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"She's coming down - right on top of us!"
— Ned Cook

"Terror In New York City" is the fourth episode of Season 1, originally broadcast on 21st October 1965.


When Thunderbird 2 is attacked - and incapacitated - while returning from a rescue mission, International Rescue is forced to use different means to transport Thunderbird 4 to New York City, where the collapse of the Empire State Building has trapped a reporter and his cameraman in an underground river...


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  • The working title for this episode was Terror of New York.  
  • This episode features the first on-screen appearance of Thunderbird 4.  
  • The red gantry supporting Thunderbird 2 in the Tracy Island hangar appears again as part of the Empire State Building atomic moving gantry. This same gantry was also previously seen to the right of the Sun Probe in the episodes Sun Probe and The Perils of Penelope. It also appears as part of the Australian Atomic Plant at the start of The Mighty Atom.
  • On 13 October 1965, AVRO aired a Dutch-dubbed, black-and-white version of Terror in New York City in the Netherlands, 8 days before it first aired in the UK.
  • When broadcast in half hour "cliffhanger" editions, part one concludes on the commercial break when Ned and Joe stare up in horror as the Empire State Building collapses atop of them.
  • In the Thunderbirds Are Go! episode Earthbreaker, Thunderbird 2 suffers a similar attack and crash-landing to what it experienced in this episode, except that the attack in Earthbreaker is a deliberate assault by a new villain rather than the accidental assault it was here.


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Alternate Versions

Thunderbirds (FOX Kids Series)

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Thunderbirds The Comic

In 1992, several episodes of Thunderbirds were adapted into comic book format for Fleetway's Thunderbirds The Comic series with Terror in New York City among the first. Written by Alan Fennell and illustrated by Keith Page, the 12 page adaptation was spread over 3 issues, emulating the presentation of the 1960's TV Century 21 stories.

This compressed version of the episode retained most of the plot, though with a few changes in dialogue, along with switching minor character roles. The most notable change occurred in the final panel, where John Tracy and Kyrano were added to accompany the rest of his family in attending The Ned Cook Show.

Foreign Titles

  • German: Desaster in New York
  • French: Terreur à New York
  • Italian Attacco dal mare
  • Spanish: Terror en la Ciudad de Nueva York; Terror en Nueva York (DVD)
  • Dutch: Paniek in New York City (TV); Paniek in New York (VHS); De verschrikking van New York (DVD)
  • Portuguese: Terror na Cidade de Nova York
  • Japanese: ニューヨークの恐怖


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