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Professor Blakely is a character from Desperate Intruder. He is a British archaeologist.

He met up with Brains and Tin-Tin Kyrano after travelling across the Middle Eastern desert by taxi for a treasure hunt under Lake Anasta.


The Rendezvous

Brains and Tin-Tin (in the Desert Jeep), rendezvous with Professor Blakely and take him on the remaining journey to Lake Anasta.


Brains and Tin-Tin use scuba gear to dive in and take a first look at the lost temple. Brains removes a rock sample from the central column to take back for Professor Blakely to examine, but the Hood, observing from his submarine, believes that they have found the treasure already.

Hypnotized by the Hood

The Hood, disguised as a Bedouin tribesman, sneaks into the expedition caravan and hypnotizes Tin-Tin and the Professor. Scott, Virgil and Gordon, find Tin-Tin coming round the next morning but Blakely is sill out cold.

A Trip to Hospital

After falling and hitting his head (after being hypnotized by the Hood), Blakely was flown by helijet to a nearby hospital.

Brains and Tin-Tin visits Professor Blakely in hospital where they find him planning his next expedition. He wants them to join him, but both would rather go on a nice, soothing rescue mission!