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A collection of images showing the outfits of Scott Tracy.


Uniform Trivia

Scott has a spare uniform hanging up in a locker on board Thunderbird 3.

Scott wore a cold weather variant of his uniform in The Abominable Snowman.

Radiation Suit

Scott and Virgil wore protection against radiation when they went into the reactor room of the Saharan Atomic Station, in the episode The Mighty Atom.

Other Protective Clothing

Casual Wear

Blue Roll-Neck & Checked Waist Coat

This was a favourite outfit of Scott's. He was seen wearing it in Trapped in the Sky, Desperate Intruder, End Of The Road, The Uninvited, Sun Probe, Operation Crash-Dive, Vault Of Death, City Of Fire, The Impostors, Pit of Peril, Cry Wolf, Edge Of Impact, Danger At Ocean Deep, Attack of the Alligators!, Martian Invasion, Path Of Destruction, Lord Parker's 'Oliday, and Ricochet.

He also wears it in his Operation Cover-up portrait.

Brown Shirt & Waist Coat

Yellow Outfit

Formal Wear


  • In The Uninvited, before he boards Thunderbird 3 and gears up in his International Rescue uniform, Scott is shown to be wearing a yellow suit and an orange shirt. But when he returns to Tracy Island, his gear-down clothes have changed to a blue roll-neck shirt and a checked jacket.


  • One of Scott's shirts was previously seen in the Stingray episode Titan Goes Pop.
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