"Ring Of Fire Part 2" is the second episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!, and seventh produced overall. The episode was broadcast on April 4th 2015, and is the second instalment of a 2-part adventure.


Due to The Hood’s seismic destabilisers along the ocean floor, the earthquakes along the tectonic plate known as the ‘Ring of Fire’ have begun to affect countries along the fault line. When a large solar array in Taipei shifts and poses a risk to the city, Scott and Virgil are sent to prevent the city from being set ablaze and rescue trapped workers from inside the building.

Meanwhile Brains works out how to stop the earthquakes and with the help of Alan in Thunderbird 3, manage to send out a signal to stop the destabilisers from doing more damage also allowing John to pinpoint the location of The Hood's hideout so Kayo and the GDF can raid the building, only to have the The Hood make a clean getaway.

Even though capturing The Hood wasn’t a success, Brains has a surprise for Kayo that he has been working on - Her very own Thunderbird.



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International Rescue Equipment Used

Non-International Rescue Equipment Used


Kayo: "Sorry about last time, the babysitter thing."
Alan: "Ah, no big deal. Most guys would kill to have you for a babysitter." (laughs awkwardly) "Uh, because you're, you know, so responsible... and, and stuff."

Virgil: "Scott, get in there, or you're gonna be a baked potato."
Scott: "I feel like one already."

Virgil: "Alright, hot shot. Save your surfing for the beach."

Brains: "High-five, M.A.X.!" (They make contact.) "Ow!"



  • First Appearance: Colonel Casey and The Hood, the latter of whom was previously only seen in silhouette, however he later appeared 'in the flesh' later on.
  • Thunderbird 2 attempting to tilt the collector dish upwards is a reference to Lord Parker's 'Oliday.
  • This episode establishes that the team holds The Hood responsible for Jeff Tracy's "crash". However, Signals Part 1 would show this to (seemingly) be a mid-air explosion, with no actual collision involved.
  • In her opening conversation with the team, Colonel Casey says that "as far as the Global Defence Force is concerned, The Hood is still nothing but a phantom." This is kind of a weird thing to say considering subsequent episodes, such as Attack of the Reptiles establish that the GDF shut down Orchard Industries specifically because of their association with The Hood, while the flashbacks/historical video from the Signals multi-parter confirm the GDF are well aware of his activities and actively pursuing him.

Foreign Titles

  • Dutch: Ring van vuur - deel 2
  • French: La ceinture de feu - 2me partie
  • Spanish: Anillo de Fuego: parte 2
  • Japanese: インターナショナル・レスキュー出動!(後編) (International Rescue Dispatch! (Part II))
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