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Pizza is a culinary delicacy, often served on a circular base and cut into quarter sized pieces. It's available in a variety of flavours, and according to Tripp, a particularly crispy meal.

Turbocharged Thunderbirds

Upon completion of her prototype Food Replicator, Roxette offered Tripp the first choice in food for the day. Eagerly he asked for a pizza, but was perplexed when a blue liquid emerged from the device instead. At first glance he believed it was still alive, though Roxette reassured him it tasted as good as the real thing. Fortunately she managed to perfect the look on her second attempt. Unfortunately for Tripp, the device had a flaw; when miniaturising the food DNA, it resulted in a knock-on effect, causing Tripp to subsequently shrink with every bite.

After successfully restoring Tripp, and saving a team of researchers from a group of giant Alligators, the Tracy family celebrated by ordering a pizza. Jeff spared no expenses having it personally delivered to Tracy Island.

The Atrocimator was less than thrilled by the news however. He subsequently demoted The Hood to delivery boy status, demanding his next assignment be to go out and get his master a pizza.

Thunderbirds (2004 Movie)

After a brief argument with Alan over his immaturity, Jeff Tracy made contact with John in Thunderbird 5. The elder son made light of his position orbiting the planet by asking what he had to do to get a pizza delivered.


  • In the D-Generation skit Thunderbirds Pizza, it is revealed that International Rescue have gone bankrupt over the years, as there is no money in the rescue business. To make ends meet, Jeff has rebranded the organisation to deliver pizza throughout the galaxy, with Brains hard at work creating new and exciting flavours.

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