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"Yes, m'lady."

Aloysius "Nosey" Parker is a character from the Thunderbirds Are Go! television series. He is Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward's personal manservant, chauffeur and bodyguard, making him the driver of FAB 1. Parker works alongside Lady Penelope closely, whom he always addresses as "m'lady", during missions to assist International Rescue. It seems him and Lady Penelope's pug, Sherbet were enemies but have become partners in crime by Clean Sweep and The Man From TB5.

Personality and Traits[]

He has a shady past which proves useful in understanding criminals and in general, the underworld, and is also reputed to be one of the worlds most effective safe breakers, capable of breaking the most advanced of safes, using rudimentary tools easily found in hardware stores. Despite his age, he is also very physically active and he excels in combat and stealth. He has a personal safe cracking kit, which surprisingly includes things like chalk, a car mirror, chewing gum and other "junk"--a testament to his resourcefulness (The Hexpert). His past criminal activities are largely unknown; but he became highly ashamed of them, referring to it as his "misspent youth". Lady Penelope's father gave him a chance to reform, and he has since become a polite, loyal, and rather comical hero.

Despite the significant age difference between him and Penelope, and by extension, most of the Tracy household, he maintains a professional yet casual relationship with all of them, treating them as equals instead of his juniors, and them to him, a trusted ally instead of a senior. He is a worrywart by nature, and quick to express concerns about any potentially dangerous situations up ahead. However, he is nonetheless quick to jump into said situations should he finds it to be the best of course of action to take (or simply because Penelope is jumping into it). He is the slowest speaker of all the regular characters, despite being quick-witted and having a sharp mind.


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Parker's unique skills and talents lend him to a great deal of 'specialist' roles in missions as well as being Lady Penelope's chauffeur.

Space Race[]

When John can't access the London Archive to find out the last digit on a deactivation code for the Space mine that is pursing Thunderbird 3, Lady Penelope and Parker are called upon to apply a 'personal touch' to acquire the code. Parker - using the code name 'Grey Ninja' - infiltrates the facility to grab the file.

The Hexpert[]

A scientist becomes trapped inside a highly specialised tirinium vault with a dangerous anti-matter. Parker is the only person on the globe to have broken into a vault like this, and so the GDF ship him across the Atlantic.


A GDF mission to recover a stolen Repulsor Magnet Array requires a undercover agent and when Parker learns there is a role for him in the mission he leaps at the opportunity to assist.



  • David Graham plays Parker again 50 years since he first created and voiced the original version of him back in 1965.
  • In Space Race, Parker uses a codename "Grey Ninja" while he infiltrates a massive hard copy archive underneath London, claiming the codename is "Just like old times".
  • It seems he and Sherbet (Lady Penelope's pug) aren't too friendly with each other. However, by Clean Sweep and The Man From TB5, they appear to have become partners in crime.
  • He is a former soldier with a decorated service record.
  • In Tunnels Of Time, Parker is seen as being both claustrophobic and superstitious.
  • In The Hexpert, it was revealed he used to be a pirate and was reformed by Lady Penelope's father. The Hexpert is one of his aliases.
  • He goes by the name Parko Mendocia in Undercover, where he disguises himself as a fake Spanish Crimelord, complete with a fake tan.
  • It is hinted in Designated Driver that Parker seems to have a crush on Great Aunt Sylvia.
  • Much like he serves Lady Penelope her tea, he also has to serve Sherbet tea too, served a particular way much to his chagrin.

Foreign Names[]

  • Japanese: アロイシャス・パーカー (Aroishasu Pākā)
  • Chinese: 艾羅西斯·派克 (Àiluóxīsī·Pàikè)
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