With Thunderbirds becoming a huge success, many companies became interested in using Thunderbirds to promote their products, such as Kit Kat, Specsavers Opticians, and Halifax. These are but a few of the many, many ads that have been seen on television sets and cinema screens all around the world.

Kit Kat AdvertEdit

The Kit Kat advert was directed by Gerry Anderson.

Responsible for the arrangement of Scott Tracy shuffling in his seat, as well as the positioning of the puppet’s hands behind his head, were Christine Glanville and Richard Gregory. Glanville also operated the puppet for the commercial.

The interior of Thunderbird 1 was rebuilt by Bob Bell with the help of three assistants - Bill James, Mark Harris, and Mark Woollard.

2017 Advertising Campaign for HalifaxEdit

In 2016 or thereabouts, Century 21 Films Ltd were invited by ITV to assist advertising agency Adam & Eve DDB with an advertising campaign for Halifax.

Main AdvertEdit

The main advert was launched in March 2017 to promote Halifax's biggest ever Superdraw, which took place in June that year.

Made with the assistance of Thunderbirds 1965 production team members, the advert begins with Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward (voiced by Dee Anderson) and Aloysius Parker (voiced by David Graham) travelling to the Halifax branch in Marlow by means of FAB 1. When they arrive at said branch, the latter enters with a letter and finds out that he has won the top prize - £500,000 - in the Halifax Savers Prize Superdraw. Parker then imagines himself relaxing on a beach, while back at Creighton-Ward Mansion, Penelope rings the bell and calls for her chauffeur, who does not acknowledge her.

Brains Savers FilmsEdit

In addition to the above-mentioned advert, a series of short savings films were shot in-house by Century 21 Films Ltd.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Agency: Adam & Eve DDB (with ITV Global Entertainment Ltd)
  • Directors: Dom & Nic
  • Producer: John Madsen
  • Director of photography: Alex Barber
  • Written by: Jonathan John and David Mackersey
  • Supermarionation sequences produced with: Century 21 Films Ltd

For Century 21:

  • Lead puppeteer/technical advisor: Stephen La Rivière
  • Puppeteer: Andrew T. Smith
  • Puppetry supervision: Géraldine Donaldson
  • Lip-sync operator: Elliot Pavelin
  • Sets by: Hilton Fitzsimmons, Richard Gregory, Toby Chamberlain
  • Puppets by: Barry Davies
  • Sculptors: Stephen Mansfield & Mary Turner
  • Costumes by: Liz Comstock-Smith, Carl Strirling-Stewart
  • Lady Penelope' Mansion: David Tremont

Brains Savers Films:

  • Agency: Adam & Eve DDB
  • Agency producers: Joseph Walker, Raluca Anastatiu
  • Directed and puppeteered by: Stephen La Rivière
  • Studio manager: Andrew T. Smith
  • DOP / camera operators: David Graham Hicks, Boyd Skinner
  • Written by: Joanne Oatts
  • Puppetry supervision: Geraldine Donaldson
  • Lip-sync operator: Elliot Pavelin
  • Art department: Toby Chamberlain, Richard Gregory, Hilton Fitzsimmons
  • Puppets: Barry Davies
  • Costumes: Carl Strirling-Stewart

Behind the Scenes PhotographsEdit