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"I say! Open this door, at once! We're British!"

Sir Jeremy Hodge is a scientist, whose achievements include the discovery of how to make rocket fuel from seawater. He's also an agent for International Rescue, having assisted Brains in procuring certain components vital to the creation of the organization's Thunderbird vehicles.

He appears in The Perils of Penelope.


A Meeting with Lady Penelope

Sir Jeremy calls in fellow IR agent Lady Penelope to help him find his friend Professor Borender, who has inexplicably disappeared from a mountain train during a journey to Anderbad. They meet in a Parisian Café, where she narrowly avoids drinking poisoned Pernod. As the culprit flees, he leaves behind - perhaps deliberately - a matchbook, emblazoned with a distinctive heraldic crest...

Trapped in a Basement

Tracking down the crest in the Heraldic Archive, Penelope and Sir Jeremy are trapped in the basement as gas is pumped in - but they are rescued by Parker in FAB 1.

Monotrain to Anderbad

Disturbed in the Night

Awakened by a knock on his door, Sir Jeremy found Penelope...who told him she'd heard footsteps in the corridor outside her own compartment. Arriving at the baggage area, they found a new attendant on duty, checking the tags on her luggage. (He explained that the previous attendant had been replaced, for the second half of the journey.) Hadn't they both heard that voice before, somewhere?

Slipping into Sir Jeremy's room, Penelope contacts Parker and asks him to watch the video monitor. As Sir Jeremy summons the attendant and dictates his order for breakfast, Penelope discreetly holds up her compact video-phone - enabling Parker to see, and hear, the conversation. Was this the same man he saw earlier, leaving the Heraldic Archive? Sure enough - yes!


Penelope and Sir Jeremy are both later kidnapped by Doctor Godber and his accomplice, Roache. From his underground control room-hideout, Godber had stopped the Monotrain and kidnapped Professor Borender the same way. He wants the secret process of that new rocket fuel Sir Jeremy and Borender have invented, and he now has the means of forcing that information from the two scientists: he ties Penelope to a ladder, and lowers her into the path of the Anderbad Express...

Back above ground, Virgil, Gordon and Alan have arrived at Anderbad in Thunderbird 2, and they meet up with Parker in FAB 1. Realizing that Penelope has gone missing, Virgil and Gordon set off into the tunnel on the Monobrake. As the Anderbad Express approaches, the two brothers discover Godber's hideout. A gunfight ensues, but the control panel in the sub-station is destroyed and the train cannot be stopped! Virgil sharp-shoots the ropes holding Penelope in place, and she falls out of the path of the train - just as it comes hurtling through the tunnel.

A Night in Paris

Penelope and Sir Jeremy at last returned to the Atalante, to celebrate their successful mission (and, hopefully, a peaceful Pernod!). With his older brothers out enjoying a night on the town, Alan moped unhappily over his own (non-alcoholic) drink. But then, Parker arrived, in FAB 1 - with Tin-Tin! - just as a fireworks display flashed in the Parisian night.



  • In the scene of the Heraldic archive's basement, Peter Dyneley (the voice of Sir Jeremy) says one of the most famous lines in the Thunderbirds series - "I say! Open this door at once! We're British!" - as he bangs on the basement door.

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