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"Rally Raid" is the seventh episode of Thunderbirds Are Go! season 3. It was broadcast on May 12th, 2018, in the UK.


Lady Penelope and Parker compete in a desert motor race with FAB 1 and a racer named Jensen Hunt. All seems well until the Chaos Crew steal an experimental new engine from the leading BR2 vehicle. The team must rescue the racer, steal back the BR2 engine, and outrace Havoc in her Spoiler to get proper medical attention to the BR2 driver.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jensen HuntBen Bailey Smith
  • BR2 Driver - Naomi MacDonald


Lady Penelope: "Mr. Hunt is one of the world's top rally drivers."
Parker: "One of the world's top loud mouths, more like."

Lady Penelope: "Great Aunt Sylvia always said, winning is fun, but some things are more important, and Mr. Hunt, this is one of those things."

International Rescue Equipment Used

Non International Rescue Equipment Used



  • This episode is a loose adaption of Move - And You're Dead.
  • This is the first episode to show Parker in his International Rescue uniform.
  • FAB 1 is modified with a spoiler and bigger tyres for its use in the race. However, the bigger tyres disabled its flying capabilities.
  • This episode pays tribute to Sylvia Anderson, in its own way, by showing Great Aunt Sylvia.
  • Lady Penelope is referred to as Penny in this episode, which hasn’t been done so before in this series. In the classic series her counterpart was called this frequently, but only by members of International Rescue, particularly Jeff Tracy.
  • Tracy Island doesn't appear in this episode. This is the second time this has happened, the first time being in Home on the Range.
  • This episode mentions that Great Aunt Sylvia won in the original FAB 1. This refers to what is now FAB 0.
  • This is the fourth time that only one member of the Tracy family appears; additionally this is the second time that this member is John.


  • The logo on Parker's uniform is identical to the logo on Brains' uniform.