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"Hey, that little droid thing will burn up in there."
"It's okay. The camera's specially constructed to withstand extreme heat.
General Peters and Scott Tracy talk tech.

For a contemporary (or at least in the 1990s) audience, Thunderbirds underwent a repackage, redub, and rebroadcast as part of FOX Kids' Saturday morning line-up. The second story to be produced in this fashion was "Pit of Peril".

As opposed to following episodes, this version of the story essentially boiled down to a 19 minute condensed edition (20 including credits), with very little changes made to both plot and dialogue. The episode first (and last) aired on July 9th 1994 at 9:30am.

Two versions of Pit of Peril exist: the full-length 'home video' edition, plus a shorter cut featuring several scenes trimmed down for broadcast.


  • Due to an editing error brought on by attempting to heavily compress the plot, Lieutenant Mead and Sergeant Reynolds become the same character.
  • The voice actor for both Jeff and Virgil Tracy can be heard taking a quick breath between changing voices.
  • As Virgil places the charges in the pit, the scene jumps to both Recovery Vehicles leaving the Pod, with Virgil at the helm. In the next scene, he's back in the pit, waiting for Scott to retrieve him in the Mole.

Polygram Video USA[]

Fox pit of peril.png

The third video in the series, Pit of Peril was released by Polygram Video in the United States on August 9th 1994.