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Thaddeus Stone is a character from the unfinished 1999 Thunderbirds movie.


A sick and twisted amalgamation of technology and organic matter, Thaddeus Stone is the requisite example of humanity's destiny in a world without International Rescue. Cold and amoral, this outcast is driven by a single, undeviating goal; to watch the Earth become as barren a husk as he. It has been this goal alone that kept him alive for over twenty years, and may become a reality in his alliance with the world's most nefarious criminal, The Hood.

It is almost impossible to believe that Stone was not always like this. For in a former life, he was a youthful and optimistic scientist, working his way up from nothing to become director of the ill-fated Moonoleum organisation. Perhaps if events had turned out differently, Stone would have continued to benefit mankind with his knowledge, and his contributions potentially even overshadow the efforts of his one-time best friend, Jeff Tracy.