadcast live. To find and stop that "someone," Jeff Tracy sends Lady Penelope to a grand hotel up in the Swiss Alps...where she and Tin-Tin go undercover to observe the band, The Cass Carnaby Five, in performance...


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  • The RTL-2 Transport Aircraft in this episode would later be slightly remodelled and repainted for use in the Andersons' next series, Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons.
  • Recycled music from Supercar and Stingray was heard in this episode.


  • The no-smoking sign inside the cable car misspells the German "Nicht rauchen" as "Nicht raucher".
  • When the three Unidentified Fighter Jets take off, two of them are connected by a stick, in order to ease the task of the puppeteers. Although the stick itself is hidden from view, the shadow it casts on the runway is clearly visible.
  • Having flown all the way to Matthews Field Air Base, Scott askes for permission to land by radio, then talks to the control tower by Megaphone.
  • Shortly after the cables for the cable car have been cut, it can be seen speeding down its route with visible masts holding the cables up' but when Thunderbird 2 is lowering the cables to Parker (standing on the cable cars roof while in motion), no masts holding the cables up are seen. Also - when Parker is attaching the cables, the masts would've prevented such a rescue in this fashion.
  • In the establishing shot of the Poseidon Missiles, the edge of the set is visible in the top-right corner.

Alternate Version

Thunderbirds (FOX Kids Series)


For a contemporary (or at least in the 1990's) audience, Thunderbirds underwent a repackage, redub, and rebroadcast as part of FOX Kids' Saturday morning line-up. Due to a severe decline in ratings, though, only half of the episodes made it to broadcast before the series was pulled by the network. As a result, the modified version of The Cham-Cham never aired - and remains, to this day, among a handful of missing Thunderbirds episodes.

Foreign Titles

  • French: Message en musique
  • German: Der Chamcham-Trick
  • Spanish: La máquina musical
  • Italian: Missione in montagna
  • Dutch: Cham-cham (TV 1967); Gevaarlijk vermaak in Paradise Peaks (TV 1992); De Cham-Cham (VHS, DVD)
  • Portuguese: O Cham Cham
  • Japanese: 魅惑のメロディー