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"I said QUIET!"
— Don't Mess With Morty.

A renowned director with many successful films already under his belt, Morty Goldheimer was a professional in every sense of the word. If he wants something done right, it has to be accomplished to the letter. Some may see this as obsessive, but he simply has a desire to deliver a scene the right time, the first time. Not to mention within budget.

All things considered, Goldheimer seems to be a good man at heart. Unless you interrupt him while making a masterpiece. This is something he hates.

He is friends with Lady Penelope. Good friends apparently. Maybe more.


Having directed many smash hit films over the years, Morty tried his hand at what could be yet another groundbreaking production he called A Martian Invasion. Potentially promised to be out-of-this-world, he gathered together a fine cast and crew, with shooting to begin immediately in Grid 8, Sector 2. He seemed unphased when a strange man suddenly arrived and teamed up with Fletcher to work on the explosion effects, but definitely took notice when the charges blew half the mountain away.

After Slim and Maguire were rescued by International Rescue, Morty may or may not have continued production on his film. Given how neither he nor the film are ever referenced again, it's possible he may have called it quits.

Powers and Abilities

Morty has a great determination to see what he wants done when and how he wants. This clear focus keeps the crew on edge, plus the production on track. Should a crisis arise, he is incredibly calm under pressure.


Famed director as he is, we only get the chance to see Morty in action during his latest creation: Martian Invasion, the second episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.

Interesting Info

  • In the original Thunderbirds episode of same name, Morty was simply known as 'Goldheimer', and voiced by Ray Barrett.
  • Depending on how one interprets the dialogue, it could be suggested that Morty and Lady Penelope are in a relationship, though whether it's simply them being close friends or something intimate is never explored.

Foreign Name

  • Japanese: Morty Goldheimer (モーティー ゴールドハイマー)