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The Spider Jeep is a twelve wheeled, motor vehicle.

Technical Data

Length: 6.8 metres
Maximum speed: 150 mph
Weight: 3.2 tonnes
Width: 2.4 metres

The Hood's Jeep

Used In Martian Invasion

In the episode Martian Invasion, The Hood makes his getaway in a 12-wheeled jeep, after he has filmed the entire rescue mission.

Cry Wolf

In Cry Wolf, The Hood uses his Spider jeep to make a getaway from the satellite tracking station, chased by Scott Tracy on his Hoverbike. The jeep goes over the cliff and is destroyed.

Atlantic Inferno

The Australian Road Company Jeep is a vehicle used in Atlantic Inferno by Sir Harry, to take Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward back down the path to where Parker was waiting in FAB 1. This jeep is a slightly modified version of the Spider Jeep.

Path of Destruction

The Crablogger team use a Spider Jeep when they visit Sanchos' Restaurant; it is also used the next day to take the two-man crew to the Crablogger.

Thunderbird 6

The Spider Jeep also appears in the movie Thunderbird 6, where it is seen taking part in the evacuation of Dover Missile Base.


  • The 12-wheeled Spider Jeep model, which still exists today, was originally the half-track known as the standard Global Carrier Cobra All Terrain Vehicle.
  • The model was built in a larger scale than normal, and measures an impressive 19 x 10 inches.
  • The Spider Jeep later appeared in the Joe 90 episode "Relative Danger".