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Front cover (with dust jacket removed)

Supermarionation Cross-sections is a book containing cross-sections of numerous entities from a number of Gerry Anderson productions, Thunderbirds included.

Along with the five main Thunderbird craft (Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5), there is a cutaway drawing of Zero X in the book. Zero X is the only vehicle to be featured in the "Captain Scarlet" chapter, unlike the five aforementioned craft which appear in the "Thunderbirds" section.

Additional info

  • Additional writing by: Sam Denham
  • Dedicated to: special effects designers Mike Trim and Derek Meddings, writers Alan Fennell and Tony Barwick, and producers Reg Hill and Gerry Anderson, whose production techniques combining electronic puppetry and dramatic visual effects introduced a new word to TV audiences - Supermarionation. Coined by Gerry Anderson, the term combines the words 'super', 'marionette', and 'animation' to create TV’s most memorable adventures in the 21st century.
  • Designer: Claire Cooper
  • Illustrations, text, and design ©: 2000 Carlton Books Limited
  • Printed in: Italy
  • Production: Garry Lewis
  • Project art direction: Vicky Holmes
  • Project editor: Lesley Levene
  • Written and illustrated by: Graham Bleathman

Additionally, Graham Bleathman gave the following acknowledgements and thanks to numerous people at the end of the book;

  • Sam Denham, Century 21 consultant - for his picture research and for writing most of the text on the photo-spread stories
  • Dr Phil Atcliffe, Faculty of Engineering, University of the West of England, Bristol - for his technical advice on engineering information, particularly on Stingray
  • Sam Ross - for the author photograph
  • Graeme Bassett - for his help with captions in the past that have provided the basis for some of those in the present
  • Keith Ansell and Ian Boyce - for advice and information about Fireball XL5
  • SGS Printing, Bristol - for endless photocopying
  • Mike Alwood of Area 51, Bristol, for additional photocopying and yet more silly captions that couldn’t be used - though it was tempting to give Marineville a Park and Ride scheme, not to mention a sub-post office...
  • Katie Bleathman for emailing, organizing, and generally keeping everyone sane and the cats under some degree at control