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"Always knew these strings would come in handy someday."
— Very funny, Loman.

"Ricochet" is the fourth episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds, first airing on January 8, 1995. It was also the fifth episode of the original Thunderbirds second season.


It's a tale of two Tripps, as an experiment to duplicate his favourite snack results in the young Hack Master being split into a duo of very distinct personalities.



"I need some disssssssssss-trrrrruction! Amuse me, Hood."

  • The Atrocimator is a very theatrical villain.

"Attention, Hack Masters. Two important bulletins. One: Tripp, you dance like your pants are too tight. And Two: renegade rocket on path to collide with... well, I haven't got the heart to tell you."

"ARRRRRRRRGH! That rocket's heading straight for KLA! How UN-F.A.B.!"

  • Tripp isn't too pleased with the news.

"You were hit by a renegade rocket! How's O'Shea, is he hurt?"

"What about your tunes?!"

  • Roxette and Tripp come to a disagreement with priorities.

"Sure is quiet. There's something about the thundering silence of space that makes Man seem so insignificant in the infinite void..."

  • Mind on the job, Allen Tracy.


  • Stock footage of the real-world Apollo 11 rocket launch from July 20, 1969 is inserted between shots of the satellite during this episode's beginning. The splicing of footage is... dubious at best.
  • For the first time, Grunge Cola is mentioned, and it certainly wouldn't be the last.
  • The culinary delicacy with a repugnant smell known as a Tripp Burger is introduced. Apparently he cannot watch a launch without one. Or can he?
  • Roxette's mother is name-dropped again, on this occasion questioning whether or not she cook an edible Moon Loaf.
  • Starting this episode, the slang "minty" (pronounced both "Min-Tee" and "Min-Tay") is introduced. The term originated as a line from Tin-Tin in the original episode, and is used here by the Hack Masters on several occasions whenever something is percieved to be "cool" or "awesome".
  • One of KLA's broadcast songs features lyrics that, while not directly say, focus on The Hood and his abilities.
  • Another unique aspect of The Atrocimator is hinted at briefly. According to The Hood, it's possible to focus the evil of his master to construct, launch, and remotely pilot a rocket of their own.
  • The original sub-plot of O'Shea apparently being trapped in the satellite as it plummeted towards the refinery was entirely removed, along with the scene of Brains preparing to destroy it. To work around this, footage of Alan recovering Loman was repeated, while all suggestions of Thunderbird 2 being armed were cut (which results in a continuity goof, as the craft was already shown using missiles in Martian Invasion).


  • No on-screen title for this episode is given. The title of "Ricochet" stems from both the original source footage and various series guides.
  • For the second episode in a row, no writers are credited.
  • Speaking of no credits, the actor who played Tripp's double is never officially named. While it's clearly Travis Wester in the close-up and static shots, most of the scenes were performed by a second actor with their face covered (usually behind a computer monitor). Whoever stood in for him hasn't been revealed, or come forward to name themselves.
  • Why is there a live world-wide broadcast of an illegal satellite's launch? Considering their slogan of "If you're listening to us, it's illegal", shouldn't the authorities do something to stop it? And how could both soft drink and clothing companies possibly fund the entire construction and launch of a satellite?
  • During the KLA launch. Roxette comments on how "the test rocket launched okay". Nowhere is it mentioned before (or after) that the satellite rocket was a test.
  • As the KLA rocket launches, the footage plays at a regular (for Thunderbirds at least) steady pace. However, when the Hack Masters watch it in the next scene, the footage has been replayed at a ridiculously slow speed.
  • Roxette should have known the risks of duplicating Tripp while he was holding the special Tripp Burger. It would have been safer to place the burger on a plate and leave it on the floor, or even a table. Though had she not done so, there would be no duplication plotline.
  • The rocket specially-crafted from The Atrocimator's evil sure looks suspiciously identical to the rocket used for sending KLA up into orbit.
    • On the other hand, the CGI model of The Atrocimator's rocket looks nothing like the original model, both in shape and palette.
  • Roxette refers to Hacker Command as "Hacker One" for reasons unkown.
  • Rick O'Shea asks "Is it okay? What's happening? What is he doing?" with his mouth closed. A soft echo to indicate he is thinking (as it did while he pondered over life earlier). was forgotten during audio editing.
  • While he doesn't exist in Turbocharged, the portrait of John Tracy is yet again prominently displayed on the wall.


Foreign Name[]

  • Japanese: Crisis Of Space Station (宇宙放送局の危機)