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Skyship One is a large, technologically advanced airship featured in Thunderbird 6. The airship was designed by Brains and commissioned by the New World Aircraft Corporation. The airship is completely automated, including stopovers, which are pre-programmed before take-off. As a result, only a skeleton crew is required as security. Key to the airship's design are gravity compensators which allow the airship to become airborne by greatly reducing its weight. Skyship One also has several luxuriously themed rooms and facilities.

Technical Data

  • Maximum altitude attained: in excess of 10,000 feet


  • Gravity Compensation Room (engine room)
  • Pink Room (reserved for VIPs such as Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward)
  • Games Room (lounge)
  • Ball Room (bar)
  • Bottle Room (dining room)



  • The footage of the explosions after Skyship One crashes into the Dover Missile Base was reused in the pilot episode of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's later series Joe 90, when Joe destroys the the Russian Missile Base with the MIG-242.