"Runaway" is the seventh episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!. It was first broadcast on Saturday May 9th 2015.


In Japan, a high speed Maglev train is going on a test run. Thunderbird 5 picks up the incident and finds out that the train is about to run into the back end of another one full of passengers.

On Tracy Island, John tells Scott about the incident. As Scott asks about how they can stop the train, Brains passes by, suggesting that he should reconfigure the power distribution in the train’s conductor nodes. Alan asks if he can come but Scott refuses. Alan tells Grandma that it is an emergency but she tells him that his lessons are also urgent. She offers Alan a plate of cookies which he finds disgusting.

In Thunderbird 1’s hangar, Scott tells Brains that he should stop the train physically. As they both blast off in Thunderbird 1, Brains starts to get sick. John contacts Scott that he has trouble accessing the train’s computer and Alan thinks that it was the work of The Hood.

As Thunderbird 1 hovers over the train, Brains ziplines down its grappling cable, screaming all the way. After several failed attempts, he and Scott land on top of the train and drop down inside. Brains takes out the three conductor nodes but it does not work. After John tells Scott that there is a switching point dead ahead, he operates Thunderbird 1 by remote control in an attempt to slow down the train. As Thunderbird 1 gains more thrust, its cable snaps. As the train closes in on the passenger train, John activates the points, switching the test train to a clear track. He tells Scott and Brains that the track leads to the station terminal at Unabara City and explains that the virus in the train’s computer is alive and thinking for itself. Brains says that he can stop the train another way. Scott climbs out onto the side of the train and rearranges a power box. After Brains tells him that he needs to rewire the mainframe by hand, the driver shows him the power cutoff and warns him that if he presses it, the train will stop so quickly they'll get squished in what they refer to as the 'brick-wall' effect.

Alan tells John that he finished his lesson on game theory and that the virus wants to play a game with John. As Brains rearranges the train’s power couplings, John distracts the virus and tells Scott that it was an Artificial Intelligence with game architecture. Scott tells Brains that he needs to hook everything back up the way it was. As the train charges past the signal post and towards the station, Brains rearranges the wiring and the train stops just in time. As Brains, Scott and the train driver disembark, a panicking businessman runs up and says that he is late for an alligator wrestling match.

On Thunderbird 5, John examines the A.I and realizes something is not right. Back on Tracy Island, Alan thinks he should have come and Scott tells him he never figured out the game theory. John tells them that he captured a piece of the A.I’s data and explains that it evolved from game code he created. Grandma enters with a plate of food and explains that she cooked it with the help of Brains’ robot, MAX. Scott and Alan ask Grandma what they should eat first and she says that they shall start with her disgusting cookies which they nervously try.


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  • John: (looking down at the earth below his feet) "Feels like the right distance to me"
  • Scott: "Doesn't anyone drive anymore?"
    John: "No. Mass transit's cheaper, and with magnetic levitation..."
    Scott: "Sorry, forgot to use my 'trying to make a joke' voice."
  • Scott: "This will be just like going down a slide in the playground. Remember how much fun that used to be?"
    Brains: "Always gave me a rash."
  • Brains: (Hanging from a zipline as a mountain approaches) "Tell MAX I love him!"

Equipment Used

Non-International Rescue Equipment Used



  • At the train station in Japan, an Aquaphibian from Stingray can be seen in an ad for soft drink.


  • Scott mentioned that there was no room for MAX in Thunderbird 1. However, MAX boarded Thunderbird 1 with Scott and Brains in Volcano!.
  • No-one is credited for voicing the panicking businessman, who missed the alligator wresting match.

Foreign titles

  • Dutch: Op hol geslagen
  • French: Train d'enfer (Breakneck)
  • Spanish: Huida (Flight)
  • Japanese: 高速トレイン大暴走 (Massive Runaway of a High-speed train)
  • Arabic: الإندفاع السريع
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