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Ocean Pioneer II is an ocean-going tanker, seen in Danger At Ocean Deep. It was launched by Lady Penelope.



The Launching of Ocean Pioneer II

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Sailing Into Trouble

Ocean Pioneer II nears another mysterious cloud bank. Communications deteriorate and the ship's reactor begins to overheat. The engines explode leaving the ship still in the water, and the radiation-sealed bridge without an air supply.

Crew Rescue

When the three-man crew of Ocean Pioneer are trapped inside with the ship about to explode, Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are launched. Scott lands Thunderbird 1 on the helipad and investigates in a radiation suit.

Shortly after, Virgil and John arrive in Thunderbird 2, and John is lowered on to the deck. Scott cuts through the sealed bridge door and the brothers rescue the crewmen, ferrying them away in Thunderbird 2.

The Death of a Super Tanker

Scott races back to Thunderbird 1 and gets the craft clear just as Ocean Pioneer II explodes.

Cross-section (Cutaway Drawing)

Only one cutaway drawing of the Ocean Pioneer class tankers is known to exist. it featured in Redan Thunderbirds Comics , and was illustrated by Graham Bleathman.

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Ocean Pioneer ll cutaway.png


  • It should never have been called Ocean Pioneer II, because using the name of a ship that has met a disastrous end again for a second vessel runs entirely contrary to maritime tradition.