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"Thunderbird 1 from Thunderbird 2. I'm getting gargled transmissions, Scott. The Sentinel may be trying to communicate, but I'm not able to receive."
"Understood Virgil. Return to base and check your radio.
— Virgil and Scott Tracy

For a contemporary (or at least in the 1990s) audience, Thunderbirds underwent a repackage, redub, and rebroadcast as part of FOX Kids' Saturday morning line-up. With a minor modification in title, "Terror In New York" was the second story produced and released on VHS, though fifth to be broadcast (in contrast to the original run, where it was broadcast as fourth). The episode first (and last) aired on July 30th 1994 at 8:30am.

While the story essentially boiled down to a 19 minute condensed edition (20 including credits), the overall presentation was subject to some major changes in both plot and dialogue.

Two versions of the episode exist; one for home video, while a slightly shorter edit was used for broadcast.


  • In the original episode, Shane Rimmer used his Scott Tracy voice for the Sentinel's Scanners, leading to the unfortunate implication that it sounded as though Virgil was being fired at by his own brother. ITC corrected this in the FOX dub by having the Scanners share the same voice of... Virgil Tracy.
  • Kyrano's reply to Virgil thanking him for the food was changed to "Heh. I'll tell him...". This came about due to FOX's broadcast mandates decreeing any subservient minorities in their childrens' programs. While this change isn't a goof per-say, the identity of Tracy Island's enigmatic chef is neither explored, nor is he ever referred to again.
  • Despite another mandate for all mentions or references to death be removed, Jeff's remark about Ned Cook possibly drowning was retained.


  • It was established in the previous episode that Thunderbird 2 has a built-in Deflector system, designed to explode missiles long before they come in range. While such a device would come in handy when fending off the Sentinel's attack, it's never referred to nor used ever again.
  • International Rescue's supposed state-of-the-art technology and competency are once more put to question. The episode downplays the Sentinel's attack, laying blame solely at Thunderbird 2's conveniently garbled radio. While the change attempts to show the US Navy in a competent light, it undermines International Rescue. Nor does it help that 'Terror' is the second episode in a row to deal with the organization's dodgy communications system.
  • Talk of Joe's deteriorating condition was heavily downplayed through the second half of the episode. However, the footage used still shows him struggling and sliding in and out of consciousness.
  • Scott Tracy, Ned Cook and Joe all share the same voice actor. While this isn't anything new, the actor makes no differentiation between the trio. As a result, they all sound exactly the same.
  • Six missiles are shown being launched at Thunderbird 2; the first two are a direct hit, while Clayton is ordered to destroy missiles three and four. Missiles five and six are never seen again.
  • The new sound effect used for the Foam Cannons on the burning Thunderbird 2 isn't long enough to cover the footage. As a result, the sound is looped four times. While looping audio is not in itself a goof, the split-second pause between each cycle is distinctly audible.
  • During Jeff's mission briefing, Virgil and Gordon suddenly appear out of nowhere to stand alongside Scott.

Polygram Video USA[]


The second in a series of four videotapes, Terror in New York was released by Polygram Video in the United States on August 9th 1994. While the episode remained unedited, the episode's title was changed to Terror in New York City on the cover.