Roberta Leigh


Date of Birth
December 22, 1926
Date of Death
December 19, 2014 (age 87)
Birth Name
Rita Shulman

Roberta Leigh (born December 22th 1926, died December 19th 2014) was a British artist, television producer, and storyteller. She had a successful career spanning nearly 65 years, creating a wide variety of projects, including children's stories, romantic fiction, and even becoming the first British woman producer to have her own film company.


While Leigh was not directly involved in the production of Thunderbirds, her contributions were paramount in seeing the program become a reality. For she hired the fledging A.P. Films (Gerry Anderson and Arthur Provis) to produce The Adventures Of Twizzle and Torchy The Battery Boy, both television series which starred puppets. It was the success of these shows that led to refinement of what would later be titled the 'Supermarionation' technique, and ultimately success with Thunderbirds.

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