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Thunderbirds Season 2 was the show's final television season. It had only six episodes, although many more were planned. In July 1966, during the production of said episodes, the series was cancelled after the Andersons' financial backer, Lew Grade, failed in his bid to sell the programme to American network television.

Main Cast

The Main Cast of Thunderbirds


Ep. # Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original Air Date Recommended Broadcast Order
1 Atlantic Inferno Desmond Saunders Alan Fennell 02/10/1966 1
2 Path Of Destruction David Elliott Donald Robertson 09/10/1966 2
3 Alias Mr. Hackenbacker Desmond Saunders Alan Pattillo 16/10/1966 3
4 Lord Parker's 'Oliday Brian Burgess Tony Barwick 23/10/1966 4
5 Ricochet Brian Burgess Tony Barwick 06/11/1966 5
6 Give or Take a Million Desmond Saunders Alan Pattillo 25/12/1966 6