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"Allpets, the only dog food that uses the food that nature provides from the sea. OD-60, of course..."
Tin-Tin Kyrano

Sir Arthur is the president of Allpets, a pet food-manufacturing concern. Allpets' dog food is known for containing a certain sea fungus, called OD-60.

Keeping the location (the Gulf Stream area, off Florida) of this prized ingredient a secret, is of paramount importance to the company. But financial concerns prompt Allpets to make decisions concerning OD-60, that have dire consequences - far removed from the world of pet foods...

Voiced by Peter Dyneley, Sir Arthur appears in Danger At Ocean Deep.


Penelope, Poodles...and Peril...

Laboratory experiments, conducted by Brains and Tin-Tin, reveal that OD-60 and the high-density fuel Liquid Alsterene - if brought together - triggers a powerful explosion. He notes the sea fungus is used to make "dog food, of all things." Jeff realizes they've found what caused the destruction (with all hands) of the tanker Ocean Pioneer I - but OPI was in the Mediterranean, not the Atlantic. The question now becomes: is there, in fact, OD-60, somewhere in the Med - or, for that matter, anywhere, other than off the Florida coast?

How to find out? Tin-Tin has an idea: Lady Penelope has a connection to Allpets, as she helped judge a poodle competition sponsored by the company. At Jeff's urging, Her Ladyship calls on Sir Arthur, in his office...who tells her Allpets has dumped large deposits of active OD-60 into the Mediterranean, in the hope that it will grow there - and help lower the company's costs of transporting it...

Penny relays this to Tracy Island: "Sir Arthur confirmed our worst suspicions." The recently-commissioned Ocean Pioneer II, already underway in the Med - and also carrying a Liquid Alsterene cargo - is in acute peril of meeting the same fate as her sister-ship! It's now a job for International Rescue...