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The Superon Tanker Truck is a vehicle that featured in Path Of Destruction

Designed by the Superon Fuel Corporation and equipped with a transverse diesel engine, the Crablogger was supported by a fleet of these tankers. Their job was to keep the Crablogger supplied with the liquified gas Superon, which required one full tanker-load to be delivered every three hours.

Two Superon tankers


The Tankers in Action

When the Crablogger goes on a path of destruction, International Rescue are soon on the scene, but there is a three-minute time-lag before the machine will actually come to a halt, the Crablogger is now moving along a narrow mountain track towards the Dam. Virgil and Brains set about draining the tanks of the explosive Superon fuel. Scott brings up a fuel truck and Virgil and Brains attach siphons to the fuel outlets.

Technical Data

Length: 36 feet
Width: 9 feet