"Space Race" is the third episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!, and was broadcast on Saturday April 11th 2015.


During a routine space debris collection mission, Alan accidentally discovers and activates a stealth mine left behind after the global conflict of 2040. Due to the mine’s network no longer being online, it initiates a self-destruct and begins to hunt and lock onto the nearest space vessel it can find. With various space crafts entering the vicinity, Alan tries to keep the mine occupied by making it lock onto Thunderbird 3 while John tries to locate the deactivation code.

John comes across a problem with the code and due to being unable to get any help from the archive where the file is kept, recruits the help of Lady Penelope and Parker - The ‘Grey Ninja’ - to help infiltrate and obtain the code to deactivate the mine.


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  • Alan: (all cocky) "It's just a stupid machine, I've got the brains and I've got the moves."
  • John: (flatly replies) "Alan, I've seen you dance."

  • Parker: "The Grey Ninja here, I've made it to the main archives."
  • John: "FAB, uh, Grey Ninja."
  • Parker: "Just like old times."

  • Alan: "Everything's just peachy here, John. I'm getting chased by a nuclear bomb. How are you?"

International Rescue Equipment Used

Non-International Rescue Equipment Used



  • Lady Penelope's dog is revealed to be called Sherbet.
  • Parker's goes under the nickname 'Grey Ninja'.
  • Reggie Yates has a guest voice part as Ellis the security guard who arrests Parker after he steals the Stealth Mine's Deactivation code. Reggie voiced his part in the documentary Reggie and Thunderbirds: No Strings Attached.
  • When deactivating the space mine the "kill code" is revealed to be 30052013, or 30/05/2013, Parker's birthday from the original series.
  • The ID of the mine is XZ-157. This may be from the number of the communications and data processing unit of the original series: XZ-157.
  • This is the first episode not to feature Virgil, Gordon, Kayo, Grandma Tracy and The Hood.

Foreign titles

  • Dutch: Ruimterommel (Space Junk)
  • French: Course spatiale
  • Spanish: Carrera Espacial
  • Japanese: スペース・レース (Space Race)
  • Arabic: سباق فضائي
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