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Issue One.

In November 2000, The Redan Company Ltd. launched a new comic aimed at young children.

A typical issue had comic strips, (containing real photographs from the episodes), competitions, puzzles, and quizzes.

The main feature of the comic was the center page spread of a cutaway drawing by Graham Bleathman. Another illustrator called Lee Sullivan produced many of the covers for the series.

The comic had 32 pages and the original copies retailed for £1.45. This went up to £1.50 by issue No. 8, and kept on rising steadily with inflation until reaching £1.95 by issue 89. For the first 10 issues the comic was published monthly moving to 3 weekly from issue 11. Throughout the comic the young reader was encouraged to remove pull-out sections or colour in pages, making it very hard for collectors to find copies in a pristine condition. To make matters worse, every issue contained a free gift sellotaped to the front cover. If the gift was removed, the magazine would get tarnished in the process.

By issue number 59, Thunderbirds had not been seen on British television for some time, and interest in the comic faded below acceptable sales figures. In an effort to regenerate interest, it was renamed "Thunderbirds Extra" and the first issue was numbered 64. Numbers 60, 61, 62 and 63, very few were sold.

Another reason for the re-launch was that it was the 40th year since the first television screening of Thunderbirds. The publication was again cancelled after only 26 further issues, and thus finally brought to a close at issue number 89.

The Original Issues

Issue Number 1


  • Date Published: November 2000
  • Free Gift: Shiny sticker sheet
  • Cutaway Drawing: Thunderbird 1

Issue Number 2


  • Date published: December 2000
  • Free gift: Thunderbirds notebook and pencil
  • Cutaway drawing: Thunderbird 2

Issue Number 3


  • Date published: January 2001
  • Free gift: Thunderbirds craft stickers
  • Cutaway drawing: Thunderbird 3

Issue Number 4


  • Date published: February 2001
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 1 badge
  • Cutaway drawing: Thunderbird 4

Issue Number 5


  • Date published: March 2001.
  • Free gift: "Brains' specks" (blue plastic glasses)
  • Cutaway drawing: Thunderbird 5.

Issue Number 6


  • Date published: April 2001.
  • Free gift: Mini-basketball (non-Thunderbirds related).
  • Cutaway drawing: "Gray Houseman's Highway Pathfinder" (seen in End of the Road).

Issue Number 7


  • Date published: May 2001.
  • Free gift: Jeff Tracy, plastic toy watch.
  • Cutaway drawing: FAB 1.

Issue Number 8


  • Date published: June 2001.
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 2 flyer.
  • Cutaway drawing: Pacific-Atlantic monorail (seen in the episode Brink of Disaster)

Issue Number 9


  • Date published: July 2001
  • Free gift: Thunderbird stickers (Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, the Tracy brothers, and I.R. logos)
  • Cutaway drawing: Ocean Pioneer (seen in Danger At Ocean Deep)

Issue Number 10


  • Date published: 7th August 2001
  • Free gift: Micro-mission case. (plastic with FAB logo)
  • Cutaway drawing: International Rescue's hoverjet

Issue Number 11


  • Date published: 28th August 2001
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 3, pinball game
  • Cutaway drawing: Recovery vehicle (seen in Pit of Peril)

Issue Number 12


Issue Number 13


  • Date published: 9th October 2001.
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 4 flyer.
  • Cutaway drawing: The pyramid of Kamanadadees (seen in the episode The Uninvited)

Issue Number 14


  • Date published: 30th October 2001.
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 5, bag tag
  • Cutaway drawing: The Hood's Temple

Issue Number 15


  • Date published: 20th November 2001
  • Free gift: Thunderbirds pencils
  • Cutaway drawing: Firefly

Issue Number 16


  • Date Published: 10th December 2001
  • Free gift: Thunderbird craft, shiny stickers
  • Cutaway drawing: none whatsoever

Issue Number 17


  • Date published: 31st December 2001.
  • Free gift: "Thunderbird are Go!" badge
  • Cutaway drawing: Transmitter Truck (seen in the episode Sun Probe)

Issue Number 18


  • Date published: 15th January 2002.
  • Free gift: Thunderbird fridge magnet.
  • Cutaway drawing: RTL 2 (seen in the episode The Cham-Cham)
  • Notes: the fridge magnet was available in all five Thunderbird craft, so to get a set you would have to buy five copies

Issue Number 19


  • Date Published: 5th February 2002
  • Free Gift: "Thunderbirds are Go!" notebook.
  • Cutaway Drawing: The Hood's 3E submarine (seen in the episode Desperate Intruder)

Issue Number 20


Issue Number 21


  • Date Published: 19th March 2002.
  • Free gift: Sticker sheet (Scott, Virgil, and Thunderbirds 1, 2, and 3)
  • Cutaway drawing: Thunderbird 1 launch bay.

Issue Number 22


  • Date published: 9th April 2002.
  • Free gift: Thunderbirds maze puzzle.
  • Cutaway drawing: "Pirate satellite TV station KLA" (from the episode Ricochet)

Issue Number 23


  • Date Published: 30th April 2002
  • Free gift: Thunderbird 1 window sticker
  • Cutaway drawing: the Excavator from the episode Martian Invasion

Issue Number 24


  • Date published: 21st May 2002.
  • Free gift: a "Cards Inc" sticker book and sheet of six stickers.
  • Cutaway Drawing: FAB 2 (seen in The Man From MI.5 )

Issue Number 25


Issue Number 26


  • Date published: 2nd July 2002.
  • Free gift: Thunderbird stickers of Thunderbirds 1 and 2, the Mole, Firefly, the DOMO, and the Transmitter Truck
  • Cutaway drawing: Fireflash

Issue Number 27


  • Date published: 23rd July 2002.
  • Free gift: mini basketball game.
  • Cutaway drawing: none whatsoever
  • Note: same free gift as issue 6

Issue Number 28


  • Date Published: 13th August 2002
  • Free Gift: Thunderbirds cap
  • Cutaway Drawing: Seascape drilling rig from the episode Atlantic Inferno

Issue Number 29


Issue Number 30


  • Date Published: 24th September 2002
  • Free Gift: Brains' plastic toy watch
  • Cutaway drawing: Skythrust aircraft seen in the episode Alias Mr. Hackenbacker
  • Notes: Brains' watch, had a yellow strap, "Best of Thunderbirds" comic issue no. 1, had a similar one with a blue strap.

Redan Thunderbirds Comics - Part Two

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Thunderbirds Extra

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Magazines Specials

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Free Gift Collectables

Every magazine has a "pocket money toy" sellotaped to the cover, this list contains some of the more sought-after by collectors.

Thunderbird Flyers

One of the most sought-after collectables from this comic series, was the Thunderbird flyers. Better known as Frisbees, all five Thunderbird craft were released on the covers of the comic, but you had to wait until issue 37 to get the last one (Thunderbird 1) to complete a set.

Thunderbirds Hat

A Thunderbird hat was given away free with issue 28, and was similar in design to the much rarer ones released in 1965 by Berwick Toys and TV21 magazine


  • "Thunderbirds the comic" by Fleetway publishers was cancelled after 89 issues in March 1995.
  • At least 6 issues were translated into Dutch and released in Belgium and the Netherlands.