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"Shockwave" is the eleventh episode of Thunderbirds 2086, and first produced overall. The episode (and series) made its debut in Japan on April 17, 1982.


A Lunar Space Bus

A Lunar Space Bus filled with school children is thrown into danger when the nearby Gilden Space Station explodes. To make matters worse, the Station's destruction triggers Operation Shockwave, a global defence protocol that could devastate the Earth. The Thunderbird team are subsequently left with the dilemma of choosing whether to save the Bus before it burns up, or save the United States from a missile crisis.


"Here kid, you look as if you could use one."

"Hey! This one's much too small, Mr. Chilly!"

"Federation policy. Half-sizes for half-pints."

"That's not fair, you stupid robot!"

  • Mr. Chilly's ice cream (and his crude humour program) fails to impress Skipper Simpson.

IRO Equipment Used


  • First Appearance: Thunderbird 7 and Thunderbird 8.
  • First episode to air in Japan, though eleventh in the English broadcast order.
  • The voice of Space Bus co-pilot Gordon is a direct imitation of popular cartoon character Yogi Bear.


The Space Station explodes

  • The Space Station's name and purpose changes throughout the episode. At first, it's the Gilden Power Station. A few minutes later, it becomes the Gilden Planetary Defence Station. By episode's end, it's a Power Station once more.

Anderson Stock Library

  • As Thunderbird 4 approaches the missile silo, the 'Fireflash Landing' theme from Trapped in the Sky is inserted.
  • When Lunar Space Bus falls into the atmosphere, the ominous music from Thunderbirds Are Go, (as the MEV crosses Mars) can be heard.

Foreign Name

  • Japanese: TB Takeoff - Rescue the Earth! (TB発進・地球を救え!!)