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"F.A.B., D.A.D.!"
— Scott Tracy.

"Ready, Set… Danger" is the third episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds, first airing on January 1st, 1995. It was also, under a different title, the eighth episode of the original Thunderbirds series.


A vacation to unearth the lost treasure beneath Lake Anasta goes horribly wrong for Brains and Tin-Tin. To make matters worse, Tripp is put under the influence of The Hood’s hypnotic powers, leaving both the expedition and Hacker Command out of action.



"Weigh'less and failless man, King of the Cyberwave..."

"Tripp. You are supposed to be monitoring Brains and Tin-Tin. Tripp. I am fully aware that surf's up dude, but we can't have you be Big Kahuna and Monitor King at the same time!"

"Wipeout King is more like it."

  • Another day in the life of Tripp, S.A.L., and Roxette.

"You’re gonna be the first people to see this place in over a thousand years. "


"Maybe to you, but to me it means Danger Will Robinson, that place could disintegrate hardcore."

  • Tripp and Tin-Tin have a discussion.

"Listen Rox. My hard-drive may be a little slow, but I swear, I saw old solar-bowler giving me the evil eye."

  • For once, Tripp wasn’t goofing off intentionally.

"Something’s fishy down there."

  • Roxette ponders the situation in Lake Anasta.

"Take this, creep!"

  • Gordon Tracy lets loose on The Hood.


  • All references and sequences involving Professor Blakely were removed entirely.
  • An important piece of the storyline cut was the conversation between Tin-Tin and Virgil, where she speculates over The Hood’s identity, and how there is an eerie familiarity about the villain.
  • Tripp's "Danger Will Robinson" warning is a direct quote from the classic 1960's television series Lost In Space.
  • Before his interrogation, Brains hallucinates a series of screaming human faces, which stretch, contort, and slide all over the screen. It is very disturbing.
  • Kyrano makes his first appearance in the series, as a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo.
  • When Thunderbird 2 takes off from Tracy Island, a brief shot of the craft soaring in front of snow-peaked mountains is inserted for reasons unknown. This footage originates from The Cham-Cham, an episode not part of the Turbocharged lineup.
  • Another section of Hacker Command is revealed as the Engine Room, containing a Power Plasma Detector, apparently capable of locating an ant in tall grass at 500,000 miles once working.
  • Roxette's mother is briefly mentioned for the first time. Her questionable culinary skills would be brought up again in the following episode.


  • No explanation is given for S.A.L.’s suddenly radical voice and attitude change. The reason for this would be presented four episodes later.
  • The Atrocimator’s plan is never thoroughly detailed. He wants to steal the treasure from Lake Anasta, and use it to destroy International Rescue… how, exactly?
  • Jeff broadcasts "Attention all Thunderbirds" immediately after launch, despite sending Thunderbirds 1, 2, and 4.
  • The Power Plasma Detector, along with the Engine Room itself, are damaged almost to a point beyond repair as the story opens. Neither are ever referenced up to this point in the series, nor do we learn how or why they ended up in such a state.
  • When Brains is being interrogated by a disguised Hood, he asks what happened to the others. The use of ‘others’ implies there were more than two people on the site, when there was in fact, only him and Tin-Tin.
  • Upon returning to the temple, Brains reacts to The Hood's hypnotic effect before the villain's eyes light up.


Foreign Name[]

  • Japanese: Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake (湖底の秘宝)