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"Let, The Evil... Begin!"
— Atrocimator, every episode

Very little is known about The Atrocimator, or if anyone outside a small circle of like-minded villains has heard or seen his existence. It is known however, that this spiritual entity thrives of destruction, and will stop at nothing to discover the secrets of International Rescue (or should that fail, destroy them utterly). If successful, he will use such powerful information to spread evil and become supreme ruler of Thunderworld.


The origins of The Atrocimator are a mystery. It is not expanded as to where he came from, or how he gained his unique powers.

Powers and Abilities

The Atrocimator is incredibly powerful, and has the ability to create objects and devices out of nothing to aid his dastardly plots. If he requires further assistance for whatever reason, The Atrocimator can be summoned or make contact with his agents, most notably the Hood. He can appear at any time or place in the form of a transparent floating head. One location in particular being deep within the Hood's jungle temple behind a veil of beaded curtains, where he usually delivers each assignment to be carried out.


Along with Roxette and Tripp, The Atrocimator appears in all thirteen episodes of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.

Interesting Info

Seriously, How Can People Not See This?!

  • While those working for The Atrocimator can see him during a mission (such as floating above them, on a monitor screen, etc.), nobody else seems aware that a giant semi-transparent floating purple head with flames and distinguished facial markings is pretty much in plain sight.
  • By the ninth episode, not only can The Atrocimator project his image across the planet, but can break the atmosphere and appear in even the depths of space. This leads to questioning why he needs servants like The Hood to gather information through film or tape, when he can simply pop up anywhere or anytime he wishes and not be seen.
  • The Atrocimator has a fondness for pizza, and does need to eat on occasion.

Foreign Name

  • Japanese: Zangyaku (ザンギャーク)