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""Well, OK, we land. What's the problem?"

Rick O'Shea was the DJ of the unlicensed pirate television station KLA, seen in Ricochet.

Rick O'Shea



Orbiting the earth 128 miles up, is the pirate KLA television satellite, on board are DJ Rick O'Shea and his engineer, Loman.

A Near Miss

An explosion of a renegade rocket damages the satellite but O'Shea continues his illegal broadcasts as normal.

Loman Gets Trapped in the Airlock

In a spacesuit, Loman goes outside to assess the damage but becomes trapped in the airlock when the inner door will not open on his return. O'Shea uses their transmitter to call for help, but the call goes unheard on Thunderbird 5. Fortunately, Tin-Tin is watching KLA and alerts Jeff.

O'Shea gets a Shiner

Alan with Scott on board, sets off in Thunderbird 3. As KLA begins re-entry, Alan space-walks across to the satellite using rocket thrusters, rescues the unconscious Loman (from the airlock), and returns to save O'Shea, cutting through the inner door with laser beam equipment. O'Shea suffers badly from vertigo and is terrified of the space-walk across to Thunderbird 3 and refuses to leave the satellite. Alan latter admits that he had to blacken the DJ's eye as it was the only way he could get O'Shea to step outside!


  • Rick's name is a play on the word "Ricochet".
  • Terry Curtis who sculpted his puppet based his facial features on those of actor Sean Connery. Curtis later did the same thing for Paul Travers in Thunderbirds are Go and Captain Grey in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.
  • There is a real DJ called Rick O’Shea on Irish Radio Station RTÉ Gold.